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  1. muminalver

    RQ Land of the Samurai and Price of Honour

    Yepp, they are indeed from the mrq 1 spellbook, aura if lightning has a casting time of 2, gives d4 hp electrical damage to random locations in an x area of caster.. If I don´t missremember
  2. muminalver

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    I will see what I can come up with .. Creating Undead and demon summoning.
  3. muminalver

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    Yes, that could work... Make them special enchantments... Well will be checking my rq3 and rq6
  4. muminalver

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    I was thinking about using Legend as an easy to carry ( the books) system, so this is great news. Would it be hard to make rules/ spells for creating undead? Or does it exist any rules for that?
  5. Hi, I am curious of the supplements for legend, specially the arcane and blood magic, does they contain spells for summoning demons, elementals? And what does equipment book contain? Rules for henchmen?
  6. muminalver

    Mass combat rules

    MRQ 1 had a rules suplement that contained mass combat, think it was legendary heroes Don't know if its works, or if its to complicated
  7. muminalver

    Fading Suns Energy Shield

    Use the reistance table Damage vs. Shield strength You Can do it like the classical parry each time Damage goes through, the strength of the Shield decreases.
  8. Hello! I have lost the adventure from white dwarf 97 And I wonder if someone have an pdf. Copy of it? Its the second part of the madcap series. Help, please
  9. muminalver

    Fixed or Variable Armour Points?

    I'm on the fence for this one.. But I think i 'll prefer roll for armour. It's Elric! S fault....
  10. muminalver

    Career Spells?

    If you Can get your hands on Elric! There are spells per proffesion...
  11. The rpg adaptation to flintloque and slaughterloo me miniature games....
  12. muminalver

    Opposed Checks (Ren Deluxe)

    Just keep the one closest to his skill win. Guard 53% notice rolls 63, Thief 48% sneak rolls 60%. Winner is guard due to only failed by 10%.... Or use the burning wheel thing about failing foward. Player character succeeds but... Guard Will notice something is amiss, little later....
  13. muminalver

    [Interview] A Neo-Trad Take on BRP

    Trudvang Chronicles are less relient on stats (only very high, low stats affect you). Human cèntric, other species exists but you are probably human, skillsystem have specialiations, (that gives bonus on skills used in a special way, like mounted combat) skills are therefore broader. Weapons do d10 openended damage, keep in mind that I am rusty on the ruleset and don't have the latest versión.
  14. muminalver

    how would you stat gandalf the superhero?!

    Could make other supers weaker against the powers they can project. Ordenary humans resistent.