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  1. Cult of Chaos members will get access to the PDF a week beforehand. I'm sure the precise hows and whens will be circulated in due course.
  2. I've offered to run the quickstart at my local FLGS Rules of Play in Cardiff- I'm awaiting their response.
  3. And the Runequest game is now sold out. Thanks all. Work continues on the scenario itself.
  4. Good news folks! There are now three Heroquest Glorantha games being offered at UK Expo- 2 of which have places to spare on Saturday afternoon. UK Expo is the UK's largest gaming event and is held at the Birmingham NEC/ NEC Hilton on 2-4 June. The sessions with spare spaces are: Highwall Inn- GM Ian Cooper A Dragon Pass scenario- GM Mark Adri-Soejoko Booking details at: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=rpg See you there?
  5. Quick reminder- there's still two tickets left for "Into the Upland Marsh", a playtest of the new edition of Runequest. Friday 2nd June, 8pm til late, UK Expo, Birmingham http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=rpg I look forward to seeing you there. Andrew
  6. I look forward to visiting the Revolution stand, and as you're in this thread, I'm sure you're considering joining the session on Friday evening?
  7. Simon, it took UK Expo about 3 weeks to agree to my slot, so unless its at Revoultion's stall, you may be running out of time.
  8. http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG2551 I'm very happy to say that I'll be running a Runequest game on Friday evening at UK Expo ( link above should take you directly to the blurb. I'm adapting/ expanding a rare scenario of Greg Stafford set in the Uplands Marsh. 5 places available.
  9. And happily bought from Aeon Games. Now to run it!
  10. The Guide to Glorantha and the upcoming Glorantha Source book are stat free, and can be used with Runequest/ Heroquest/ 13th Age/ what ever gaming system you're hacking to play with Glorantha. These reflect current canon- but no-one expects you and your gaming group to stick to canon at the gaming table.
  11. Matt- I'm dreadful with names- but I attended Grand Tribunal in 2015 and 2016. It is a lovely boutique convention.
  12. For me, Heroquest encourages players to think that the most mythic solution is the best solution to a problem. However, the Coming Storm makes a compelling case for lower powered campaigns- I also think that book is very adaptable to Runequest. I'm also ruminating on an Ars Magica/ Heroquest hack for Grand Tribunal in August.
  13. Lots of food for thought here. I'll also have a look through my photos of Sri Lankan temples for some inspiration. But some re-reading of works will be required to start stitching stuff together to make "Gloranthan sense" and dramatic sense.
  14. Thanks all for the contributions- keep them coming in. In terms of reasons for the heist- I'm thinking of a number of possible starting points; from part of Dragonrise to "knowledge wars", rather than mere wealth. (I tend to go mythic if thinking of a Heroquest scenario). I'm at very early thinking stages- what I would prefer to do in writing a scenario is avoiding funnelling a group down only one way to achieve success. Andrew
  15. Not quite what I'm looking for, but it's lovely map. While, I'm thinking this as a Heroquest scenario and thus "theatre of the mind", players quite reasonably ask questions. My map making skills are very poor as well...