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A "New Art" preview while we get ready for Backerkit! [backer update]


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For Khan of Khans we're just waiting on the last 50 or so backers to send in their questionnaires, and then we'll go live with Backerkit early next week. More details here.

In the meantime, also over on the Kickstarter update there's a first look at Ian O'Toole's new art for the extra Dragon Pass location cards (from our $20K stretch goal). These all add a fun and quirky Gloranthan twist to the game.


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On 2/24/2017 at 6:41 PM, jajagappa said:

It is Ethilrist.  The first comment in the Kickstarter update post is from Chaosium noting the error and that it is being fixed.

Aw, I was already speculating about Lord (Lady?) Ethel Rist, famous Rokari heroquester desperately trying to hide that she is female...

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