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Using Magic World's magic systems with Mythras


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I am preparing a campaign that will use Mythras as its ruleset (because it is available in German for my players), but uses Magic World's sorcery (and possibly other magic systems from MW) as the magic system.

One thing I have encountered when thinking about this: Magic World uses the concept of the resistance table where Mythras goes with competing rolls. In order to no confuse my players, I want to use Mythras's method as much as possible. For POW vs POW, and magic points vs magic points rolls, I could simply use Willpower, or I could have them compute quintuples of POW and current magic points and use those for the competing roll.

Or I could just go with Mythras' general theme and introduce a skill named "sorcery" that does all these things. Now, in Magic World, spell success is usually automatic (unless resisted), so that seems kind of like a big leap. Also, in the case of magic points vs. magic points rolls, the intention is clearly to weaken the sorcerer as he spends more of his power, and that would get lost in translation with both the Willpower and the Sorcery Skill solutions.

Or I could just use the resistance table.

But neither of these solutions strikes me as particularly elegant. Does anyone else have experience with this particular BRP-related problem? Any opinions would be appreciated. :)




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In my experience, just pick a method and go with it.

The Resistance Table is fine, if you think that POW is the thing to use. In fact, I was nevr sure why the Resistance table was dropped in the first place, it is simple to use and fairly elegant. However, it does fall down with large Characteristics - POW 210 vs POW 200 means almost guaranteed success even though the proportional difference is slight.

Opposed POWx5% Rolls is a bit more along Mythras lines, you use POW as the main stat and then use Mythras opposed rules to work it out. 

Having a different skill entirely is what Mythras uses at the moment, so you could use WillPower as that.

But, what I wouldn't do is have some things use the Resistance Table, others use Opposed Characteristic x5% rolls and other use WillPower.

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