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BRP Angel Watch


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This is a reply to the question asked in my super strength question thread. The game is my take on a single-city superhero setting. I have run this setting using GURPS 4e and D6 System. Each time, I have tweaked bits of the setting to steadily, and hopefully, improve it for my group.

As a result of the setting's story, it has a dual-history line of gaming that also included a brief wild west era of adventures called The Justice Rangers.


Player Source Document

Angel Watch

Player Source Document


Angel Watch is a setting for superheroes in the fictional city of Angel City, located on the west coast of America. Angel City is a literary conglomeration of Los Angeles and San Diego into one very large, vibrant cityscape.

The heroes of Angel Watch are members of the superhero group known as Angel Watch. Their base of operations – The Watch Tower – stands ever vigilante, looking out over the city. The Angel Watch are privately funded by a man known only as Gabriel. His real identity is unknown to the members of Angel Watch.

History of Angel Watch

The west coast of America was a distant outpost to most Americans, filled with strange tales of action, adventure and excitement. Through the discovery of gold deposits throughout the coast, the rush began to the west. The population increased ever more in size after the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. With this increase in population, came an increase in crime and violence.

In 1879, three individuals took it upon themselves to fight back against the wave of crime sweeping over the burgeoning Angel City. These men were of great abilities, far greater than those of normal mortals. Their abilities bordered on supernatural. During that year, they would cross paths with each other, with the occasional team-up to fight a larger threat. It seemed that there always existed a threat from other individuals of great power seeking to misuse their abilities for profit at the expense of the poor and the weak.

In January of 1880, these three heroes of Angel City made an agreement to pool their resources and become a team, to better fight for the rights of the common man on the street. Angel Watch was born. The three founders were known by pseudonyms, to protect their true identities: The Gunslinger, The Coachman and Locomotive.

The Gunslinger, Billy Sunday, had a knack for accuracy with any gun. He could shoot a fly at 20 paces and draw faster than anyone. His favorite trick was to shoot the guns out of the hands of those who would draw down on them. It seemed like The Gunslinger had eyes in the back of his head, as well, as he would shoot at gunmen behind him without looking.

The Coachman, Ambrose Crane, was a wealthy man. He had made his fortune back east in manufacturing and came to Angel City to expand his businesses. He got his name from the unique coach he would drive in the night during his vigilante watch of the city. He carried with him a shotgun and a whip as his main weapons. He also had a knack for creating strange gadgets, including his specially-designed throwing knives in the shape of angel wings.

The Locomotive, Mark Dent, was known for a strength equal to that of 20 men and skin so tough that bullets bounced off him. By day, he was a black smith, a job he thoroughly enjoyed.

Angel City welcomed these men. As members of Angel Watch retire or lose their lives, new members would be found. Only occasionally has the vigil of Angel Watch been interrupted in its long history.

Angel Watch Today

It is now the year 2022. Angel City is a very large city with the sprawling from along the southern coast line of California.

The current Angel Watch HQ -- The Watch Tower -- resides in a tower located in waters of Angel City Bay. It is a spire that looks to be made of gray stone, an appearance that is deceiving. On top is the statue of an angel with 4 faces and 4 wings, each facing a different cardinal direction. In their hands are flaming swords, a reminder to the city of that beacon of hope.

The Watch Tower was built by Gabriel as a gift to the city and to the current members of the Angel Watch. In it are rooms for monitoring the city, research labs, entertainment and living quarters. The members of Angel Watch have access to an assortment of vehicles to help them in their fight against crime on land, sea or air.

Gabriel communicates with the Watch via encoded, untraceable transmissions. His appearance on the video screen is that of the archangel Gabriel. He has a policy of leaving the Watch to do their jobs without interference.

Modern Day Angel City

Angel City is a corporate and suburban sprawl of nearly 30 million people on the southwest coast of America. It is a center for technology, research, manufacturing and crime. The entertainment industry thrives in Angel City in every form, from sitcoms, to news, to sports and to the arts. It is a city that truly never sleeps. Angel City is the gateway to the Far East.

Technology in 2022

The cyberpunk visions of William Gibson and other writers have come true. Cybernetics, while not common, can be purchased by those with the money to afford it. Powerful computer systems aid daily life across the city. Robotics have advanced to the point there they are able to walk around and talk like people. Personal flying cars dart through the skies above the congested streets of the city, forming The Skyway.

The Great Credit System Crash

In 2012, the work of a well-armed group of computer hackers brought down the world’s entire credit network, the system of banks that tracked the digital dollars and cents of the world’s citizens. Trillions were lost in the process. As a result, fear was rampant of a repeat of the Great Credit Crash and many people returned to conducting business solely in hard currency.* Now, only the high level transactions of money occur digitally with most consumer transactions being in cash.

Crime in Angel City

There are two major crime syndicates present in Angel City: CHESS and POKER.

CHESS seeks its power through control and order. Lead by The Grandmaster, CHESS operates above and below board to seek its goals of economic supremacy and political control throughout Angel City and the rest of the sprawl. The true identity of the Grandmaster and his chief officers are not known.

POKER seeks its goal of freedom and control through chaos. Lead by The Dealer, POKER works through the underbelly of the city, spreading chaos through drugs, gambling and murder. The true identity of The Dealer is unknown at this time.

Corporations and Organizations

Yi Corporation

Yi Corporation is a multi-national, multi-billion dollar company. It was founded in Angel City by Xi Won Yi. As the company grew, it expanded into new markets. Mister Yi lost his company to a hostile take-over by Jonathan Mace. Under his leadership, the company has expanded into further markets, sometimes crossing the line of the law.

Johnson Medical Institute

JMI conducts medical research for non-profit, private corporations and other nation’s governments. They are at the forefront of genetic research.

Decker Electronics

Decker Electronics are at the forefront of the robotics and nanotechnology. These developments have lead to the appearance of cyberware on the street and for medical use. Decker Electronics has been approached many times for merger with Yi Corp, but has steadfastly remained independent.

Angel City Police Department

The ACPD has the immense duty of keeping a very large city safe. Precincts of the ACPD are very busy with keeping the residents safe in a city that never sleeps. In a measure of non-lethal deterrence, the ACPD make use of Electro-Stunner rifles. These weapons are able to incapacitate a target in a single shot. Some normal villains have proved to be a tough match for the electro-stunners and many supervillains are simply immune to its effects. The ACPD have a friendly relationship with the Angel Watch. The ACPD acknowledges the role they play in keeping the city safe.

The ACPD have a host of vehicles available to them on the ground and in the air. The largest is an aerostat vehicle the size of a football field that floats over the city, slowly patrolling.

Ford Aeromotive

Ford is the single largest maker of aerocars, the wonder of the modern age.


Edward Wychek

Police Commissioner over all of Angel City. He is a straight-shooter and has a good relationship with the Angel Watch. He will often initiate contact with the Angel Watch.

Madeline Kyle

Chief researcher at Johnson Medical Institute. She has been under suspicion on several occasions for instances involving meta-human crime, but has always been acquitted each time.

Benedict Pennyworth

Mayor of Angel City and its sprawl. He is a typical politician who sometimes bends to the will of the donations given to his campaigns.

John Decker

CEO and researcher at Decker Electronics.


The Skyway

The Skyway is the crowning achievement of modern technology in Angel City. The Skyway is where the hover cars make their way through the city.* Their altitude and speeds are monitored by an ever-vigilante computer system to maintain the friendly skies.

Pyramid Park

Pyramid Park is the home of a one-third size replica of the pyramids at Giza, including the Sphinx. Surrounding these giant structures are grassy lawns where park visitors play, eat lunch and enjoy the generally sunny weather.


Atlantis is the name of a small underworld city built just off-shore on the southern end of Angel City. It is a tourist destination under a large glass dome, permitting visitors to watch sea life in its natural habitat.

Box Town

Box Town is the name of a very poor area of Angel City. It gets its name from the wooden boxes that make up the “homes” of the homeless and lost that live there. The city has cleared portions of Box Town on several occasions, but it is always rebuilt as the inhabitants feels they have no where else to go.

Silicon Row

Silicon Row is the name of a road along which several prominent computer software and hardware companies are located.

Yi Tower

Yi Tower is the tallest structure in Angel City. Despite the threat of earthquakes, Yi Tower is an awe-inspiring 2000 feet tall. It is the headquarters of all of Yi Corp’s business operations. Yi Tower looks like a giant needle sticking out of a pyramidal base. Yi Tower can be seen from anywhere in Angel City on a clear day.

Angel City Nuclear Fusion Power Plants

Angel City thrives on a vast amount of electricity provided by three nuclear fusion power plants. One is located in the far north of the city, the second on the far east of the city and third on the far south of the city. This technology was made possible the theories of Dr. Zevious, a physicist and musician.

The Previous Angel Watch

10 years ago, a villain by the name of Smoke Stack struck fear in Angel City. He attacked the former Watch Tower with a missile that destroyed the structure utterly, killing one of the Angel Watch. In the following battle, Smoke Stack and the three remaining Angel Watch members died in a massive explosion and building collapse. Their bravery saved many lives. The city built statues in Pyramid Park to honor their fallen heroes. The previous Angel Watch members were: Fire Brand, Brick Wall, Tempest and Doctor Hex.

Chad Wilson

Current BRP Project: Heroes by Gaslight

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Hmmmm... this looks interesting. :thumb:

Are you going to post any of the material you have here at BRP.com or is this just going to be played with your rpg group?

I posted a while ago some stuff inspired by City of Heroes and have always been meaning to gm a game with my rpg group. But we are still running through my ME-BRP stuff right now, so that's going to have to wait.

I would love to see what other BRP Supers games people have been working on because I do want to get around to running one myself and would love as much material as I can get my hands on. :)

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I can make it a point to update changes to here. I have a GM document that contains some secrets-that-player-should-not-know, or should only find out in game play.

I have played and run supers in many different time eras. This time around, I am giving my players a future setting, giving them useful technology so one of them doesn't have to sacrifice the points to be the gadgeteer. My groups has thing about making balanced parties.

Chad Wilson

Current BRP Project: Heroes by Gaslight

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