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  1. Dimbyd

    Free RPG day?

    A second Runequest Quickstart is in the works for this year, roughly around the launch of the new core book. Most gaming companies only put out one Free RPG publication per year- Paizo & Goodman Games being exceptions.
  2. Dimbyd

    13G at Chimériades

    Chimériades has an embarrassment of choice when it comes to great gaming and I had a huge amount of fun playing Herve the Trickster duck in the core book heroquest adventure "The Horn of Snakepipe Hollow" . It was a late night (10:30-1:30) session, so it was a little messy as we were all tired. Also the game was run bilingually by Jean-Christophe Cubertafon, as I was the only non-Francophone. It was an unusual group with I think 3 Troll PCs. With three points in "Song and Dance duck" background, there was indeed song and dance and used my bag of tricks with a succession of improvised weapons- a sacred vase of Ernalda; a dildo in the shape of the Red Emperor and a model of Kero Fen. I can confirm that taunt and fuster- cluck are fun additions to combat. 13th Age- putting the fun into F20 gaming.
  3. Dimbyd

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Oliver Sanfilippo has produced a number of evocative maps in the new core book, with a new take on the classic maps.
  4. So I took a few notes from the Chaosium seminar at Chimeriades convention in the beautiful South of France countryside. There was some discussion on Runequest core book- which they hope to open pre-orders later this month- which is as detailed a date they were willing to commit to; with the aim of a Gen Con launch. A black and white print out of the laid out book was circulated at the con and it does look beautiful and evocative. The core book will have a conversion guide as an annex for previous edition adventures to be adapted and run under the new rules. Jeff believes that the RQG core book looks more beautiful than the Guide, and that there were more artists available with a feel for Glorantha. The art is designed to reflect and enhance the uniqueness of Glorantha. The Bestiary is entering layout- it is a simpler layout than the core book, so it will go to production at a faster pace. One challenge is making stat blocks more interesting The Bestiary will allow you to play a number of different Gloranthan races including Trolls, elves, Telemori, and the most noble of all Gloranthan races- the ducks. (Hoorah!) Some 150 different RQ creatures are covered including dinosaurs & mega-fauna Next up is the GM pack- which is really a setting pack- a Colymar sandbox setting with 3 adventures which can be linked or play separately. Some 100 pages with lots of stated NPCs which can give GMs template for what a Clan Chief may look like stat wise. An impressive map of Clearwine by Oliver Sanfilippo was circulated to help GMs and players visualise locations. Boldhome appears in Dragon Pass campaign pack. No rolled maps will be produced by Chaosium- shipping costs to blame Apple Lane will be a default base for players for post 1625 setting, reflecting the power vacuums following Dragonrise. Apple Lane buildings have housing maps to help give the feel of a base for players. 12 books in advanced production to support RQG- reflecting the work of the past 2 years. The new edition will be well supported to help time pressed GMs to run adventures for groups. Source books are likely to be statted for RQ, as it will be easier for Heroquest Glorantha GMs to adapt than the other way round. GM book magic items, treasures guidance- Heroquest & hero rules Gods of Glorantha will feature 50 gods with 8-12 page write ups of each cult. Orlanth will be expanded in coverage. The Red Goddess will be featured, with new Lunar magic. It will be a very God Learner book and designed for GM to use. Issaries is a god/ cult which will see little expansion. The invisible God will be covered in a separate project. More regional gods will be covered in regional sourcebooks- such as Pavis- Jeff ran a Big Rubble scenario at the convention. Art is being ordered for the book. Jeff explains that he goes back to the oldest Greg sources & then work out what to keep & reject. Keen for returning players feel comfortable with Glorantha. Chaos gods are not PC gods so not in the upcoming book - A separate gods of chaos pack with scenarios being worked upon. Therefore GM only. Default 1625 early 1626 setting for the line Sarah Newton is at the advanced draft stage for Barbarian Town - Wild West themed bronze age- opens up mixed group of PCs.. Another project by Sarah will be announced when it is further along. Steve Perrin is writing old school feel scenarios to contrast with Sarah’s more modern approac And finally on RQG, Jeff opened up a little on the heroquest rules- Getting the feel.. River of Cradles campaign is a Heroquest- they are looking to get a toolkit of myth structure/ special effects to reflect hero-questing REWARD- Guidance how to handle that hq gifts & Levels wider than a cult... needs a Mythic restriction power with obligations. The hero should be embarrassed to use the power outside of the key needs. (Ken Rolston was animated on this point) Building package of rules after Heroquesting & becomes Hero with capital H. The Hero not super skilled not always effective- eg various Greek myths. Developing immortal self- 2 different things. Hero & shaman archtypes. Two different stat blocks. Fetches are always on hero plane. Gifts & powers come from that. Depletable resource- that be recovered through GM tasks & they have to develop cult to be worshiped. Develop a community eg Harrek is worshipped by communities who don’t want a visit from the Beserker(!) Switch of perspective Dragonewts don’t want the obligations.... Finally, Q-Workshop will be producing official Runequest dice- which look both stylish and legible- even on the mobile phone pictures I saw.
  5. Dimbyd

    Upcoming Glorantha publications

    Bohemond- check in the Heroquest section on this here site for some more info- plus announcements at UK Games Expo to come, start of June.
  6. And you'll find yourself able to add runes and passions to NPCs in about 30 seconds on the fly with a little experience.
  7. Dimbyd

    A sense of scale

    There 's another approach to scale here- which for gaming purposes tends to get fudged- but illustrates how scale has shifted dramatically. If you look at most modern countries, they have a number of indigenous minority languages (IMLs). So the British Isles has in addition to English , has Welsh, Irish, Gaelic as its three main IMLs (listed in degrees of health). It also has Manx (related to Irish and Gaelic), Jèrriais, Guernésiais (related to Norman French) and Cornish (related to Welsh). Every single one of those languages have different accents and dialect variations in vocabulary and pronunciations. And then, there are the dialect variations of English such as Geordie and things like Scots and Ulster-Scots which straddle the dialect- language divide, plus British and Irish Sign Languages. All this in a group of islands much smaller than the US. And this is not a unique situation- hello Spain, Germany, France and the US with the First Nations' languages. And this tells us the size of most people and communities' world. A lot smaller than ours. This makes the scale of say the Lunar Empire seem reasonable to me, especially when you consider that the barbarians have magic...
  8. Dimbyd

    Announcement: Mythras Bundle of Holding

    Great news.
  9. Jeff Richards is running a Big Rubble con game in a few weeks time, and remember that RQ 2 and RQ3 material are very comparable with the new rules.
  10. Dimbyd

    Glorantha technology and Glorantha material technology

    I really don't worry that much about ancient world analogues in tech levels in Glorantha. I don't have that depth of knowledge. Thus in my Glorantha, the Howling Tower has some stained glass windows which catch the final moments of sunset... I have to say, having stained giant insect window sounds creepier and more organic (HR Giger like). Things I do emphasise are such details there a few real roads as we know it in modern day earth, its trails and tracks in the main; and what roads exist are magical constructs. A good source for visualisations for parts of Glorantha is the Atlas Obscura website which has some amazing short articles and photography from across the world- which is a lot weirder than I normally think about. The book is excellent too- want to know what an underground cave temple might look like? https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/batu-caves gives you an example. The associated book is excellent. Thoroughly enjoying the much more detailed and well argued points made in this thread
  11. Dimbyd

    Starting The Eleven Lights

    You may wish to get your players to read princeofsartar.com the online comic- in particular Argarth's initiation (chapter 1). I'm adapting an adventure from the Coming Storm for Runequest Glorantha and I've approached it from what roles are the PCs taking in the clan (and from that what cult). So I'm going for Hunter/ Yinkin, fisher/ Heler-Engizi the sky titan, a rattle born warrior (Orlanth or Vinga depending on gender), Healer/ Ernalda, herder- Orlanth. If a player wants to play a storm cold killer, then Humakt. I'd also follow Ian's advice- remember your PCs will have probably not gone far from the Tula. The characters won't have met the whole world, and so neither do the players or you know the whole world.
  12. Dimbyd

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    In 13G book, page 14 describes the illustration of being Orlanth and his heroes. But the RQG cover is a re-work, and it's a useful point to make to new players, if you want to progress in your cult, you need to act like your god...
  13. The Uk's largest gaming convention (and 3rd or 4th largest worldwide) UK Expo is being held on 1st-3rd June in Birmingham. Currently there are 3 Heroquest and 2 Runequest games scheduled, which have now all sold out. Which is good news. Are any more GMs interested in running Glorantha games? (From a selfish perspective I have no games scheduled for Sunday...). There is still time to submit games to Expo and you'll get free entry to Expo for that day and Cult of Chaos credit. Anybody interested in running a 13th Age Glorantha game? It'll be good to raise the profile of Gloranthan gaming at this large event.
  14. For those of you interested in Heroquest across the world, there's an interview with Robin Mitra on the German language edition of Heroquest, which is supported by an additional book of 18 settings/ adventures and superb covers by French artist Eric Vanel. Original German interview at: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teilzeithelden.de%2F2018%2F02%2F22%2Finterview-robin-mitra-und-das-deutsche-heroquest%2F&edit-text=&act=url ; rough and ready Google translate into English at: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teilzeithelden.de%2F2018%2F02%2F22%2Finterview-robin-mitra-und-das-deutsche-heroquest%2F&edit-text=&act=url
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