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  1. muminalver

    A love of demons....

    Yes... Would be nice
  2. muminalver

    Fun with Stormbringer ruleset

    Yepp, I am used to Elric! So those costs seems more in line of what I am used to. But for the time being am I playing around with 4th... Will probably try to do an pdf with demons both for 4th and one for Elric!/magic world.
  3. muminalver

    Fun with Stormbringer ruleset

    Due to reading, and fixing with my roleplaying collection.. And reading far to much on blogs and forums.. Has made me yearning for playing Strombringer and D&D esque games.. So during this vacations i sat down and played around with my old Spanish edition of Stormbringer.. and painting 10 deamonettes for use in Age of Sigmar/ 40 k. this made me want to stat up some demons so Here comes my first work in progress deamonettes for Stormbringer 4th.. If someone more versed in this rule set could point out errors i would be happy,, will probably do more demonic types soon.. Deamonette of Aanesh... STR 3d8 14 CON 3d8 14 SIZ 2D8 14 INT 3D8 14 POW 3D8 14 DEX 4D8 18 Cha 3D8 14 (63p characteristics) Abilities / Skills: Baffle attack 40p 3d6 pot up to 5m, shape change 40p, Garras 20p 3d10% 1d6 damage *2, Hands 30p, Eyes 10p (+1d10 search, detect), saber 20 (int*5 one topic)jump 10p (4 m high), legs 30p 60m/round 200p skills total 263p to invoke hmm, feels kind of weird.. will probably adjust size so it will be smaller, if i understood the Spanish text correctly it costs 3 point per d8 dice. I can not find any mention how to raise the combat skills of the demons... I suspect that there is inconsistencies compared with the English version.. input appreciated.
  4. muminalver

    RQ3: Targeting items on an enemy with a spell

    I think openquest mentions that you can not target an item if its being worn/ used ( yhe spell ignite.. If I recall correctly)
  5. muminalver

    Quest21: Hero Points

    Making a lasting impact on " the setting", constructing a castle... Summoning/ binding creatures from other " realities" or unsummoning/ freeing creatures from other realities. Making a lot of allies, becoming a leader/ hero Creating emchanted items
  6. muminalver

    RQ Land of the Samurai and Price of Honour

    Yepp, they are indeed from the mrq 1 spellbook, aura if lightning has a casting time of 2, gives d4 hp electrical damage to random locations in an x area of caster.. If I donĀ“t missremember
  7. muminalver

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    I will see what I can come up with .. Creating Undead and demon summoning.
  8. muminalver

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    Yes, that could work... Make them special enchantments... Well will be checking my rq3 and rq6
  9. muminalver

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    I was thinking about using Legend as an easy to carry ( the books) system, so this is great news. Would it be hard to make rules/ spells for creating undead? Or does it exist any rules for that?
  10. Hi, I am curious of the supplements for legend, specially the arcane and blood magic, does they contain spells for summoning demons, elementals? And what does equipment book contain? Rules for henchmen?
  11. muminalver

    Mass combat rules

    MRQ 1 had a rules suplement that contained mass combat, think it was legendary heroes Don't know if its works, or if its to complicated
  12. muminalver

    Fading Suns Energy Shield

    Use the reistance table Damage vs. Shield strength You Can do it like the classical parry each time Damage goes through, the strength of the Shield decreases.
  13. Hello! I have lost the adventure from white dwarf 97 And I wonder if someone have an pdf. Copy of it? Its the second part of the madcap series. Help, please
  14. muminalver

    Fixed or Variable Armour Points?

    I'm on the fence for this one.. But I think i 'll prefer roll for armour. It's Elric! S fault....
  15. muminalver

    Career Spells?

    If you Can get your hands on Elric! There are spells per proffesion...