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  1. I guess the Ice Troll flood could be considered a "team" at a local DP level since their actions so devastatingly affect it. Otherwise there's the Pentans who apparently almost topple the Lunar Empire before Argrath comes into the picture properly. And maybe they make a return under Sheng, I forget. Speaking of which, there's Ralzakark and his upcoming Monster Empire, which would be considered another team I guess. The Seshnelans are probably too distant to count, even if they're a rival to the Lunars for a while.
  2. I kinda thought there were multiple teams in the Hero Wars, hence why it's so chaotic (small c, mostly).
  3. Is this pregnancy unprecedented since the Dawn? That's the vibe I'm getting from the text, but I'm not sure.
  4. I assumed the whole anthler theme was a reference to Ragnaglar, since he is often depicted with antlers (as well as goat's horns), but your guess is good too.
  5. Great series. Based on a great movie.
  6. Lots of great points here. I'll chime in and agree that for one, the concept of mental illness is a modern one, and not really applicable outside modern pathology. Concepts of "madness" are culturally defined (including modern concepts of mental illness of of course, cf. homosexuality, being transgender, etc.), and so what is considered mentally aberrant/pathological behavior by one society can be seen as acceptable, or even desireable by another. Berserkergang in Norse society comes to mind. It would probably come under what we call psychosis nowadays, but under specific conditions, it was a
  7. First off - joke or not, this is cool. Secondly, while far from as interesting as the above, I wonder what the implications of Electrum is. The original Metal of the White Queen? A symbolic metal of a hypothetial marriage between Yelm and the Lunar Goddess? Something else entirely? An abomination?
  8. Ooooh! So, fun fact, back when I was doing some minor fan writing about Ygg for my own edification, I considered making Ygg a direct son of Vadrus instead of a grandson by way of Valind (as other sources I've seen say), and I upgraded his marriage from a local sea nymph or something (I forget her name) to Neliomi itself (who I called Nela locally, but that's beside the point). My rationale was basically that Ygg would be a more prestigious and central deity from the perspective of his worshippers as opposed to the more remote and minor role he plays in Theyalan Orlanthi mythology. So co
  9. One way to explain Dragonewt mercenary nature or adventuring in somewhat simplistic terms, is that it might be a test towards disentanglement in itself, specifically the disentanglement from your own bodily safety. A Dragonewt might have a priest tell them that they're showing too much focus on staying safe and hale, and that as such, they need to face danger in order to discover that their physical body in fact is just another entanglement. This means that it doesn't really matter whether a Dragonewt fights a Lunar or an Orlanti, or a Giant, or even other Dragonewts or a Dragon -
  10. Those looks great! It's cool to see some purpose-built Glorantha model. The Full Moon Corps really shines (no pun intended, but I'll take it). I've been thinking a li'l bit, and here are some stand-ins for those who might be interested: GW Easterling Kataphrakts from their LotR range. These could be some pretty cool Malkioni Cataphracts or Men-of-All, especially with a head swap, as the help might be a bit too much. The Shields are also pretty ahistorical, but interestingly so, imho. Anyway, just an idea. Potentially, one might also replace the shields and give them to some f
  11. Oh my god, I just realized that the Dragonewts are playing a Roguelike. A roguelike where each different run has completely different, procedurally generated mechanics that you have to figure out as you play, until you die and you have to try over again, each time understanding the meta-mechanics a little more. It's not a perfect analogy by any stretch, but it's about as banal/profane I can make their mystical, esoteric goals.
  12. The East Isles do have Uztagor, ie. Sea Trolls, according to Missing Lands, but since these are apparently less intelligent than cave trolls, they're not exactly "civilization" material. More like a carnivorous marine gorilla I guess. Add to that how they can't leave the water and there's not a whole lot more you can do with them story-wise. Blue Elves exist though, and might serve as messengers or or couriers between Elf-held islands, if it serves the story. We know that the Aldryami and Murthoi view each other as kin in some sense, even if the latter does not come from Aldrya, so I've al
  13. Sir_Godspeed


    Any kind of craft is ultimately tied to some kind of knowledge though. In this case, it's a craft to deliberately create a kind of beauty-enhancing "illusion", which was why I went with the latter, although it's not like it wasn't pretty off the cuff. Imho, the fragrance concocter must also understand the principles of olfactory attractiveness and be in tune with them. Anyway, if there is established background on this, I'm not gonna argue too much.
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