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  1. A swaddling cloth? A literal baby? Some sort of item to amuse or soothe (or discipline) a child? Well, Aldrya, basically, but she's more about forests and trees and not so much herbs and vegetables, I think. The Grain Goddesses are for the fields, not so much the garden as well, I think.
  2. Now THIS is interesting. I wonder whether he referred to tattooing itself (if so, that's news to me! Maybe associated with Zzaburi skin-writing?) or whether he's talking about the graphical representations of the Runes, which makes a lot of sense.
  3. Oooh, I don't hate that! Other alternatives include Voria, who as a pre-adult girl could serve some kind of general helping or attending role. I'm trying to think of specific domestic/household duties that need to be done. So far we've got food and drink, warmth, clothesmaking and cloth repair, treasure keeping (and presumably keeping a domestic tally/ledger, if only mentally) and general physical labor. These roles are obviously a bit arbitrary, or rather, the delineation of them is a bit arbitrary, but here's some roles I can think of: - Watching young children (already m
  4. The "print quality" on that one looks retro. I dig it.
  5. Question: when discussing the age of these texts, does Jeff refer to in-universe or RW age? Does the "eras" refer to something like where Greg lived when he wrote them?
  6. In areas where there isn't an equivalent wind, we might find that people double down on the cattle aspect, or perhaps just attribute him a more general lordship of the winds, much like Dragon Pass Orlanthi attribute a more general lordship over wind to Orlanth.
  7. I seem to vaguely recall Jeff posting references for Vingkotling/Dawn Age cyclopean architecture, second age EWF/Orlanthland architecture, and modern Orlanthi architecture at some point, possibly in one of the threads discussing what Orlanthi steads/halls look like (and discussing the idea of the Ernaldan squarehouse which has more or less been canonized as the default Orlanthi dwelling nowadays). As for inspiration: I recently read the graphic novels Conquering Armies and Arn by Jean-Pierre Dionnet and Jean-Claude Gal. The artwork by Gal straddles an incredibly fascinating line betw
  8. Is this really correct? As far as I understand, there is such a variation in degree of Heroquests that generalizing them like this might be reductive. Holy Time rituals are often This World heroests, aren't they? And as you said, initiation rituals are effectively mini-heroquests. A full-on Other Side heroquest that is supposed to heavily influence the world, like say the Kalikos Expedition (maybe?), or god forbid the Lightbringer Quest, I totally agree are mind-bogglingly terrifying and the stuff of legends to most people.
  9. What' the story with Broadview Inn? It seems a bit distant from the road, and a steep climb up from it. Is it due to religious or defensive reasons, maybe?
  10. Vadeli and Brithini REALLY remind me of Eldar and Dark Eldar from 40k. I wonder if the GW guys took direct inspiration, or whether they both draw on similar archetypes (ie. one side practices self-denial, the other full indulgence).
  11. Grandfather Mortal, or rather, the Man Rune archetype, and the First Mortal (ie first individual to die) archetype, has tons of different names across the lozenge. I believe the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass call him Darhudan. The Dara Happans might associate him with Murharzarm. Sometimes they're a woman, sometimes they're twins, and sometimes they're couple. Sometimes all of the above. I'm not sure why "Daka Fal" (apparently the Praxian term) ended up as the default, I'm assuming (and am prepared to be lectured otherwise) that it's mostly a relic of Prax being the location for lots of RPG ma
  12. I strongly, strongly suggest reading the Glorantha Sourcebook before reading any of the Stafford Library books. It will save you a ton of headaches. Unless you enjoy the headaches, which I admit I kinda did, but hey. I also strongly suggest reading the Prince of Sartar Webcomic, which is still, in my opinion, the ultimate entry-point to Glorantha. Reading it in conjunction with the Sourcebook will provide a really solid footing. As an actual narrative piece of media, it feels a lot more concrete and grounded, and easy to follow than most other Glorantha media. The artwork also helps giving
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