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  1. I would just make the "man" a druid, as per Mythic Britain. As an "elf" he may be a kind-of-spirit himself, or at least a supernatural creature manifest in the mundane world as a normal-seeming man. Maybe I've missed something but it does seem very much like he is a druid (shaman) ... so why the need for sorcery? So, if you haven't looked much at Animism, all he needs is Trance and Binding to find and negotiate with the spirits, and Lore(Annwyn) and Lore(Tír na nÓg) or the Saxon otherworlds, so that he has knowledge of the places and spirits there.
  2. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/322125/Dawn-of-the-Red-Daggers-RA1 Dawn of the Red Daggers RA1 From Cthonic Creations (by Umbral Dragon)
  3. Raleel and I talk about and around Animism in Mythras. This episode is less rules-noodly and a bit broader than our first two discussions. https://anchor.fm/opposedroles/episodes/Animism-in-Mythras---Part-One-egitr5 Show Notes: Raleel and Bilharzia discuss how to use Animism in your game, drawing from depictions of spirits and Animism in media, other games, and their own experience of using Animism in Mythras. HeroQuest Voices was mentioned in the podcast https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/issaries/heroquest-voices/ Bil use
  4. Thanks for the sheet. For those that use it, the rtf document can be pasted perfectly into a Roll20 handout.
  5. Mythic Babylon - I made some notes a while ago listening to the podcast, but I would recommend giving it a listen, I certainly missed some bits and may be mis-representing some things here. Mythic Babylon podcast notes. Set in the land between the rivers - Mesopotamia. Covers the old Babylonian period 1765 BC and can be used several hundred years from that date. Originally designed to be historical setting later added Mythical elements The rise of Babylon under Hammurabi & the clash of great kingdoms - the rivalry between Elam and Mari Mythic elements - monsters and magic
  6. We're back with Episode 2 - this one is about Movement and Engagement. https://anchor.fm/opposedroles
  7. $25.00 for the PDF only version.
  8. It's not clear from the podcast, but are power points to activate powers completely gone now?
  9. You can quite easily borrow Mythras' treatment of skills and shields - one or more Combat Style skills cover a group of weapons known, and shields are treated as weapons with specific traits, one being 'ranged parry' so you can both parry missiles with a shield and also use them to passively ward a number of locations, if you're using hit locations. Mythras Imperative is a free download and has the core combat system detailed. Combat Styles are as broad or as narrow as the campaign setting wants, so a Roman Legionnaire might include all the weapons he is equipped and trained with, a barb
  10. If you read Spanish there is Mythic Mediterranean https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/166601/Mediterraneo-Mitico
  11. Much of this is a straight lift from the current Mythras sorcery rules.
  12. If you're only visiting Roll20 I'm not sure what its tracking, other than you're visiting Roll20.
  13. Wouldn't using a different browser do as much? Or if need be a new user account on your pc created just for roll20? Not difficult to create and once done extremely fast to switch to.
  14. The SEs is the point! Personally I've thought of doing this for general combat as well, it's how Call of Cthulhu runs combat. It would mean one side will always gain a SE as long as someone succeeds their roll. I would do it for speed, it's not realistic but it solves the "stand-off" problem when you have two skilled combatants attacking and parrying off each other with nothing happening.
  15. I have thought about making spirit combat use opposed rolls instead of differential, making a successful defence give a special effect.
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