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Ovodaka & Babeester Gor


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Since Ovodaka held all the goddesses prisoner, this has to be a Hell Guardian.  The question is of which Hell.  Possibly it is the 3rd Hell over which Ty Kora Tek/Annara Gor and Deshlotralas preside since this would be the logical place for the Earth goddesses to sleep within.  It could also be the same figure as Endon, who kept Orane and Durev prisoner until Orane wove Dumela, the carpet, to escape.  If Deshlotralas, then per the Gods Wall entry in GtG, he wields a Bone of Power.  This may also be the dead form of Lodril, so might well wield the Hell Fire to keep goddesses from escaping.

You could think of Deshkorgos, aka Monster Man, who rules the Fourth Hell as another option.  The Fourth Hell is where Yelm sends the Rebel Gods and other undesirables.  I think less likely, but he's also in the Gods Wall entry and appears in the Underworld scene in Prince of Sartar (http://www.princeofsartar.com/comic/3-the-underworld/ ) as well as in the scenario with the Masks in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure.  A third option would be Veskerele, the Faceless, and Natha the Balancer, who are keepers of the Second Hell.  However, there's no real information on who is in the Second Hell though.

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