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  1. Horrible, it was horrible... They promised an " refreshed reprint, with new art" did something else.. and on top of that it did not feel well thought or playtested... Had lot of errors, descriptions where missing.... But one of the original authors have written Hjältarnas tid, and that one is good... Good beginners game and solid BRP like rules.
  2. I have been inspired by this simple mobilgame that I would like to make archetypes for the game to use in a mythras campaign.. I thought of making it a low powered setting with each of the "traditions" having 2 to 4 spells each But a fast mana renegation. War mages being one trick ponys.. Making sorcery and folkmagic the magic all use. Frost wizard and storm caller is kind of easy wrack(cold/ electric) ( form set ice and air.) But then there is an Death Knight. She is a meele and animator type. So awakening ( or what the spell is called) would work..but it requires concentration.. so how would one go around to make it possible to continue fighting while making the undead continue to fight.
  3. The swedish rpg Hjältarnas tid uses the rule that you can parry missile attacks with shields ordinary meele weapons can parry in meele.. Thougt that was kind of easy to remember And made shields more useful.
  4. I could definitely back a RQ3 with errata, clarifications.. The magic item and summoning rules well explained.. ( write out how to create skeletons for example)... But for art.. I would love them to use the British version from GW.. As base but let one or two artist do their take on the original art.. Someone how is really good.. For me its wierd I have all this other great games but i keep coming back to rq3 all the time.. Summoning spirits just is a consept that is so cool.
  5. I would love to join in a playtest... but I can not find the time for the moment...
  6. Easiest to get the resources are the caravan for mythras http://thedesignmechanism.com/downloads.php Or check out the quieckstart senarios for Runequest 7 ei Runequest glorantha i belive one of the scenarios are about traveling.. Little moore job removing Gloranthan references though..
  7. Drakar och Demoner had catfolk, if I'm recalling correctly. But i do not remember any other game... Openquest 2 has beastfolk... Easiest way would be openquest 2 beastfolk add litte dex subtract some siz, add vision and claw attack ( bonus on climbing) And you're done..
  8. Well we swedes have to write and translate our own DoD english version... And pay the artist to do another batch of awsome art... Should we call it DoD 2020.....???
  9. This was hard to wote on. I choose the three book aproach, but I do like that openquest 2 is so easy to lug around. But I feel that the two is done, sure it could need moore polish but it will get that automatic as number 3. For suggestions: an magic item randomizer would be nice. ( like witch spell magic effect does item x have) Random spell generator for npcs/ monsters. I really liked the demon generator from the dragon book setting ( getting old/ tiered) crucible something... An how to use adventures and stuff from other systems with openquest..
  10. I would running it using A ) ad&d2 ed conversion from the forum here or b) get in search of the trollslayer cor ideas how to get the feel. C) use major wounds wizardry and sorcery for priests sorcery and mutations or psionics or super powers to shape the gifts from the gods.... Skills above 100% so fighters get more attacks make healing of 1d3 hp per wound... In swedish Drakar och Demoner your character died at -con in hp ( after 0 looses one hp per round, makes characters more durable )
  11. Yepp, I am used to Elric! So those costs seems more in line of what I am used to. But for the time being am I playing around with 4th... Will probably try to do an pdf with demons both for 4th and one for Elric!/magic world.
  12. Due to reading, and fixing with my roleplaying collection.. And reading far to much on blogs and forums.. Has made me yearning for playing Strombringer and D&D esque games.. So during this vacations i sat down and played around with my old Spanish edition of Stormbringer.. and painting 10 deamonettes for use in Age of Sigmar/ 40 k. this made me want to stat up some demons so Here comes my first work in progress deamonettes for Stormbringer 4th.. If someone more versed in this rule set could point out errors i would be happy,, will probably do more demonic types soon.. Deamonette of Aanesh... STR 3d8 14 CON 3d8 14 SIZ 2D8 14 INT 3D8 14 POW 3D8 14 DEX 4D8 18 Cha 3D8 14 (63p characteristics) Abilities / Skills: Baffle attack 40p 3d6 pot up to 5m, shape change 40p, Garras 20p 3d10% 1d6 damage *2, Hands 30p, Eyes 10p (+1d10 search, detect), saber 20 (int*5 one topic)jump 10p (4 m high), legs 30p 60m/round 200p skills total 263p to invoke hmm, feels kind of weird.. will probably adjust size so it will be smaller, if i understood the Spanish text correctly it costs 3 point per d8 dice. I can not find any mention how to raise the combat skills of the demons... I suspect that there is inconsistencies compared with the English version.. input appreciated.
  13. I think openquest mentions that you can not target an item if its being worn/ used ( yhe spell ignite.. If I recall correctly)
  14. Making a lasting impact on " the setting", constructing a castle... Summoning/ binding creatures from other " realities" or unsummoning/ freeing creatures from other realities. Making a lot of allies, becoming a leader/ hero Creating emchanted items
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