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  1. The widespread presence of (presumably Darkness-aligned) invertebrates on the early Earth cube is interesting. They predate the coming of trolls by, well, Ages (ba-dum-tsshh). If I'm just spitballing, my guess is that they came from the myriad of lifeforms that lived in the Sea, where presumably Darkness and Water mingle fairly freely? This happens to align with RW evolutionary history at least a little bit, which is convenient, but obviously not a requirement for Glorantha. Anyway, point is, Darkness is clearly not an alien element to the Surface, even in its earliest ages. Which I gues
  2. Yeah, that's basically what I was trying to get across.
  3. Communication is the movement of ideas and impressions, for example.
  4. Clarification: We're more or less informed that the high degree of cult membership is fairly unique to the Orlanthi, where most Pelorians, Ralians, Fronelans, etc. tend to be less active in cult life, more like lay members, generally. The Lunars are arguably a subversion of this, with the Seven Mothers mirroring the Lightbringers, for example, but they're a cultural minority in their own Empire, iirc. Basically all Aldryami join the cult of Aldrya, but according to @Jeff, the cult membership of other cults is comparatively low. The point about the Uz and Orlanthi having this hig
  5. Once again it's worth noting how, despite everything, relatively similar the Troll idea of cult belonging is to the Orlanthi one. Main cultural patron cult joined by most adult members, with widespread joining of various other specialist cults. Which is not all that common for Aldryami or other Elder Races.
  6. This is a cool idea, I like it a lot. For a Gardener it might be a digging stick, for example.
  7. EVERY Aldryami has a bow? Talk about fantasy stereotyping. 😄
  8. Farmers are generally warriors and warriors are generally farmers, barring the odd full-time warrior retainer, imho. I realize there are some who specialize more deeply (Barntari, etc.), but the whole peace clan - war clan thing sounds more like a game mechanic to me than a viable in-universe dichotomy, unless of course it's one that's more culturally symbolic than anything (but fantasy universes generally prefer to take symbolism and turn it into literal stuff, so I suppose there's that.).
  9. This applies to skis too in some degree. In parts of Norway, alpine skiing was a quick, efficient way of reaching areas that would otherwise have required trudging through thigh-deep snow at a steep elevation. Hunting, of course, but also simply for communication and such as well. Social life does go on during winter as well. Midwinter sacrifices have to be organized, you might want to check up on relatives and friends, you might need to borrow a tool to mend something, or request help, etc, and of course winter fishing is a thing, so it might be practical to ski down the slope to the river or
  10. Gonna be honest, pretty happy my above guesses were as close as they were.
  11. Possibly. The leader might simply be the person taking the initiative. Or they might be a more senior person from the bloodline providing the majority of the raiders, or possibly a thane of the chief who authorized the raid, or something like that. Overall, I assume that there is a leader, but obviously this is no organized military unit. The leader is an ad hoc position, with limited ability to enforce their authority, and mainly through personal skill, bravery, family relations and general social standing, etc. As for shares... My guess is that bloodlines or family units/steads are awa
  12. Slightly conspiratorial perhaps; but the status and nature of several Runes in-universe are questioned and debatable. Storm is not always considered a elemental Rune (especially in the West), Moon is considered an elemental Rune by the Lunar Empire, there was a theorized purification rune, and at least one system separate Fire and Sun runes, etc. etc. IMHO, and IMG I guess, the in-universe "reality" of Runes are probably a lot more subjective and conditional than most people would like to admit. It's less that the categories people divide the cosmos into (ie. the Runes themselves) are ob
  13. I wouldn't put it past trolls to ski or use snow shoes. They'd get tired of trudging through three feet of snow too, I'd imagine.
  14. Ah, I must've conflated the forest giants and hollri, forgot they were separate.
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