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  1. But see, that's my whole point, Heortlings would never even think of their wyters in terms of slavery or bondage like you kinda quickly did with sorcerously bound entities. I understand that this might not make a whole lot of difference from a gameplay mechanical perspective, but in terms of social and cultural significance and meaning they're pretty significantly different. It's also different from a story hook perspective too - I mean, I doubt that if somehow the magical ties that keep Hauberk Jon around were to break he would do any harm to Jonstown residents. But some kind of spirit kept in place with sorceous rites? I see the potential for something going berserk for revenge being a lot more in the cards there. I'm just saying, I think the nuances matter. Tomato and cherries are both fruit, but a cherry pizza would be a very different thing, you know?
  2. Well, if it's contractual/mutualist, then both methods are virtually equivalent, however I was more talking about sheer compulsion, if such a thing is possible (and judging by some Malkioni history it appears to be, cf. Ladaral under Sog City, possibly Britha, the goddess switch, etc.)
  3. But sorcerers are wont to compel/bind beings, aren't they? Are bound spirits/beings equivalent to worshipped/venerated wyters/community spirits?
  4. I'm completely in the dark here, but couldn't the whole bloodsucking thing work to make that work?
  5. Welcome! And thanks for the great art. ^^
  6. That's also some great basing there, kudos.
  7. There's a decent amount of stuff on first age Seshnela, yeah. A very dynamic setting, too.
  8. Does anyone know what they'd be? I guess PCs aren't overly likely to run afoul of them, but for such an iconic entity it would be neat to see them roughly outlined. I assume Darkness since they're from a Hell (ie. Underworld), but should one infer anything else?
  9. Do the Tax Demons have stats/Runes?
  10. It just feels a bit underwhelming that there's an entire class of elementals only available to the worshippers of an extremely niche deity, afaik.
  11. Would any of the Sea deities/peoples have access to them? Y'know, tides and all.
  12. Glorantha already has some cyberspace-esque stuff, like Avanapdur's empire or the EWF, though in this case "virtual space" crossed over with the middle world and altered it for a while. EDIT: Also, heroquests are a bit like running levels in a virtual reality. Which makes sense, since, you know, they're running levels/dungeons in a rp game just sorta codified into the setting itself.
  13. Welp, today I learned something new and disturbing.
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