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The Green - Call for Playtesters


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The trees and swamps of the Green provide cover and sustenance to a broad array of life. The canopy is a world of its own with thousands of species: insects, snakes, lizards, birds and mammals, both intelligent and bestial, adapted to their verdant environment. Many of these creatures, like the trees themselves, have grown to enormous size. The Branches are huge and easy to walk on.. at least to a point. Much of the magic in the Green is based upon manipulating and influencing the ubiquitous wood and growing things. Beneath this green world is the dark, swampy root world where other less wholesome critters dwell. The Green will be a setting in its own right, but will be designed so that it can be placed of the edge of any homebrew or published setting, to give a kind of change of pace and setting for existing campaigns. The author is Scott Heiney, aka Puck from the forum.


Playtesting going on, more playtesters are wanted!

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Already done:thumb:

I could also use some help from some of the monster and creature creators who have been posting on and off on the forum. It would be nice to have a plethora of creatures luring in the canopies and pools of the Green. I have a number written up, but I have not created stats for most of them. Let me know if you have any ideas or want to help. :)


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