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Use of Motivations / Fate Points


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Something came up this morning, while preparing a game session for my players:

Rules questions in regards of Motivations:

1) is a character allowed to spend Fate Points, even if all Motivations have been deactivated?

2) if only one Motivation is active and the character spends 4 Fate Points, will this last Motivation be deactivated? One sentence in the rule book got me thinking: "If no active Motivation
remains, Fate Points are still expended, but no Motivation is deactivated."

3) is a character allowed to re-activate a Motivation via dice roll, if he previously activated it by introducing it into a scene? Reference: "A player cannot activate the same Motivation through the insertion of a scene more than once per game session."

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Yes to all questions. Basically, the activation of a Motivation via a scene is you signaling that you wish to insert that theme in the story. When you are given the chance to activate it via die roll, it means that the Narrator is trying to insert it into the story, so it is absolutely fair to re-activate it. The core concept is that when both the player and the Narrator/rest of the group agree that the Motivation is appropriate to the moment, then the Motivation should remain active and the player is awarded Fate Points for making the story interesting, and to make the story even more interesting.

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