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  1. I declare that Mark Shirely passes the Celtic acceptability tests, on the grounds of his personal excellenc.
  2. Ian Cooper has published some notes from Saturday's Impromptu Con on Discord. As not everybody is on Facebook, I have cut and pasted the posts here. Note that the bolding comes from me, not Ian- and my comments are in italics First up, what was discussed in the first session on the QuestWorlds rules: * We started with a goal to extract just the rules text from HQ Core for the SRD * Once done, the pared down text revealed issues around use of game terminology (failure and defeat) that we needed to correct. * Marginal, minor, major and complete have always been an iss
  3. Pookie review of Jackals give some details: http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2021/01/demand-and-dread-on-war-road.html
  4. Quick reminder to all of us who want to get hold of physical copies now. 2020 has disrupted international supply networks. The number of passenger aeroplanes in service has declined dramatically- thus affecting people using spare capacity on passenger planes to deliver goods. The decline in flights and other transport have pushed up costs. Pandemic required Health and Safety slows down distribution from loading and loading cargo to customs inspections to distribution hubs and postal/parcel providers. A lot of logistics capacity is rightly being prioritised for pandemic related supplies.
  5. I’m really looking forward to the new edition. Which will be such a radical change that pretty much all previous editions’ adventures will be compatible. People do realise that Arthur didn’t exist; that Greg introduced some amazing gaming elements of progressing technology; and Greg misled you all on the correct pronounciation of “Cymric” . Having a new edition with the production values of recent RQG & CoC with widespread distribution will help grow the game. And from what I understand of the proposed releases- there’s real thought being put in to support the line.
  6. Thanks @Newt for all the work you did for Hearts in Glorantha and Gloranthan Adventures. Looking forward to Openquest 3rd edition and the rest of your projects coming up.
  7. Lovely to game with you Philippe. Hopefully we will game together again. The highlighted skills were skills that you could roll with advantage- that is the tens dice could be rolled twice and the best result can be used. There was also a cultural virtue which gives you an auto-success. I liked the modified Openquest system and the plot was engaging. And the players were great. I will also be buying the core book and campaign.
  8. It was a good session, but perhaps explaining the rules at certain points would have helped.
  9. Taking a break from the Welsh language culture wars for Pendragon 6th edition... Lloyd Gyan- one of the UK's most enthusiastic GMs - he runs the drop in sessions at UK Games Expo and Dragonmeet is running "Nuns!" as part of the online Gauntlet con. Its at a friendly time to both Americans and Europeans being 18:59 BST, this coming Saturday. There are three spaces still available and hopefully I'll see some of you online as a fellow player: https://gauntlet-con.firebaseapp.com/event-detail/-MAXLi61sWiTZysruWRA
  10. John Wick is the lead designer of 7th Sea, which is now publshed by Chaosium. Its a great swashbuckling game.
  11. Pendragon is wonderful- but it is blemished by the pronounciation of “Cymric” and the 6th edition is a chance to get it right. And let’s not get into John Wick’s foolish words...
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