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  1. 7Tigers

    Bestiary and GM Pack

    This slipcase is made to contain just the first 3 books: Core Rules, Bestiary & GM Pack. GM book will be out "later". Depending on this slip case success, perhaps there will be others along the line...
  2. I would say that there is no real need to resign as, as David Scott reminded us, all the files are available in an unique dropbox folder, url being given each time. So, if you ever received one email, you should have access to everything. I just checked and nothing has been erased.
  3. 7Tigers

    Masks PDF - what you get

    You mean physically? Not a chance, printing having not even started. Mike said september at best. October being more likely...
  4. 7Tigers

    Quickstart Corrections?

    I guess you are aware of the errata available on download page? https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-quickstart/ It is for print version, version that was launched early to met RPG day date. At one point, I did a check with errata thread but it was one year ago, so...
  5. Nothing new in fact: crystal chapter is straight from RQ2 (Classic), with just Xenohealing removed. No need to change what's fine anyway :-)
  6. 7Tigers

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    A reminder of my last year post: Note: it may also work with 3rd parties pdf printer drivers...
  7. 7Tigers

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    page 164 issue with Agility Skills title.
  8. 7Tigers

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    Jeff said: in
  9. 7Tigers

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    Strange: no bold on my PC with Acrobat Reader. Most of indicated typo have been fixed. Minor typo still present:
  10. 7Tigers

    RQG "1st printing" PDF?

    +1 for what Joerg said. I highly doubt maps will be changed anyway. By the way, a look at file properties under Acrobat Reader indicates file time stamp is 2018/06/28 22:28pm.
  11. 7Tigers

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    I guess GM pack is the less essential of the 4 books if: . you don't need the screen . the multiples aids . the sand box and the 3 scenarios For new comers, most of all in Dragon Pass, it is likely much more essential.
  12. 7Tigers

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Without surprise, last night, Jason confirmed that GM Pack and GM book were two different books: https://gmshoe.wordpress.com/2018/06/27/qa-jason-durall-runequest-glorantha/ And, not to be ignored :-) :
  13. 7Tigers

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    As far as I understood, target is that RQG is to be available in august, the 2 other books & the slipcase in october. So only 2 sendings needed from Chaosium warehouses for impatient people :-)
  14. 7Tigers

    Adventure Background Worksheet Errata

    Well, I would say that nothing of big importance (with consequences) occured in 1617 in detailled homelands, meanwhile the background worksheet will be used for future homelands. So not a bug!
  15. 7Tigers

    Is Queen Gagix Still Alive?

    I wonder where the name Gagix comes from 😁 ...