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  1. Hi. Its been a looong while since I last dropped by this site. To answer a few questions, I haven't done much more work on this since I was last here. For one thing Adventures in Middle-earth came out from Cubicle 7 and, as a D20 game systems, was fairly simple to use regarding certain aspects of that game when porting across to play with BRP. The full colour files are very large and so won't load up here that easily. As my RPG group is playing a more generic fantasy setting, I can't see myself pushing to finish the other chapters in the short term. However, using the BRP Big Golden Book, Adventures in Middle-earth and the files for Middle-earth BRP here, you can cover most bases for what you would be after. Hope that helps. Cheers, Fergo113
  2. I did the Middle-earth BRP documents. It was something I was working on for my own role playing ground. I managed to finish full imaged versions for several chapters, and had the skeleton of the remaining chapters also. But I've put the project to one side for now as my rpg group is adventuring in another fantasy universe. So its a from scratch fan work that some day I plan to finish.
  3. Hi, I just saw your Middle Earth stuff. I'm a fan myself. Is it possible to get the rest of the chapters? I only saw 7 8 and 9 for download... Cheers, Steve

  4. Hi Mankcam, I'm still here and very slowly working on my ME-BRP stuff. Family, work and the changing directions of my RPG group definitelly have slowed the project down. Seeing the Hobbit is inspiring me to get back into this project again. I don't get to the forums often these days but if you have any questions you can always send me a personal message through BRP central here. Cheers, Fergo113
  5. Thanks guy's, I really appreciate all of your encouragement and its great to see groups wanting to use the material for their own games. I've been slack on finishing the chapter on equipment, but as my own group have now gone back to a fantasy setting, I feel the need to get back to work on this project. The equipment chapter is still only half finished but at least I am back working on it now. Cheers, Fergo113
  6. Thanks for the link Lubidius. I'll check it out. I always found the setting era from ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP) game to be the one that was the most interesting setting for playing in as it predates the finding by Bilbo of the ring and covers periods around the fall of Arnor in the Third Age. I've always wanted to explore doing Beleriand as a setting as well but that would be a lot of work to do and I'm finding it hard enough just to finish the core ME-BRP chapters that I am working on when time permits.
  7. Thanks Baron. I'm eager to see how that works out. Cheers, Fergo113
  8. Hello, May I have access to the full images ME-BRP files too ? You area doing a really GREAT job ! Thanks

  9. If you want copies of the full imaged ME-BRP files, please send me a private email here at BRP Central and I'll get back to you. Emails sent to me here go also to my normal email address where I will pick them up on a daily basis. This is the best way to alert me that you are after the files. Cheers, Fergo113

  10. Hi Damon, No I haven't abandoned the project. I am still plugging away at Chapter 8 and am about 2/5 done on it right now. I have just finished a course the last week and was overseas before that and so this took me away from working of ME-BRP for a while. So I should be able to get back to Chapter 8 now that I have more time to spend on it. Keep you posted. Cheers, Fergo113
  11. How may I obtain copies of the BRP Middle earth files?

  12. I'm slowly working my way through the three sections that make up Chapter 8 Equipment for ME-BRP. My RPG group dried up recently but I have been able to rally some of the troop and am about to start the group going again. That's inspired me to get my backside into gear again with the ME-BRP project. Hopefully over the next few months I shall be able to post Chapter 8 (fingers crossed:) ). Daddystabz, if you want pdf's of the chapters so far complete with images, drop me a personal message through BRP Central here with an email address I can send you the FileFactory links too.
  13. G'day PhilHibbs, Chapter 8 is about 1/5 completed. I haven't worked on it recently as I was fixing up the City of Heroes BRP that I did some time back. However, since then I found Mutants and Masterminds and that kind of put the blocks on my City of Heroes re-write. So I guess I'll go back to doing Chapter 8, though it will take the next few months to finish. I just have a lot on my plate and I haven't had the time to work on it. Also my rpg group disbanded and so its hard to give it a "field test" so to speak. Keep you posted.
  14. I for one would love to see Superworld revamped for the Big Golden Book. I have the old Superworld in hardcopy and it was a great game. I feel that Superworld has real potential for new life with the new core rulebook. I'm still beavering away with my revamp on the Quickplay PDF I did for the City of Heroes, changing it into a full sourcebook. Trying to have the five power types available to characters, whilst fitting it into the City of Heroes world isn’t easy. So I agree with others in this post that it’s a bit of a challenge to make the five BRP powers fit together in one genre, and permit them to all have equal weight in their strengths. I think that Mutations tend to get left behind a bit as they only come in minor and major categories. I have toyed with the idea of permitting Mutations to appear in five strengths, rather than just two: Minor, Major, Strong, Dominant, and Extreme. Or something to that effect, as a way of Mutations keeping track with the powers of others. Anyway, if Superworld came back revamped in the modern BRP rulebook context, I'd certainly buy it. Fergo113
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