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Power Levels in BRP


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Years ago, I had worked out some guidelines for power levels for RQ. Others may find these useful.

POW 0: Inanimate objects, Plants, Animals with only instinctive intelligence

POW 5: Animals with adaptive intelligence

POW 10: Normal humans and comparable creatures

POW 15: Fantasy races, elite humans, Power users

POW 20: Supernatural races, elite members of fantasy races, heroes, minor gods

POW 25: Mid-ranked gods

POW 30: Major gods

POW 35: Ruling god

By fantasy races, I mean creatures which are more magical or powerful than humans but are still mortal and have normal socities. In Tolkien, Dwarves, Hobbits and the Dunedain would count. In Greek mythology, the Centaurs would be a fantasy race

By supernatural races, I mean creatures which are unaging and the like. In Tolkien, Elves (and the Nazgul) would be a supernatural racea. In Greek mythology, nymphs, satyrs and river gods would be included.

Mid-ranked gods in Tolkien would include the Wizards, Tom Bombadil and the Witch-King. In Greek mythology beings like Pan, Proteus and the Giants would be at this level.

Major Gods in Tolkien would be the Valar (and Sauron). In Greek mythology the 12 Olympians would the major gods.

The Ruling god level would Manwe (& Morgoth) in Tolkien, while in Greek myth only Zeus would be at this level.

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I like the breakdown. I have something similar, except my values are yours to about about to the third power :( Damn, I guess I showed my munchkin-ness.


A 10 point difference in POW gives the more powerful character an almost complete magical superiority. You don't need to have a 3 digit POW level to be unbeatable.

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