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A little late, but here's my experience. I GM'd for them a few years ago or more accurately, I didn't. I submitted my game and for weeks didn't hear anything and it didn't get put on the schedule. I dropped them an email and got no reply. I figured "oh well" and figured I'd missed the cut off or something. Then a couple of days before the con, out of morbid curiosity, I poked at the schedule and suddenly my game was there. No notice that it had been listed or what time--and they only let you state a time you prefer so that's kind of a big deal. I had registrations, but they didn't give GMs a list so you could make any arrangements ahead of time. On the day of the game, the only way players had to get to the game was a link from the con website and the link was 404ing, so none of the players could find the game. 

I had one player who was more enterprising and searched for and found the game on roll20 and dropped me a line. I made arrangements with him and a couple of players in my regular game, recruited a few more on roll20, and ran the session a month later independently.


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As the GM of the two RQG events listed this year. This is my first time, but I did run some games for Roll20Con this year and last year, and my sense from those events is that two weeks out it is still early days.

l am listed as a staffer - I am not, but I would guess that is because I registered in the first wave of registration for event sponsors and supplied a link to Chaosium as this was an Cult of Chaos event. There is no updating of you as a GM if a new player has joined - you just need to keep an eye on roll20 However it would seem that they player has to be registered and be logged in for the application for the game to be forwarded to Roll20. I think you may have to register, then log out and log in again for this to work properly but I can't swear tot his being the case. Also I can't seem to match my registration to my activity as a GM of a game.

I have two players through their systems and am confident if they both show I can run a successful game - all credit to the Stealing the Eye scenario writer who has authored a very flexible adventure hat can be scaled on the spot to meet the number of players you get.

It seems to be very hands off and automated so far, but as I said it is early days and I'll reserve judgement till after the event is finished. I'll update this post after then.


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