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  1. Bilharzia

    New RQG dump 05 27 18

    Does 'toon' mean rune?
  2. Bilharzia

    Borderlands on Roll20

    I don't have Beyond Pavis unfortunately, no idea where to get hold of it now, I do have most of the relevant Chaosium supplements and some of the Tradetalks. Mostly I am adapting existing material where I can so I have to invent as little as possible. I'll gladly accept your dungeon! ... and post here how it turns out...
  3. Bilharzia

    Borderlands on Roll20

    In the Tower's Tomb-trap... Things are looking down, Farangar stirs the graves of the undead, Chingua's swings into the group but goes badly wrong as he misses and lands prone, now he's on his back battling for his life. Farangar edges away, covered by his huge shield. Finally Bera, hanging on the end of a rope, shines a light into the tomb, so now they can at least see what a mess they're in. They do make it out and secure the tower. A few more days of travel takes them up the east side of the Zola Fel, up to the camp at the North Bog. Pharzeela's Red Pox disease gets treated by Varna's (the Duke's wife) personal physician.
  4. Bilharzia

    The sword on the Fenix Papers cover

    It's not really just the tip, it's a standard Sabre, Scimitar or Tulwar style sword. Mechanically I would use scimitar stats, no Impale. You would say these swords have an advantage to cause a bleed, but that's what having that combat effect means.
  5. Bilharzia

    My Maps and art work.

    Belgath's campaign write ups always make me feel I'm running mine in Pleasantville by comparison, especially now looking at that hollow planet/place/thing?...
  6. Bilharzia

    Dorastor: Land of Doom

    I'm running a short Borderlands campaign on roll20, one of the players and myself are keeping a diary here Borderlands is pretty straightforward (possibly too much so) but that quality makes it easy to use with new players of the system and setting. It's also easy to borrow bits from River of Cradles, Shadows over the Borderlands and Sun County to incorporate into a campaign using Borderlands as the base. I found Dorastor and Strangers in Prax great for background and flavour but practically unplayable due to incredibly high powered NPCs. Dorastor is a good place to send your Rune level PCs to die. It's the last place in Glorantha I would start newbies in...but maybe all the more reason, it would work as a DCC style game.
  7. Bilharzia

    Borderlands on Roll20

    The two PCs did well climbing and sneaking to the top of the tower without waking the two harpies who were there, that they didn't know about. I had them lightly dozing which gave them a Hard penalty on their perception rolls as the two snuck up to each. Despite being a new Lanbril (thief cult) initiate, Pharzeela is not especially skilled as an ambushing type. They manage to take out both harpies, sneaking up and knocking them out, one of them takes off but is skewered by Chingua's impaling javelin, going to the ground. Creeping down the tower steps and into the first room on the first floor some good sneaking and terrible Perception rolls on the part of the Tusk Riders, they are at the doors of their rooms without being noticed. I had two of the Riders talking and eating in their mess hall, with the boss in his private room as almost the entire party rush in. I thought the Riders would still have their armour on, but not with their weapons ready. Bera takes down Sheatiog, the Rider's amateur shaman, Sheatiog manages to parry successfully, batting a spear out of the way with his arms (Which would have saved him from a Special Effect and half the damage from the attack) - but Kevin spends a Luck Point to reverse Sheatiog's parry roll - to 54 - a fail! Bera hits him in the leg, choosing Impale as a special effect, goes through armour and gets a Serious Wound, The Mystic Kid fails his Endurance roll, which means he falls prone and is Stunned for d3 (2) turns, he can only move and defend himself, and now Prone, any attack will be at a Formidable penalty. It looks like his scary spirit "Searing Flesh" might not come into play... Even worse for Sheatiog, Bera pulls his spear out of the leg wound, giving Sheatiog a Major Wound, and he's out of the fight. The players' luck continues with a couple of Crits: But Pharzeela, getting into the action-heroine spirit, manages to fumble a charge across a table Luckily the damage she does to herself is pretty minor. Unluckily, she's out of action points now, she immediately gets hit, and starts to bleed from a nasty wound to her arm: The next round her heal spell fails to work as she's Fatigued from the Bleed Special Effect: In the end though the party have come out on top: Although they're still only on the first floor of the tower.
  8. Bilharzia


    Mythic Constantinople has full rules for grenades (Grenados), gunpowder, early firearms, artillery and Greek Fire, a lot of burning and exploding malarkey to be had there. I think what you've figured out for yourself isn't a million miles of the rules but MC includes some interesting details you might not have considered.
  9. Bilharzia

    Borderlands on Roll20

    The party move across the Zola Fel into the east. Pharzeela disarms and knocks one of the Tusk Riders off his Tusker. Bera moves in and Compels his Surrender. The other Tusk Rider takes off, Farangar thinks about giving chase. Of course it's the scholar woman from Nochet who makes all her attacks, criticals, disarms and dis-mounts one of the riders, all in the same round. Shiogan reels in pain clutching his leg, fails to overcome it and is stunned for 2 turns. We have a plan to take this tower...all ready?
  10. There are multiple audiences. GMs/Keepers would be perfectly happy with a ring binder and plain text, maybe with some maps and handouts, in fact I think they'd prefer that. Most people who will buy this will never run it, but they want it to look purty, it's the glossy souvenir, concept art book, programme, from the main feature.
  11. Bilharzia

    Borderlands on Roll20

    I've moved away from Glorantha quite a bit but recently I have just started a campaign on Roll20 using Mythras with 5 players. This is the starting region: Characters are based on biographies from the RQ3 River of Cradles with a couple of custom backgrounds I've cobbled together: I've taken a little bit from Adventures in Glorantha but mostly the culture information. I'm skipping Rune Affinities although initially I was planning to use them. Most of the players are new-ish to Mythras although I think 3 (?) have played some version of RQ2 or 3. All the PCs have arrived at Raus fort and set out on a scout of the region. So far the party are halfway around their tour of the region, they've travelled with the Duke and retinue to the village of Weis which seems to be doing worse than it should. An old woman has hinted at an incident in the past involving a disease outbreak and theives in the community, but they haven't got any more information. They leave the village with questions about the place and head out to the Agimori settlement in caves nearby. The Agimori tell a story about their fellows being held by the Morokanth to the south and demand justice. The Duke sends the party south accompanied by an Agimori band including the chief himself. The journey will take two days across the chapparal. Towards evening at the end of the first day they spot a party of Morokanth slavers. A difficult parley starts up with the party and the Morokanth leader Keenclaw. One of the party detects multiple magic items on the Morokanth party, a strange mix of Morokanth and glassy-eyed (animal intelligence) Herd Men - a concept entirely unfamiliar to most of them. An Orlanthi warrior demands assistance from Keenclaw to help with negotiations to free the Agimori hunters at Bilos Gap the response is a contemptuous laugh from Keenclaw, he refuses and demands to be let on his way, the Orlanthi makes a threat which raises Keenclaw's ire, a spirit manifests around him showing off his superior power. The party backs down and leaves Keenclaw and his troop to move on to Horn Gate. Arriving at Horn Gate the party witness a gathering of around 200 Morokanth preparing for a ritual, this puts a dampener on their plans to raid and rescue the Agimori. Both the Morokanth and Agimori demand justice from the Duke's men. The Morokanth explain the hunters were caught raiding their Herd Men, and instead of killing them as thieves, (as other nomad tribes would do) they will instead be turned into Herd Men during the upcoming ritual. After some discussion amongst themselves they put forward an unusual solution - Farangar, a good Orator, puts forward the case - one of the Agimori should be kept by the Morokanth for the ritual, the other should be returned to the Agimori. A risky solution as even if successful this proposition is bound to annoy both parties, as it goes Farangar fails to convince the Morokanth or the Agimori of the justice of this proposition - they must decide for one side or the other. They side with the Agimori - displeasing the Morokanth intensely but nevertheless they accept the decision. The Agimori celebrate and sing the praises of the Duke and his just rule.
  12. Bilharzia

    Roll20 Anyone?

    My experience has been very similar to Gryphaea's on Roll20, I also go with the Roll20+Discord combo which so far has worked very well. Another popular duo is Roll20+Skype although personally using Skype like this hasn't worked for me but I think I'm an exception. Discord has a few more useful features than both Skype & Roll20 itself. As far as sheets goes from my experience Matthew Carpenter's RuneQuest6 and now Mythras are the best RQ-related sheets on Roll20, whether he would be interested or have the time to develop a RQG one I don't know. He has been pretty active in developing and improving the Mythras one, he posts regular updates here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/roll20-sheet-for-mythras-t2107.html There are some spectacular sheets made by contributors on roll20, like the one for Sprawl is gorgeous, but it seems like a thankless task for the authors, the fact that any of them exist seems a minor miracle.
  13. Bilharzia

    How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    The core system by itself can do quite a lot, how it's used depends on the campaign setup. I spent a fair bit of time customising "stunts" from Blood Tide but in the end realised I was just re-inventing Mysticism under a different name. It was useful for a bit of flavour but not really that much. I did end up keeping a few of the weird stunts but charge XP instead of MP, for example: "Friends in High Places and Low" - Find someone in a crowd who is a friend (1xp) "Indy!" - Find someone in a crowd who will follow your madcap plan - gain NPC ally (3XP) Looking at sorcery, even an out-of-chargen basic sorcerer PC can boost their action points from 3 to 5 in 2 casting actions for the cost of 2 mp, as long as the spells are allowed in the setting and are ok with the GM. This might not seem much but for a starting Mythras character is practically super-human. I think the reason the heroic feat-like abilities from Legend were not included is that they're out of step with the rest of the system where Mythras/RQ6 is trying to reduce the number of exceptions and special cases these abilities add clauses and oddities which duplicate or nearly duplicate other abilities.
  14. Bilharzia

    How to publish my own subsystem?

    I don't think so, if you read the changes he has already made it sounds like he has added significantly to skills and firearms which put it beyond both BRP and Legend and OpenQuest. The point is in that case you may as well publish using Legend or OpenQuest than worry about issues with BRP. Of course if you significantly re-write any game system you could publish it as your own.