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Hello all,

New here so I thought I'd make a brief introduction.

38 years old, haven't played RPGs since the Basic/Expert D&D days. Breifly dabbled in Gamma Wordl 1st Ed.

Developed a renewed interest in RPGs and in looking to see what was out there, I realized that things have changed so much, that I am coming back to this as a complete novice gamer.

Got to looking at various systems. Initially looked at GURPS but it seems a little too complex. Ran across BRP and found it interesting so I orderd a copy of the BRP system book.

While the classic dungeon crawl holds a fond nostalgia, I am leaning towards the post-apocolyptic genre.

Out of curiosity, I also ran across the play by post concept (which I think is kind of cool) and wondered if anyone was doing something like this based on BRP.

look forward to chatting with you all.

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Welcome aboard Paladin3970. I have heard a few folks here talking of starting up a PBP game, Im sure they will bombard you soon enough.

Good choice on BRP as well. I believe there are one or two post apocalypical settings in the works here as well.

I will quickly get this out of the way (Dark Heresy) and there it goes. LOL.

If you are still waiting to get BRP in the mail check out Goblinoid Games for their game GORE it is a very basic version of BRP and its free. They also do Labyrinth Lord if you are really into old school D&D dungeon crawls.

But BRP is the perfect place for beginners (and super experienced) as there are many settings and books available and the rules are flexible and amendable to suit the individual campaign and GM.

Take Care,


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Just took a look at GORE - thanks for the link. It will a few a week or so before BRP arrives and this will help me get a head start.

As I mentioned, I am more or less coming back to this as a novice so I will probably need a little guidance but if anyone wants to start a PBP game, let me know.

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Guest Vile Traveller

Welcome aboard, paladin. As someone who also made the move from Basic D&D to BRP (albeit 25 years ago), I can say you've made the right choice - I've never looked back! :cool:

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