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Haven't run this one, but...

It's the day AFTER Hallowe'en.  Nothing unexpectedly creepy happened last night but... the kids are all really calm.   Really, REALLY calm.  Like, valium-calm.  Even as they eat sugar-explosion levels of candy.  And calmly ask their parents where the knife-sharpener is kept.  And can I light the pumpkin again, with a new candle?  See, I got one trick-or-treating, from lame old Mr. Cruach... oh, he lives over that way somewhere, I'm not sure, it was dark.  And you DO have your gun locked up in the safe, Daddy, right?  I don't want anybody to get to your gun, Daddy.

And nobody can find any of the pets in the neighborhood... no cats, no dogs, nothing.

Not even birds in cages, or fish in their tanks.

And the kids are all really, REALLY calm.


Are you?

C'es ne pas un .sig

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