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Nothing to serious here, just sharing a quick story from my last session as Keeper (Tuesday, June 6th). Anyways, due to some player shenanigans, the party managed to summon the human form of Nyarlathotep. Now, because he was human in appearance, there was no SAN loss, but he was sitting quite comfortably in mid-air without any support.

My players then proceeded to have quite the casual conversation. Subjects discussed were names ("What do we call you?" "I've been called many things." "Satan?" "That's definitely one of them."), with the party settling on calling him 'Fred', to how magic worked (I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head so I went with 'it's not for human minds to comprehend'), to gender (if a person has boobs they're probably female if they don't they're probably female) as Fred tended to get them mixed up along with titles, but the comment of 'hrowing rocks in glass houses' was applied.

Still. While not the most insanity driven thing here, I wanted to share as I thought it was quite amusing.

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