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Jarst and Garsting?


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Currently reading the Lunar Redline History of the Sourcebook, and it mentions Jarst and Garsting, the lands between the Jord Mountains/Hungry Plateau, and the Elf Sea (more or less). They never really go into detail about who these people are, their history, culture, military, etc., except to mention that Lunar women marry their rulers and merge Lunar cults with local ones at some point (I believe during the Lunar Restoration after the Celestial Empire).

Since I know next to nothing about these places, I had a quick google, and pretty much the only substantive thing I could find, aside from raw numbers (I sadly don't have the Guide on me these days), is that I believe Garsting is apparently considered a "Zarkosite land". Now, this seems to put them together with a number other peoples speculated to be Zarkosites or descended from them, like the Votanki (I know some people disagree with this, but I'm just mentioning it due to it being a recurring identification), as well as, apparently, the Gamatae (which I don't find all too helpful, since the Gamatae seem to be descended from just about every culture in pre-Time Peloria with access to anything resembling a horse, although I could be wrong). It might also connect them to, unless I'm mistaken, to those guys with the giant blue goat and those with the lion-pelts in Six Ages. Garsting also apparently has a town with a earthen pyramid-tomb in it, which is worshipped, but is not related to any of the people there, which could mean that the current population replaced an earlier one, or who knows. Jarst does not seem to have any links to pre-Time cultures that I could find, it's only mentioned that they were ruled by the Opili during Sheng's Celestial Empire.

Now, going further, I found some info that Jarst and Garsting were, supposedly, something known as "Blank Lands", which from what I gather are areas in Glorantha that are deliberately kept blank or vague so as to give GMs and players the ability to freely make up stuff there themselves. Apparently Balazar was once such an area too, for a while after Griffin Mountain/Island got made "generic". There's a lot of franchise-history here that I'm not too versed in, but my question is - is there still a policy of leaving some areas "blank" from official sources? Will we ever get more substantive info on Jarst and Garsting?

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