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  1. Sir_Godspeed


    There's a grey line between prayer/ritual and sacrifice. Theatrics might count. Burning incense (or fatwood for common folk) while reciting mantras/prayers might count. "Dedicating" your meal to a god before eating it, or leaving a portion of it somewhere suitable (altar, campfire, on top of a rock or stump) might count. That sorta thing. Not talking about RQ mechanics here, of course.
  2. Is there some kind of "management" skill in RQ, for downtime stuff when players are supposed to be at home? If so, that could be used for logistical checks, like how much of the stuff perishes, wagons broken, time lost, etc., etc. Mostly mundane stuff.
  3. Isn't there something about Newtling Bachelors going to serve the Dragonewts as servants rather than slaves? I did raise my eyebrow at the mention of slavery in Ryzel.
  4. I'm wondering whether it should be "From Kerofinela With Love" given that the JB expy is lunar. Also: 007. Seventh Soul. Sevening. Heh.
  5. Theory: Ryzel was a God Time Dragonewt settlement that they made a deal with Nysalor to resettle. Perhaps to uncover and "revive" the eggs there or something to that effect. Bottom point: it was a return, not a colonization.
  6. Issaries caused the illiteracy plague. Hey, that's still not dumb.
  7. It's not really that odd, truth be told. 😄
  8. Sir_Godspeed


    Some creepy relic like this, maybe: http://www.scpwiki.com/scp-882
  9. I unironically want the Ducks to, like, conduct a Heroquest to raise Ganderland from the sea or something, and live in peace there forever after (eh, well, as much peace as 30s cartoon duck expys can muster). It also satisfies my desire for there being a quest to raise some land from the sea, which goes against the general trend of land sinking in Glorantha (the other possible example of land-raising being the dwarves pulling Slon into Pamaltela).
  10. This is some nice, rural horror material. Creepy local community messes with visitors. Good stuff.
  11. While it is impossible to generalize authoritatively, a likely form would have a kind of audience-choir element composed of the majority of attendants who may perform easier, less complex movements and song elements, and they're likely to be spatially peripheral (maybe encircling) and then you have the specific narrative elements carried out in a more central, observable space, by specialists. This is pretty common in many traditional ritual dances (and impromptu, just think of a spontaneous dance circle for example). It's also possible the group is divided into representing the different elements as a whole, like some kind of pageant or synchronous dance group, but ultimately there are always going to be individuals who can't contribute much beyond simple elements (the very elderly, toddlers, etc.) so the more complex, the more specialized, I guess.
  12. Could be Glorantha slowly being medievalized in the 4th Age, and the Elder Races slowly becoming (externally) homogenized to become basically the fey. I'm sure that's not a very attractive scenario for those who've already played a lot of Pendragon, but for me it kinda works.
  13. Once did the same for Warhammer Fantasy, as an alternative for the oft-maligned End Times. So I welcome this. Hell, such scenarios could serve as visions for player parties on what they might want to achieve!
  14. Like a mix between Gulf USA and ancient Ireland.
  15. I really liked the idea that Arkat cursed Dorastor to contain all of the Bright Empire's Chaos, sort of like a containment zone. Hence why it doesn't spread and such. It's probably not canon, but it does kinda explain why someone so virulently anti-Chaos up and created the worst Chaos area on the continent.
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