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What are you running with revolution D100?


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As the title says, i want to know what people are doing with the system (and try to liven up thus place :) )


as for me, I'm stuck with some dungeon world for now, but I'm working on a Star wars campaign in the old  republic, modeling the dark side with motivations is so simple, and yet it feels truee to star wars than any other system. Im also working on an urban fantasy game / PIs who invade peoples dreams. 

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I ran a PBEM steppes nomads game but I'm currently doing a pause. Just for pleasure I wrote 3 mini-settings : one in old Mesopotamia, one for Sarmatians, and the last one incl. simple rules is a mixing of Mesopotamia and classical Fantasy stuff (Sumerians are Elfs and Ammorites are half-orcs).

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Wind on the Steppes, role playing among the steppe Nomads. The  running campaign and the blog


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