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How to Run Suppressing Fire


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This came up finally in my M-Space campaign. We are using the RQ Firearms and we had someone try and use suppressive fire on the bad guys. When I looked up how, it was a bit vague about it. Do you have to get the Pin Down special effect? Is it a special action or a special effect? Does it work on people that successfully evade? Thanks for any help!

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In most circumstances any successful roll of your combat style using a firearm will also grant you a special effect, unless you are allowing the defender to Evade after the shot is taken, so that, yes, you would use Pin Down in this case.

For your situation you might insist that the PC use full auto or at least Burst fire depending on how many bad guys there are, as it says they would have to make an Opposed Test against the combat style roll using their Willpower. As the rules say, they won't be able to fire back but can take any other action as long as they don't expose themselves.

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