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Necronomicon 2017 Keeper Registration

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I found this link for Keeper registration on the Necronomicon Provdence Gaming facebook page, so thought I should share it here, get it out there.


Please note, I am in no way a representant of the convention, nor am I anything to do with organising the gaming side, I'm just a convention goer who wants to be able to game when i get there! ;)


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Good stuff!

We'd like to raise the number of Call of Cthulhu games at NecronomiCon this year - so please consider running a full game or short 1 hour demo.

If you sign up to run three full slots you get free entry to the event.

If you do register to run games don't forget to let Todd know too to make sure you get credited.

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18 hours ago, Matt Ryan said:

Anyone know if they are still looking for keepers? Seems most of the exchanges happened earlier this year.


Yes, I believe so - just register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_33sK5myDvdRTacq_ordlN6GHWA3KZlrL4Pn7fqZ-S8/viewform?edit_requested=true and include the word "Chaosium" -  then the organisers know you are part of the Cult of Chaos. 

There's plenty of people coming to the convention looking to play Call of Cthulhu - many for the first time.

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Thanks Mike.

For anyone else who is trying, the submission form doesn't work. It is "in disarray", to quote one of the organizers. I've emailed them directly and they've promised to get back to me with registration details. The fastest way to contact them was the Facebook.

I look forward to meeting folks at the con.


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