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  1. Some thoughts on running Eleven Lights in Runequest Glorantha. I hope you find this useful and/ or sparks off some thoughts on how you would run the game. Character creation- adapting the core book The Runequest core book character creation assumptions will need to be modified for a “Coming Storm” campaign: 1. All PCs will be from the same clan- the Red Cow clan, rather than the diverse backgrounds outlined in the core books. RQG page references- p24, p60 & p103-109. 2. Define early on which clans the PCs’ mother come from = p 11-12 of the “Coming Storm” gives you some advice- it will provide plot hooks for characters- the different Clans marry out. 3. Default starting date for the Coming Storm campaign is 1618, not RQG’s 1625 plus. Use the parents’ and grandparents’ family history in character creation- Runequest core book p27- 36. As you PCs will have not gone through the Hero Wars, they will start with a lower base values than the default assumptions in RQG, but higher than default RQ2. They will rapidly progress during the campaign, 4. The Red Cow clan is not an urban clan, so ignore the following occuptations (RQG corebook p28): Chariot Driver Entertainer Noble Philospher Scribe Thief (remember cattle rustling isn’t really considered theft if you’re the one doing it) 5. The cults of the clan are given on page 15 of the Coming Storm- the following page references are to the RQG core book: (cults in order of popularity) Ernalda (p75 & p 292-294) Orlanth (p76-77 & p 300-302) Barnatar (NPCs only- good for clan, not so good for adventurers) Seven Mothers (NPCs only- unless you want to subvert the adventures- in which case, go ahead) Heler (see Engizi the Sky Titan p75 & p292) Yinkin (p79 & p310) Odayla ( p76 & p300) Engizi the Skyriver Titan (p75 & p292) Vinga (as Orlanth Adventerous, only cooler p76-77 & p 300-302) Issaries (p76 & p298) Humakt- NPCs only 6. No PCs should be severed from society eg no Humakt or Babeestor Gor- PC actions and decisions should have consequences for their clan/ faction/ nation. 7. The Red Cow clan are “Axe Orlanthi” (p10 Coming Storm)- the values listed for cultutal weapons in RQG p60 should swap the axe/ spear and broadsword to reflect this. Passions Passions will need to be adapted and personalised to reflect the campaign setting. Loyality: Red Cow Clan Devotion: deity as per normal Love: family- this shouls include the maternal side of the family which means links and bonds with other clans. Hate: this should reflect traditional clan enemies such as Ogres, Telemori, the Lunar Empire. If you have “rattle born” PCs (Coming Storm p13) then this should be recorded as a “Flaw” starting at 60%. As GM or PCs use to establish the maturity or otherwise of decision making by a “rattle born” PC. As campaign progresses- there are references to “directed improvements” (a Heroquest game system term) to factions. Under Runequest Glorantha rules, this should be reflected as a loyalty passion starting at 60%. It is quite likely that PCs will gain conflicting passions- this is to be encouraged by the GM. The passions are one of the major changes to Runequest Glorantha compared to previous editions such as RQ2. GMs re-inforce player decisions at key moments with mechanical improvements. This will emphaise to players that they have made a key social decision, with consequences for future play. Heroquesting There are two heroquests in the Eleven Lights: 1. The Stealing of the Giant’s Cows (Eleven Lights p30-36). This is an annual “this world” heroquest and the PC’s partipation can be moved from year to year as the campaign flow dictates. 2. The Three New Stars- a Glorantha changing heroquest which takes places in 1621-22 (Eleven Lights p 115-143). Until the Gamemaster’s book is published with guidance on running heroquests in RQG, I can offer no advice. It us quite possible that if you start a campaign in autumn 2018, by the time you will need the heroquest rules, they will be available. Major NPC statistics The Coming Storm details 60 NPCs with portraits of each by Rachel Khan. The majority of NPCs do not require complete RQG statistics- many are your kith and kin and physical violence should be considered unthinkable. There are perhaps three ways to use statistics as and when necessary: 1. The “quick and dirty” method- each major NPC has runes against their name- for social combat assign a percentage against a suitable rune on the fly and use an opposed role against the PC’s ability (RQG p142-144). Example: a PC is using his orate ability to persuade Chief Broddi Strong Kin that he be allowed to take part on “the stealing of the giant’s cows” heroquest despite having brought the clan into trouble recent. Broddi will resist with his Mastery rune at 95%. 2. The reduced statistics method: Chief Broddi Strong Kin Runes: Mastery 95% Air: 80% Darkness or Earth 50% (not given in Coming Storm but refects clan’s friendly terms with trolls or go for earth) Orate: 80%; Charm 65%; Intimidate 50%; Intrigue 80% Speak Tradetalk 50%; Speak Stormspeach 35% Speak Darktongue 25% Insight human 60%; Insight Trolls 30% Clan lore 75% 3. Cut, paste and tailor the sample Chief/ clan warriors/ rune priests statistics from forthcoming GM pack. Beast statistics Sample statistics for Telemori, giants, the Crimson Bat are given in the forthcoming Glorantha Bestiary. One little quirk between Heroquest and Runequest, Heroquest uses the imperial measurement system, while Runequest uses the superior metricsystem, so Willandring the giant is 35 ft tall in Heroquest; roughly 10.5 metres tall in Runequest. The statisitics I rolled are not that much differenet from the Bestiary but are presented as an example for you: Willandring the Giant 35 foot tall- the clan blacksmith Hobbled, sad demour, large nose and bearded Rune:Disorder 90% STR: 66 CON: 16 SIZ: 64 INT: 8 POW: 16 DEX: 11 CHA: 6 Total hit points: 38 Hit location AP/ HP 1-4 Right leg 13/10 5-8 Left Leg 13/10 9-11 Abdomen 13/10 12 Chest 13/13 13-15 Right Arm 13/9 16-18 Left Arm 13/9 19-20 Head. 13/10 Maul 85% 2D8 + 7D6 SR4 No magic Note: Willandring is hobbled by an injury inflicted on leg by Karganar Blood- Eye, the clan founder. Healing Willandring is a major plot point and so I would recommend that only the Rune magic “Heal Body” is effective (RQG p330) .
  2. Dimbyd

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    This is something I have forgotten in my own GM'ing Heroquest- instead of one contest; I've have slipped into a round by round approach in a fight. This, partially, I suspect because the scenarios I've run use very little violence. Old habits die hard. (The players didn't mind, but I should have framed the contest better).
  3. Quick report back- ran the Runequest session for 4 people. Two were returnees from last year's Free RPG session; the other two had limited experience with RPGs - mainly D&D and one was considering GM'ing Fate. All were barely in their twenties- one dared to be a woman at RPG event- and they all enjoyed themselves. It felt like a good outreach experience all round.
  4. You can book by stating you want to play on the Rules of Play Free RPG Day event Facebook page- if you're on Facebook. If not, just tell me on the day that you expressed an interest on Basic Roleplaying.org.
  5. Just to let people know I'll be running Runequest- adapting a Coming Storm scenario for Free RPG Day in Saturday 16 June. My local FLGS Rules of Play is hosting the event at the Gate arts centre in Roath- Keppoch Street, Cardiff CF24 3JW . Two people have pre-booked, three spaces left: https://www.facebook.com/events/197248214407410/ It'll start around 12 noon. Andrew
  6. Dimbyd

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    @Sky River Titan The Gaming Grunts did the Sartar Campaign on their podcast- some 20 episodes or so: http://www.thegaminggrunts.com/blog/?cat=12&paged=3 Hope this helps.
  7. Dimbyd

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    Are there any gaming conventions close by to you? Playing Heroquest is the best way to understand it.
  8. Dimbyd

    Schedule for next publications?

    The GM pack & thevGM book are two different products.
  9. Dimbyd

    Schedule for next publications?

    Hard copies pre-Xmas; PDFs by Gen Con. GM screen; Colymar sandbox, impt NPCs stats for GM pack.
  10. Dimbyd

    The Coming Storm - rules errata thread

    Which reminds me; I really should write up some guidance on running the Coming Storm with Runequest. 3rd con game coming this Friday...
  11. Dimbyd

    New HQ products?

    Its next Saturday. Also I’m running a Heroquest game straight after the seminar. But there will be tales to be told.
  12. Dimbyd

    New HQ products?

    I should be at the Heroquest seminar.
  13. Dimbyd

    Free RPG day?

    A second Runequest Quickstart is in the works for this year, roughly around the launch of the new core book. Most gaming companies only put out one Free RPG publication per year- Paizo & Goodman Games being exceptions.
  14. Dimbyd

    13G at Chimériades

    Chimériades has an embarrassment of choice when it comes to great gaming and I had a huge amount of fun playing Herve the Trickster duck in the core book heroquest adventure "The Horn of Snakepipe Hollow" . It was a late night (10:30-1:30) session, so it was a little messy as we were all tired. Also the game was run bilingually by Jean-Christophe Cubertafon, as I was the only non-Francophone. It was an unusual group with I think 3 Troll PCs. With three points in "Song and Dance duck" background, there was indeed song and dance and used my bag of tricks with a succession of improvised weapons- a sacred vase of Ernalda; a dildo in the shape of the Red Emperor and a model of Kero Fen. I can confirm that taunt and fuster- cluck are fun additions to combat. 13th Age- putting the fun into F20 gaming.
  15. Dimbyd

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Oliver Sanfilippo has produced a number of evocative maps in the new core book, with a new take on the classic maps.