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  1. No, the various Legend conversions do not touch the Player's guide to Xoth. I did some of my own conversion when I ran a RQ6/Mythras campaign using Spider God's Bride, and even got permission to go ahead and write a conversion of the Player's Guide for Mythras (from Morten and TDM). In the end though I got caught in a dilemma between creating a version for a system that I liked and played, RQ6 later Mythras, versus the shoddy Legend conversion of Spider God's Bride, which I *hated* at the time of release and that opinion has not changed much. It seemed pointless to continue doing a full conversion for the guide when all the adventures were bad conversions, and which used Legend at that. You can still read my thoughts about the Legend version here - http://forum.mongoosepublishing.com/viewtopic.php?t=55333#p751331 Other Mythras GMs are more charitable and have found the Legend SGB useable. It did get some corrections but those are frankly still pretty weak. If you use it I would recommend picking up the PDF of the original, XP1, from xoth.net. It is cheaper and has more detail than the conversion. Incredibly, quite a bit of the detail, especially when it comes to NPCs (and some of the background) was cut in the Legend version. Some of the Legend NPCs look ridiculous (and certainly weak) when compared with the originals. The Legend authors did not have a good grasp of the system, and it shows. Xoth remains a decent (if highly derivative of Hyboria) S&S campaign setting and series of adventures, SGB being the best. I wrote some capsule reviews for the other adventures for the Mythras Discord, I repeat here:
  2. We have just published 3 interviews for the Opposed Roles podcast. Kristin's Sami-Norse campaign: (Animism part 2) This is an interview with Kristin about her 11th Century Sami & Norse campaign set in the far north of Norway. Kristin's Sami-Norse Campaign Raleel's Shadowpunk: (Animism part 3) Raleel talks about his rules adapting Shadowrun and Cyberpunk into the Mythras rules. Shadowpunk - hacking cyberspace into Mythras Dan True on Mythras Combat Dan is a martial arts practitioner, teacher, and the writer of Mythras' combat modules. The upcoming "Book of Schemes" for Mythras is due for release sometime in 2022. There is a follow-up interview with Dan about his new book, but that episode will be released closer to the publication date. Dan True on Combat
  3. Not sure what you mean. As I said, again, it is a preference of abstraction Vs book-keeping. The older RQ style of tracking every single attack/parry clash with AP attrition I found was tedious, but you do you. Mythras still allows weapon and armour damage, but you have to call it out by using Sunder. That's not irony, that's expected, but relying on clichés about Mythras does yourself and others a disservice. Mythras is detailed, adaptable and consistent, and with that it does demand more from a GM than most BRP games or the BGB. The BGB itself is all over the place since it was never re-written from scratch as a consistent ruleset, it was and remains a compilation of rules from different games.
  4. (from the original post https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/designmechanism/classic-fantasy-2021-2022-line-up-t3637.html ) Rod: Classic Fantasy 2021-2022+ Line-Up This gets asked often, and I actually presented this list during our Design Mechanism Virtual Con last year. However, I figured I would post it here for those that couldn't attend. There are no dates for these, and everything listed is subject to change, but this is what we have planned for at the moment. Also, the list is not arranged in any form of chronological order. Adventures Lost Temple of Set – Darvin Martin (in art direction and editing) Danger at Dunfel – Rodney Leary and Che Webster (pre-editorial pass) Last Gift from Atlan – Ken Seward (first draft turned in) *The Star Prophecy *– Chad Bowser (first draft turned in) Skytower – Ian Fletcher (first draft turned in) War on Twilight Peak – (proposal accepted) Sean Hillman Rulebooks and Supplements* Classic Fantasy: Unearthed Companion – 200-220 pages of new classes (anti-paladin, assassin), over 160 new spells (80+ arcane, 80+divine), new monsters (many of them high rank: demons and devils, beyonders, draco-liches (one of each color) just to name a few. Plus an adult version of each dragon (5 chromatic and 5 metallic) already written up so you only need to alter it with an age template. Finally, a load of Rank 4+ magic items and other surprises. Classic Fantasy: Player's Handbook - 300ish page book designed with Classic Fantasy players in mind. No monsters. No treasure. However, it will include the full rules needed to play Classic Fantasy and no more flipping through multiple books just to create a character. This will also incorporate revised character classes and balance changes brought on from five years of additional playtesting. Classic Fantasy: World of Greymoor – 100+ page setting book detailing the territories in and around the kingdom of Greymyr, including their armies and navies with stats compatible with Ships and Shield Walls for some territorial warfare. Plus, history, calendar, weather tables, overland travel rules, wilderness survival rules, encounter tables according to terrain type, and world map. Mythras Classic Fantasy Revised: As for the Player's Handbook above. Classic Fantasy itself will get a revised release updating the rules and incorporating playtest changes. It's actual release format is still undergoing discussion, so this is the one book that I really can't answer much in the way questions. Classic Fantasy: Witchcraft and Alchemy – 32-page sourcebook including the Witch character class, witchcraft, and rules for the creation of potions and elixirs. Classic Fantasy: Psionics and Psionicists – 32-page sourcebook including the Psionicist class, psionics, and psionic monsters. Including the 5 psionic gem dragons. Classic Fantasy: Chaos and Chaos Hunters– 46-page sourcebook including the Witch Hunter class, rules for horror, creatures of chaos, and mind-shattering elder things from beyond time and space. All given a Classic Fantasy spin. *All page numbers are early estimates and subject to change
  5. Yes they were, as a combination of size and materials. Smaller weapons have fewer AP than larger weapons, in general, but metal is better than wood, in general. So a dagger has AP6, a hoplite shield AP18. Quite a difference, and as I said, Mythras effectively abstracts this. I said nothing about what was better. It is a preference, but I note with some irony that Mythras/RQ6 is often claimed to be more crunchy and fiddly than BRP but the reality is often the reverse.
  6. The CF expert set has changed the table format into a slight light tone which is more readable. I imagine the new CF self-contained book will take a similar approach.
  7. Weapon sizes and parrying in Mythras are largely just an abstraction of RQ3 Armour Points for weapons, it is a faster way of resolving attack and parry clashes. There is less book-keeping doing things the Mythras way. There is no Mythras 2E btw.
  8. These should give you some idea, the types of magic: A spell from Sorcery:
  9. ::cough:: splutter, really...I don't miss fatigue, layering armour, armouring enchantments, the escalating damage/magic war, ye gods no thanks. RQ6/Mythras isn't perfect but it's a huge step up from RQ3's many unfortunate mis-steps.
  10. As I said, easy to houserule, and in fact Mythras Imperative fixes action points at 2, which means for example one attack and one parry. Not difficult to track. Personally I got rid of Cycles in my own game as well. Getting hung up on that means you are missing out on a lot. I'm not sure it makes a lot of sense to opine the lack of BRP innovation while at the same time not even trying a game that has done precisely that, and has been successfully publishing a growing range of supplements for nearly 10 years now. I think it's £6 (?) on Drivethrurpg at the moment. On special effects - one is gained with every level of success, eg. a successful attack against a failed parry, you might gain, for example an opportunity to Trip your opponent, if successful you have gained a big advantage. It is typically these moments which prove decisive, not hacking everything up into pieces like most other combat systems, including BRP and RQ3.
  11. If that is your main complaint you might want to look at Mythras. It is approaching a decade since it (RuneQuest 6) was first published (2012) so it might be time to update yourself. There are many more options which Mythras combat introduces, in my mind it radically changes RQ/BRP combat in favour of special effects, and weapon differences count. If you don't like some of the more complicated aspects of Mythras (Action Point differences, Turn cycles, Reach) they are pretty easy to ignore or houserule. On the differences you start with between battle axe and broadsword, you are ignoring a few things. One is milieu - where is your setting? when? which cultures use what and why? cost differences? tactical differences? In Mythras the weapons are similar but have different special effects, both have bleed, but a broadsword also can use impale, and the axe has sunder. An impaling weapon is going to do more damage on average and can severely hamper an opponent's skill (an impaled broadsword will penalise combat skills by 50%). An axe will not impale, but using sunder can damage armour.
  12. Old, out of print, and licenced. They could put PDFs up on DTRPG like a lot of older RPGs from the 80s which are already available, but all these you mention are licenced to an author which they have little hope, or no interest in renewing for re-issuing.
  13. Again, it's the combination of the two that seems unusual, I have no difficulty in understanding the OGL, but thanks for Crag- 'splaining it.
  14. It's not the "no open open game content" disclaimer that's unusual, it's that plus the OGL used at the same time that I think is unusual. No Mongoose Glorantha books ever used the OGL as far as I'm aware.
  15. Thanks for the correction, it doesn't mention that in the contents and the 'no open content' disclaimer is unusual.
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