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  1. Sir_Godspeed


    Oh man, that thread was a trip. great stuff. I knew about Duck Point and Wilmskirk, but the rest was news to me. It's not strange Glorantha has always felt like such a communal thing.
  2. Sir_Godspeed

    Basic Roleplaying and Glorantha forums empty?

    I thought this was something on my end. At least now I know I'm not alone.
  3. Sir_Godspeed


    Oh wow! Are they available anywhere separately? How relevant are they to the lore as it presently stands?
  4. Sir_Godspeed

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    I was once explained the difference between Gloranthan Enlightenment and Occlusion as something like this: both realize that All is One, and that there no objective morality to constrain oneself. However, the Occluded take this to mean that existance is a kind of moral solipsism, where they are the sole arbiter of what can and should be done, and that therefore they are free to act however they like with no regards to others. The Enlightened, on the other hand, realizes that if all is one, the idea of a "self" that oversees others is false, and that harming any others is tantamount to harming the self, insofar as either is real in any meaningful sense*. Now, in hindsight, this is only ONE way one can become Occluded, but one of several logical "traps" along the way to enlightenment, I'd argue. (*This also logically leads to the focus on Inaction, Stillness or Separation which exists in a lot of Vithelan mysticism, and even EWF draconic mysticism. Whether one agrees that it is the RIGHT focus is probably up for debate.)
  5. Sir_Godspeed

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    This is one of those things that sound nice on paper, but it is a hard sell in practical terms. "Evil" isn't really an actual entity or quantity in either Glorantha or real life, so it's essentially a subjective value judgment. Nysalor, on account of his enlightenment (or occlusion, I'm still not sold that he was entirely enlightened) was beyond cultic strictures and other limitations caused by the runic lattice-structure of Glorantha. He understood that there was, on a fundamental level, no real difference between him and everyone else, or any other spiritual or physical entitity within cosmos, and by extension, no real difference between cosmos and chaos. Basically, classical Buddhist Anatta for those who are interested. This is my understanding, anyway. Now, this allowed him to do a number of actions that would probably otherwise be impossible, because he deemed them necessary or because he wanted to. Great, fair enough. However, that doesn't mean that he's beyond another observer's moral judgment. That's how morality works, it's a relational aspect.
  6. Sir_Godspeed

    Births during Sacred Time

    Welcome! And good luck.
  7. Sir_Godspeed

    Did I get it right? (Illumination)

    Is there any mutual contention on whether Arkat or Nysalor were Occluded rather than Enlightened?
  8. Sir_Godspeed

    Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

    Well, that certainly seems more in line with the history of silver schillings and pfennings I learnt about spreading out around the north Sea in the early-to-mid medieval period.
  9. Sir_Godspeed


    Is Krjalk(i) close enough? What if J->Z?
  10. Sir_Godspeed

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    Well, not to harp on the same thing again - but it's my impression that the term "giant" is a rather generic term used for pretty much anything that's very, very large in size. When talking about the Cradle River Giants, Gonn Orta, the Quivini Giants and so on, one might be tempted to use the term "Mountain Giants" or even something more specific, I'm not sure. Certainly they are separate beings from the "giant" Bomonoi, Luathelans, the Mostali creations I forget at the moment, and so on. There are also a number of gods who may or may not have been gigantic whenever they felt like it, or even habitually (If Genert counts as one, does Kero Fin?). And I've always had a tough time figuring out the "Mountain Giants'" (sic) relation to the Primal Earth in general. Are they further devolved parts of the Primal Earth, or are they something else more particular?
  11. Sir_Godspeed

    Pirates in Umathela

    So... Malasp-chartered privateers?
  12. Sir_Godspeed

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Ah, like how Americans call maize "corn", a term historically used for any edible grain/cereal in Europe. Or how some Americans call sweet potato "yams", while the yams is actually a different tuber altogether. Or, I guess potentially, how Christianity sort of just went with that the fruit at the center of Eden was an apple, whereas it's never actually specified in the Bible.
  13. Sir_Godspeed

    Whatever Happened to the Cradle Baby?

    I'm not sure how relevant this is or not - but I've seen multiple places that not all giants are necessarily the same, or belong to the same kind of people - it's more of a descriptor than a designator of a true group. Additionally, not all mountains seem to be adult giants. However, all of the above could certainly be true for the Cradle Giants and their kin, however one slices and classifies giantkind otherwise.
  14. Sir_Godspeed

    Tell me of Sheng Seleris

    Isn't that specifically one of the steps of creation in Draconic ontology?
  15. Sir_Godspeed

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My deepest condolances to Greg's family and close ones, this is deeply tragic. While my own sorrow is of a much smaller nature, I'm still profoundly saddened by his passing, even though I'm just a novice in Glorantha. What struck me about his works, both literary and world-building, is that they had a seemingly never-ending depth that allowed players and enthusiasts alike to play around, and develop themselves while doing it - indeed, Glorantha is one of the very few settings where this is actively encouraged, imho, it being a fundamental force of the setting, far beyond runes or gods. Rest in peace, and may your shamanic experiences see you safely to a good, pleasant Otherside.