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Tribal Edit: Khan of Khans (crowd source editing)


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Greetings to all assembled khans!

The is crowd source editing thread for Khan of Khans. We call it the "tribal edit" phase, because we give members of the Chaosium tribe the opportunity to bring any last typos, formatting, or similar adjustments to our attention here before we go to press. We'll update PDFs with any corrections we make too.

But time is very short! Everything for Khan of Khans is now set up and the printers are now ready to roll—we only need to give the word. 

Please have any feedback for us by 12 noon EDT Tuesday May 2nd. Going to print in May means we are on track to start shipping the game in July... Waha!

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On 5/2/2017 at 10:42 AM, jajagappa said:

On the last page of the Print and Play pdf, it shows the added cards with correct new pictures for the Sun Dome and Shadow's Dance, however, the text shows "Orkarl's Bull" and "Issaries Cattle Market".  Any chance these can get corrected in the pdf?

Thanks, noted!

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