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Heroquest Glorantha at UK Games Expo 1-3 June 2018


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I will be running "Temple Heist" at the UK's biggest gaming convention UK Games Expo in Birmingham on Saturday 2 June in the afternoon.

Description: You have been hired by a member of the Tarsh Exiles to rob the new Lunar Temple the night before before it opens.

What could possibly go wrong?

Newcomers to Glorantha or Heroquest (or both) are very welcome.

System: Heroquest Glorantha

For 4 players max

Book online at: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG3908 

Heroquest line editor Ian Cooper is also running a Heroquest session, "the Night Watch"


Once the Jonstown Night Watch was a noble institution--the good burghers of the town mustering to do their military service; the Night Watch protected their kith and kin against fire, theft, brigandry, and mayhem. To be called 'constable' was an honor, and watchmen took their office seriously.

No longer.

Since the Empire came, the Watch does little more than put on parades. The disinterested burghers of the town mostly pay a proxy to take their place; the proxies, a notorious bunch of drunks, fornicators and gamblers use their constabulary powers to shake down the local merchants, that is when they are not carousing the taverns.

You are members of the Night Watch, the gods forbid your city ever actually needs you...



There is one space available for that game 

More Gloranthan games are possible for UK Games Expo but have not been announced yet. 





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Added to the UK Games Expo this very evening, Heroquest line editor Ian Cooper is running a new scenario set in Pamaltela- “The Noose”

Bodies have been turning up strangled across Garguna, the largest city in Pamaltela. Notes scribbled on the walls, using the hieroglyphics of the sacred Garangrapha, by one or many murderers calling themselves ’The Noose' points to some apocalyptic cult stalking the streets. Whilst it was just the kadaam that were dying, few cared, but now a masarin has died and the city is on the edge. Everyone blames the Vadeli, and some have been beaten to death by angry mobs

Masarin Abena has been tasked with stopping the murders by the jann of Garguna himself. As her household bodyguard, it falls to you to carry out her will: find and stop ‘The Noose’ before its too late!

Now it is a race against time, find and stop the killers, before the city topples into violence.

For 5 players max.




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