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Quest21: Hero Points


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Q21 is (as you may or may not know) based on OpenQuest and its SRD. One of the things I have considered is Hero Points and how, in general, I am not a fan. My original thought was just to drop them entirely.

However, I have been toying with fate (little F, not the game system) and skein as concepts of character life. A character drops to 0, goes unconscious and their Skein takes a permanent hit. The character does not die but they are out of the scene / combat and so on. This the space where Q21 may very well put the idea of Hero Points: as Skein. The story of your life is finite, but the more heroic things someone does, they longer their story.  Skein would be finite, but more could be gained through actions or GM decision.

Any thoughts on how Skein might be gained through play are welcome.  Can Skein be used for other things? Again thoughts are welcome.

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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