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GRRM "The Game That Ate My Life"


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George RR Martin writes of his first experiences with RPGs, playing Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu and then later, Superworld...

"I had seen kids playing D&D at cons, pretending to be Thongor the Barbarian and Pipsqueak the Hobbit while killing monsters and looking for treasure. I had read too much bad sword and sorcery in my youth for that to have much appeal. And there were all these weirdly shaped dice you had to roll to determine whether you lived or died. I would sooner have joined a weekly poker game or an on-going game of Diplomacy. I was much too old and sophisticated for this role-playing stuff, after all. Still, if this was what the local writers were into, I figured I might as well give it a try.

Famous last words, those."

More of the story here at Wild Cards World: 


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George RR Martin's popular Wild Cards stories stemmed from what he describes as a "two-year-long role playing orgy that engulfed not only me, but the rest of my Albuquerque gaming circle as well."

And the game they were playing was Chaosium's SUPERWORLD, by Steve Perrin (co-creator of RuneQuest). GRR received Superworld as a birthday present in September 1983. It ultimately lead to the creation of a shared universe of superhero stories by 30+ authors.

More from GRR about his addiction to Superworld here: 

Superworld is of course still available in PDF from Chaosium, along with the 'Superworld Companion', 'Trouble for Havoc' and Ken Rolston's legendary adventure 'Bad Medicine for Doctor Drugs': 

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