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Skills by social class


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Does anyone alter the starting skills for background (civilized, barbarian etc) by social class? 

For example, skills like Ride and Literacy are not currently available to a Gentry social class character who follows a Warrior profession (except as a hobby skill).  However, a late medieval/renaissance gentry character would likely be well able to ride (as a knight) and read. One could replace Drive with Ride and let Literacy be taken as a Lore skill or allow Literacy to replace conceal.  Some such substitutions would likely be period dependent, but one might also rule that Gentry in a late renaissance society automatically know how to read their own language.  I wouldn't, for example, make people pay for literacy in a modern campaign world (I think it mentions this in the rules, but I could be mixing up RQ6/Mthras with some other BRP variant).

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I'd probably use a variation of the Background, allowing different Backgrounds for different classes, if the players wanted to come from a particular class.

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