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  1. RPGs are a bit of an afterthought, although the new home is better- So I understand, ironically I was in London for the day and couldn’t make it. Last year, everybody playing that I saw were adults, or at least older teenagers. I suspect the group were hungry and were not signed up to any social contract- like respecting the work put in by the GM or the other player. The GMs are mainly from the same Newport gaming group, so doing the con as an extended club night isn’t really the point. One sad thing, the Cardiff University Gaming Society had its first event of the year on the same day, rather than taking part in a wider gaming community. Students, eh? Finally, John the GM did a playtest of a Mythic Britain homebrew scenario last night- he will likely run the session at Spaghetti Conjunction. First melee combat- a fumble by the attacker vs a critical by the defender (100% v 01%). Joyous. Andrew
  2. I understand it was a bit of frustrating affair, after an hour 4 of the players decided to walk out on the other player & GM- both of whom I know. Shabby behaviour to a fine GM. If folks are going to Spaghetti Conjunction later this month in Birmingham, John will be running a homebrew Mythic Britain scenario, which I helped playtest this evening. Well worth your time. Andrew
  3. This coming Saturday- 30th November, the Newport Centre is hosting Dragondaze, a convention celebrating gaming, comics and other bits of geek culture for local charities. My friend John, a fine GM, is running the "Caves of Circind" Mythic Britain scenario. The convention runs from 10-5 and the session will run from 1 to 5 . So, if you're in the area, feel free to join the game. Andrew
  4. Lovely art. My one concern is that the movement rune armband could be misinterpreted for a debased Earth symbol.
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  6. Free RPG Day at Rules of Play, Cardiff

    With the exception of my friend John running 7th Sea, I have no idea what other tables were running. My mind was elsewhere..... I had a good day, the adventure was simple enough as an introduction and distinct enough to give a feeling of the Gloranthan difference.
  7. Free RPG Day at Rules of Play, Cardiff

    Fun was had- only one PC death at the very end. Another player had a critical hit, but against an area of the enemy that was covered by another PC. Oh how we all laughed...
  8. Free RPG Day at Rules of Play, Cardiff

    My table is not fully booked up, so you're welcome. And there's another table running.
  9. Free RPG Day at Rules of Play, Cardiff

    Venue has been confirmed as the Angel Hotel- end of Westgate Street in the centre of Cardiff. Officially the event begins at 11am, expect my game to start closer to 11:30. See some of you there.
  10. Next Saturday- 17th June, Tony Parry and I will be running two tables of the Runequest quickstart, hosted by Cardiff's FLGS Rules of Play. So we'll be able to accommodate up to 10 players. Details on time and venue will follow, as it won't be held at the store itself- there's a card event going on which brings in "real money". So the Runequest loving owner is looking for a suitable venue to hire. Once we have that, I'll let you know the arrangements. I know we have a fair few people who'd love to try to new edition out in South Wales, hopefully we'll see you on the day. Andrew
  11. A new Apple Lane adventure....

    There are some slight spoilers, but there's nothing I can't alter when I run the session again- remember it's not the quickstart adventure. Much of what Chris focussed on was things I used to to expand the scenario.
  12. A new Apple Lane adventure....

    Playtest report from the Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha session at UK Expo: https://armchairadventurerblog.com/2017/06/05/1-d-6-runequest-glorantha-play-test/ Eternal Con notes: http://2ndage.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/back-from-bacharach.html?m=1
  13. Cult Initiates

    Lhankor Mhy have a wider role than an equivalent to CoC's librarian or even Indiana Jones. They can be librarians or historians or archelogists or war poets/ artists or tactical advisors for war or spies or documentarians in world of limited literacy or mystical oracles - see the HQ feat for the cult (very Lightbringerish). You can also see them as the Law and law maker or the squalid thief. They could be obsessed with dragonewts and the EWF or with the undead (and end up as an necromancer?). They're closer to Timbuktu 's libraries than your local libraries... Oh, how I long to play a Wild Sage again.....
  14. UK Game Expo

    Folks will wish to note that the Simon Phipp is running two sessions of Robyn Hode at UK Expo: Friday afternoon: The Morris Miners http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG3143 Saturday afternoon: Going A-Rescuing http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/game.php?id=RPG3144 There's spaces available, so if you're in the area and free in those slots, come and game.
  15. Running RQ demo games / FreeRPG day or later

    Cult of Chaos members will get access to the PDF a week beforehand. I'm sure the precise hows and whens will be circulated in due course.