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The Guid of Calamitous Intent is looking for a new Nemesis!


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Our plans are developing...

Our Evil Overlord has managed to infiltrate the lair of his Original Nemesis and woo her into joining forces, thus establishing a stronghold much more central than his original location. Here, in a hidden and well-defended Citadel, complete with Scorpion Pit, he has in recent days organised a Super Secret Meeting of Evil Ueber-Unter-Overlords from all over the world, hell-bent on destroying Freedom, Democracy and Small Furry Animals (though not Kittens, by Decree 253.7 sub d of the Mighty Poe).

It'll take more than a cup of tea and a stiff upper lip to stop us! If you think you're hard enough (or just into Spandex), teleport, fly, leap, time-travel or just turn up at the Select a Super-Hero Icebreaker Event in the Dining Room, Friday night at eight.

Edit: At Continuum. Of course. Like our Evil Overlord would deign to hold residence at a less august occasion...

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