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Yes, it was from DW #32 (Ancient Cultures issue).  A classic mad scientist/villain doomsday scenario.  A bit of evidence gathering, locating the secret base, and a final battle with Nighthaunt and his minions.  Stats for both Superworld and Champions. 

I've never ran it, but it would be just the thing for a convention type adventure or a one-shot adventure for a group.  I've wanted to tie Threat of the Nighthaunt into a larger adventure, like a couple mad scientist villains competing to see who can actually end the world with their inventions. 

If you have a chance to pick up issue 32 with the module intact, spending $8 or less would not be that bad a deal.  There is an article about the cliff dweller ruins of Mesa Verde National Park (with some good maps) that is just begging to be used for a pulp or CoC adventure.  Or a cool time travel location. 



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