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  1. Taking a break from the Welsh language culture wars for Pendragon 6th edition... Lloyd Gyan- one of the UK's most enthusiastic GMs - he runs the drop in sessions at UK Games Expo and Dragonmeet is running "Nuns!" as part of the online Gauntlet con. Its at a friendly time to both Americans and Europeans being 18:59 BST, this coming Saturday. There are three spaces still available and hopefully I'll see some of you online as a fellow player: https://gauntlet-con.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MAXLi61sWiTZysruWRA
  2. John Wick is the lead designer of 7th Sea, which is now publshed by Chaosium. Its a great swashbuckling game.
  3. Pendragon is wonderful- but it is blemished by the pronounciation of “Cymric” and the 6th edition is a chance to get it right. And let’s not get into John Wick’s foolish words...
  4. FYI Osprey is a publisher of some renown of military history books and a number of games in recent years. Its part of the Bloomsberry Publishing Group best known for publishing Harry Potter. So, it won't be POD and it will be hardback. And in English. Hope this helps.
  5. Hardback arrived today. Great stuff!
  6. You know, when I summarised Chaosium panel announcements in the past; I had the exact same “how can I trust this”. it was more than a little annoying..... Then MOB published it as a Chaosium blog post.
  7. I imagine the announcement was made by Jeff Richard at Cannes JDR con- so its official. A more formal announcement may happen in the future- but it could be days or months.
  8. JM is a host of the Iconic podcast- & a mover & shaker in 13th Age RPG world.
  9. I can’t help- but I would advise you to state your time-zone, as this helps people offering games.
  10. Will Aeon Games be releasing this in little old Europe?
  11. Mike was guitarist/ keyboard/ vocalist on Frank Zappa’s 1988 tour. He’s currently doing the same roles (and is bandleader) for the Bizarre World of Frank Zappa featuring holograms etc. He’s a remarkable songwriter & musician. Andrew
  12. Available from Amazon is the Openquest edition of Ki Khanga- an afrocentric fantasy RPG. Funny on how you influence different creators.
  13. With professions etc, I do point out other views exist. I personally wouldn’t want a campaign to start with a PC severed from society; however @Ian Cooper has mentioned that replacement PCs could include that as an option if the group agrees. And earlier in the thread, there were some suggestions of handling severed PCs in interesting ways- which I hadn’t considered. I hadn’t considered Mov rates for Willandring- in my session, people ran into him- and early demise.... i should point out, I was expecting to run the Coming Storm/ Eleven Lights as a RGQ campaign for my local group- some of whom dislike HQG. However, I’m running it as a HQG for my online group. I had adapted the Crimson Bat scenario for RQG con games last year (much streamlined) , which has informed my approach to the above. And to bring things full circle, I’m preparing session 3 of a RQG “one shot” set in Esrolia for my local group, which have reacted very well to the new ruleset.
  14. Sunday's session has been put back to this coming session, which is just as well with my current state of preparations. I'm using "Dead Point" and "Nontraya and the Undead Empire" as my starting points- page 19 of "Esrolia: the land of ten thousand goddesses". Ironically, one of the reasons why my preparation is behind is the rabbit hole of Ty Kora Tek's husband(s)- fair too interesting for me to focus.
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