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  1. Sir_Godspeed

    Something interesting about the map of the Middle Storm Age

    Interesting! But not entirely unexpected - given that the sea deities are defined to a large degree by being hermaphroditic or genderfluid, which is expounded upon to some degree in the new Sourcebook. The Green age, with Gata emerging from Saramak/Ssramak and her subsequent begetting of Genert and Pamalt may be the birth of this dichotomy you speak. Maybe Aether versus Gata are better candidates. Maybe the conceptual split of the Great Horned Serpent into Hykim and Mikyh is another. Who knows - food for thought at any rate. I do wonder what Heler's cosmological role/place was in the grand scheme of things before he was integrated into the Orlanthi pantheon and aligned with Air by becoming the god of rain, though (or atmospheric waters, as it were). Answering my above question - albeit vaguely. All right, keep your secrets then. A Black Age would be a hypothetical primordial Darkness Elemental age preceding the Blue Age of waters, then? (As opposed to the Darkness after the killing of the Sun immediately preceding Time). So, does this mean that darkness and water emerged at the same time, or something else? Is this the same era where Draconic activity is at its most vigorous? The primordial sea deities are so often described as dragons, for one thing, and draconic origin stories seem to coincide with the origin stories of other pantheons (cosmic eggs, self-duplication, conquest-of-Other-turned-ally, Emanationism, etc.) Interesting that these Darkness deities, supposedly remnants of an age preceding sexual dichotomy are so clearly sex-identified in modern Troll religion. An innovation that happened after they emerged from Wonderhome, perhaps? Did something happen to Kyger the moment she stepped on Gata's upperside, or is this mono-sexual identity another "wound" from Chaos as with Heler? Interesting stuff, nonetheless.
  2. Sir_Godspeed

    A Trip into Trolltown!

    This isn't too specific for the Rubble, but Santa makes me think of a resurrected Varnaval the Shepherd King flying around on a chariot drawn by eight Ordeeds.
  3. Sir_Godspeed

    Gloranthan Slang.

    Slang isn't limited to teens, as mentioned above. Professional jargon is a type of slang, like when carpenters refer to a jigsaw as a "rat's ass" (in Norwegian at least. ). The line between slang and just a dialect or local expression is a vague one, though. And once you start putting slang into poetry, it suddenly becomes kennings and metaphors.
  4. Sir_Godspeed


    I kinda like the idea of the Red Moon at least being partially a long built-up smack back at Dara Happan patriarchy and chauvinism. I mean, clearly not JUST that, and clearly it's gone far, far beyond that - but certainly it can be seen as a very useful source of pent-up power and alternative knowledge - not to mention alternative means of proselytizing, communication and finance early on. The Provarian Age strikes back, except it's changed and embittered.
  5. Sir_Godspeed

    Uz Language Questions

    Zorani flyting is reknowned for its highly creative take-downs, death-threats and glorious cacophony. Well, either that, or Troll music would seem cacophonous and unappealing (or, conversely, just boring droning) to humans, but be perceived as a complex and laudable skill among trolls. Let's not forget that Death Metal is a thing in real life, and it can produce similar results in fans and detractors. Sea Trolls are a thing, and sound travels farther underwater, so I guess this is pretty possible.
  6. Sir_Godspeed

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    Now THAT is a moment I'd like to see covered in some sense. My mind immediately went to some "high drama" moment when both Vadel and Viymorn went into the deepest recesses of the Underworld, but only Vadel came out, with new and transformative insights. The Vadeli might even celebrate the patricide that is implied.
  7. Sir_Godspeed


    Well, that certainly adds credence to Tolat/Alkor* as fertility (or rather, *virility*) deities in some sense - which the whole Tolat, Blue moon thread which was resurrected a bit earlier discussed in depth. (*But possibly not Shargash, as I've come to understand.)
  8. Sir_Godspeed


    I haven't seen anything to the contrary, so... yes? Presumably there's something about the moon there in some of the older cultures. Earth probably has some important myths. There may also be connections to Hykimi traditions. Maybe someone knows if there's anything in the Esrolia book on this? I can't off the top of my head remember whether the Entekosiad mentions it, though it would make sense if it did, as a major gynocentric text.
  9. Sir_Godspeed

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    I agree with most of what davecake said. They are, from my impression, pretty much the closest you get to an utterly irredeemably evil race of humans in Glorantha. This does sound plausible, and you bring up some good points about caste law predating many of the bad stuff humans would later have to face - however I'm not sure if I agree with the assesment that the Brithini follow the spirit of the law. Everything I've read about them has presented them as rules-lawyers and sticklers for literate interpretations themselves - hence why they still wear Ice Age clothing even in subtropic conditions to fulfill zzaburite caste conditions and such. I would rather argue that the Vadeli either discovered or realized *something* in their journeys in the world, something that would forever alter their caste laws - or indeed implement them differently. Perhaps it goes even back to Viymorn himself: the Six Original Peoples each having their own endemic caste laws, with only the Brithini (Enrovalini) and possibly the Waertagi having survived, and us only knowing the Brithini caste laws (to my knowledge). Or maybe they discovered or deduced some amoral aspect of one of Malkion's stages, some mental state or logical "gotcha!" about the nature of the world that allows them, or even compels them perhaps (through self-interest, not genuine compulsion as such), to do all these horrible things. I don't have a lot to present as evidence, it just feels thematically consistent with them as traveling out form Danmalastan, and returning altered, changed, and very, very wrong. As I said above, interesting points. This is clever, I like it. "TRIGGERED BRITHINI OWNED WITH FACTS AND LOGIC!" They are the very model of affable psycopaths: willing to play along with social customs and mimick ideas of conscience and remorse if it serves them, like a race of Hannibal Lecters. Well, the Browns anyway: the Reds are probably more like classical sociopaths: they don't give a toss about you, and they also don't care whether you know or not.
  10. Sir_Godspeed

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    Same here. Did a bit of a double-take.
  11. As far as Hero Wars possibilities go, this one is pretty positive!
  12. Sir_Godspeed

    Swords of Central Genertela

    On a grander, more formalized scale, that's the logic behind the Mandate of Heaven as well. EDIT: Speaking of fate: what is interesting is that both the ancient Greeks and the Old Norse stories about heroes tended to have downer endings, often. It wasn't so much that they were deliberately negative, but rather a sort of admission that a life time of adventuring, fighting and raiding builds up enemies and you're almost bound to get some powerful enemies, among them possibly gods. Life was hard and facing death was just how things went. In retrospect, it's honestly quite refreshing to see how nuanced they are about the ends of heroes when compared to our modern day obsession with giving action heroes happy endings. So it's not just that doing the wrong thing would anger the gods, but also that by doing great deeds, pissing off some deity was almost a given, and there was always a price to pay for having a heroic destiny.
  13. Sir_Godspeed

    Uz Language Questions

    No joke, that sounds like an amazing combat ability, or ambush tactic.
  14. Sir_Godspeed

    RQ Sorcery

    1st Century is pretty late though - I guess I forgot that Western Genertela is based more on the late Classical period rather than the actual Bronze age. That does to some extent apply to much of Genertela, but it's more evident in the West.
  15. Sir_Godspeed

    Genertelan Vadeli population estimates

    Well, I guess maybe I'm a bit past that now, but my knowledge is very much based on the newer material that's been published in the last few years, and is mostly centred around the lore-aspect of things, as I'm only just barely getting acquainted with P&P RPGS. compared to many of the other regulars in here, I'm still very much putting out feelers and trying to connect dots.