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  1. This seems like something that should probably be hidden with spoiler tags, tbh.
  2. Ah, that's it, I forget.
  3. Yeah, Vadrus got killed by one of those Chaos gods that make ressurrection very difficult. However, the same can be said for Genert, I believe, and there are adventure-threads about ressurrecting him, so who knows? Sedenya is an interesting one. The Lunars claim they ressurrected a bona fide God Times goddess. Their detractors might say that they made some kind of Frankenstein's Monster from lots of different dead goddesses instead. I don't believe we have a canonical answer, although it might be irrelevant anyway, as she pressed her claim well enough to make all gods except Orlanth acce
  4. It didn't last for long, iirc, so that's probably true. I don't know too much more, however. This probably varies A LOT over time and space, so I'm mostly generalizing here, but in general, it seems like the Dara Happans view the Pentans as, well, dangerous barbarians that are either too far off to care about, or an imminent threat to their existence (depending), and more rarely, a peripheral people to demand tribute from or colonize (I know know a few times that's happened though, including under the Lunar Empire). The Pentans seems to have a more active animosity, enviously vi
  5. When the Holy Country collapses in the aftermath of Belintar's killing, the different city-states and dynasties of Esrolia align themselves into different ad hoc coalitions. This is in many ways standard procedure of the Esrolians. Mythically and ideologically, they seek to align themselves with whatever partner can act as a guarantist for stability, prosperity and peace. But this time around there's no clear alternative. The Red Earth Alliance believes the Lunars are the best choice. The Old Earth Alliance believes King Broyan of the Volsaxi/Hendriki is the best choice. The Warm Ea
  6. I'm not sure holding Lodril as your paramount deity equates to aligning with Pelorian Yelmic ideas, though. They might as well be deeply suspicious of any attempt to cast their volcano Lord in the role of a "lesser" or subjugated deity. The Caladralanders never struck me as potential Yelmites/Pelorian Lodrilites.
  7. On a related note, if you check out the maps in Revealed Mythologies, and The Fortunate Succession, they function on roughly similar logic. Less about geographic realism and more about denoting relative importance and relevance.
  8. No, they joined after the Unity Council had been reformed into the High Council of the Lands of Genertela. The Sky Folk is just a generalized descriptor for the beings that live in the Sky. There are beings living there, just like those who live on the surface, the sea, and the Underworlds. I'm not entirely sure how much we know about them, but they do make some appareances. Some of them descended to the surface during the Greater Darkness to help out the survivors, and they became known as the Star Captains to the Orlanthi, and I believe the Starlight Ancestors to the Pentans. I
  9. Troll maps! Carved into smooth stone. Analysed by touch. Disturbingly accurate.
  10. But what if the Holy Country isn't a Disneyland, but a Westworld...?
  11. Yes, exactly. KoDP was one of my first impressions as well, besides the webcomic (which is more Ancient world). The Veterans are more qualified to talk about this than me, but I think shifting aesthetics and such is just inevitable which franchises that have such long publication histories and shifting ownership and management. That being said, Chaosium is heavily investing in some great artwork currently, so I wouldn't expect things to change anytime soon, nor would I really want it to. The modern art is great (even if I personally would save certain elements from yesteryear for my
  12. I'm a fairly recent newcomer to Glorantha (2015 or so), so I'm basing this on what I've seen discussed here, but basically there was a period of time when artistic depictions and nomenclature for the Orlanthi based itself quite a lot on Anglo-Saxon/Old English-y styles. This has since been altered, and official publications will now use more neutral or more in-universe styles. So, less "thane" and "cottar", and more "noble" and "semi-unfree/tenant farmer", for example. It's a stylistic choice, there's nothing preventing anyone from continuing to using it in their own RPs.
  13. Vadrus is one of those gods who capital-D-Died during the Darkness, so it's difficult to tell. Considering his more violent nature though, it's safe to say that they wouldn't have been fans. The thing is that while we often talk about Glorantha in terms of Bronze Age, a lot of Glorantha's technologies and societies are more like Classical Antiquity or even Migration Era. The Lunar Empire has a lot Roman and Hellenistic aspects to them, of course. The Malkioni draw a good deal on stuff like the Sassanids, Byzantines, Sarmatians, etc. Orlanthi are all over the place, from Bronze Age Hitt
  14. Now that you mention it, that blue-skinned guy in Prince of Sartar has a mustache that looks vaguely Disney-like...🤔
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