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Hello Forum,

after some time off (playing other games) I am back to Rd100. And it feels good to be back! Re-reading the rules is fun as they make immediate sense. Also, the new Hardcover version (or current PDF) include the clarification/corrections and are easier to follow.

Paolo did a great job putting out these rules. Our group will start a new campaign next month and I am thrilled to use Rd100 for it.

After trying out 'Cypher System', 'FATE' and the more recent 'Genesys', Revolution D100 feels a lot more like an RPG, less 'game-y'. Not that they are bad games, they just don't feel right for our group. All the gimmicks these games offer do in the end just drag down the flow of the story or feel clunky. Genesys was pretty good, but high skilled characters (creating lots of dice and having lots of Talents) made it extremely hard to provide challenges and creating the dice pool for each roll became an immediate break of immersion in the story line.

Anyway, I am not talking down on these systems (they are good and provide lots of fun!), I just wanted to share my reason why our group is back on Rd100. :) We will start a medieval Horror campaign, where the players are knights of a local ruler and send out to investigate strange occurrences (the local town people talk about dragons scorching the fields and monsters attacking merchants in the woods), using the Merrie England: Robyn Hode setting book as a starting point. :) I think I'll mix in the Amber Coast setting at times, and draw from Mythic Iceland, too. 

That is the beauty of d100 games: so many good resources available. Maybe not as fancy and beautifully coloured, but the content is amazing.

I was hoping at this time Paolo's new setting Red Moon would be out, but since we are in no rush I can easily bridge the time until its availability with this campaign. :)

Well Then, Off I go and create a few more threads. 

Game on!



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