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Arcane Lore Skill <new skill idea>


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I have been toying around with a fantasy setting for my group and I have recently come up with an idea for a new skill called Arcane Lore (not that original, I know.)

Here's how it works:

The skill roll would be used to determine things such as:

Determining if your character knew what spell they just saw cast

Guessing the properties of a never before seen magical item

Understanding the workings of magic itself


Also, the max levels of a spell you character can cast is determined by this skill. Every 10% your character has in the skill allows for another level of spell to be cast. Obviously this works easiest with Magic, but it could probably be tweeked to fit Sorcery.

I am also working on a way to use the skill in conjunction with learning new spells. For that aspect I am thinking maybe listing spells in order of power and/or difficulty and requiring a certain amount in the skill to learn spells of different difficulties.

Any way, I thought I would post this to get some feedback, maybe some fresh ideas. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Does this skill replace the magic system? Meaning do you use this skill instead of the magic system that already exists?

Is this a skill that determines how many spells you can cast and how powerful they are? Could you liken it to a DnD leveled spell caster but instead of a level system the skill just reflects the level?

Why do you feel you need to create this skill? What gap in the game is it supposed to fill for you?

Just curious.

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Obviously this works easiest with Magic, but it could probably be tweeked to fit Sorcery.

I'd have thought that it could work just as easily with the Sorcery system.

Also could one have a similar (in game rules) skill called 'Mystic Insight' or similar for those who work magic by instinct rather than poring over dusty tomes?


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