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  1. I don't think so, if you read the changes he has already made it sounds like he has added significantly to skills and firearms which put it beyond both BRP and Legend and OpenQuest. The point is in that case you may as well publish using Legend or OpenQuest than worry about issues with BRP. Of course if you significantly re-write any game system you could publish it as your own.
  2. Why not publish it using Legend and add your own modifications? Legend - Mongoose | Legend | It uses the Open Game Licence so you are free to publish your game using the Legend rules without the need to seek permission. This would also mean that your materials would be compatible with BRP-style game systems generally. The Legend system is essentially Mongoose Runequest II with some changes to remove the setting context. Legend You could also use OpenQuest:
  3. I think Monster Island & Book of Quests is just that Monster Island Discovered!
  4. It just gets worse the more you read it, there are missing stats, duplicated stats, references to D&D artifacts, to divine magic spells. I wasn't sure what the strange elements were until Pete & Loz pointed it's using MRQ1, and when I look at now it seems all the NPCs and monsters are using MRQ1 skills, systems, magic but even given that it's still a mess.
  5. I hope it does well because I like Xoth and the original campaign from (even if it is d&d), but I find the conversion quite poor. I completely agree Blood Magic is a perfect fit for the campaign - all the more strange that it is not used or referenced anywhere in the conversion. There are so many odd things about this book as a conversion. The substance of the adventures and the setting is still good, but you can find that in the original, the whole thing seems underdeveloped and a real missed opportunity. The stat blocks are physically big on the page but don't flesh out the characters, primary antagonists are given the sparsest of treatment in comparison to the original, because approach of the conversion is to strip away magic and magic spells some of the 'villains' of the adventure set pieces come out as workaday low-skill sorcery apprentices who are difficult distinguish between - did I just read the third sorcerer in another adventure with exactly the same 2 spells as the last two? yep, I just did. Low-magic seems almost no-magic here. The art work seems arbitrary and actually stops part way through - after page 36, no more illustrations except maps. OK the maps are definitely better, I am not a fan of battle-board style squares on maps but this is possibly the one instance where there has been some development over the original. The conversion author/s (uncredited) does not seem to understand combat styles - if there are 4 weapons listed, yep, you get skill percentages for 4 combat styles. This isn't a criticism of the author Morten Braten and from reading the Mongoose forums this can't have been fun for the publishers if they kept losing conversion authors, but wow, this was disappointing. Apologies for ranting, I just got it today and have been reading it this evening. I wouldn't get this without also getting the original from
  6. It is highly compatible, if you wanted to use it with RQ6 most of the work would be in converting the language used. For example Piety in BM becomes Devotion in RQ6 and Invoke becomes Exhort. The Blood Miracles chapter reads like a bridge between MRQII and RQ6. Some parts of sorcery in BM are now superseded by RQ6 but all the sorcery spells themselves could be used as-is. You would have to do a bit of work converting the descriptions of the Sacrificial Divine Magic spells but not much. Most of the book is about how to use sacrificial magic in the context of a setting and as such is not really tied to the mechanics. There's a fair chunk casting spells as a group (concert casting) and a ten page demon generator...
  7. Isn't this copied from the Monster Coliseum book? Would it not make more sense to work on something not already covered by current publications?