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  1. You want to take at look at previous Chalana Arroy thread:
  2. As said, China printer is indicated on the box picture: Most likely (my guessings): . because it is a box, with dices . it will be printed a lot, both to lower costs and because it will sell like hot cakes 🙂 !
  3. It has been announced more for the summer as it has to arrive from printer (China according to box picture) to all warehouses. With a pdf version but only when physical version is available.
  4. Bigger buzz / awareness for the D Day to attract new players?
  5. Yesterday, Jason mentioned on FB that the SS should be sent to the printer by the end of the week. So possibly available in (late) May, depending of COVID impacts. With pdf release the same day physical product is available.
  6. I see "dans Glorantha" as a contraction of "dans le monde de Glorantha".
  7. Sure, but sailors do not know that...
  8. 7Tigers


    For Belintar and the City of Wonders, don't forget to check: http://www.princeofsartar.com/comic/29-the-city-of-wonders/
  9. For Argrath & praxian tribes: Lawrence of Arabia movie (remastered recently):
  10. Too bad, as Howard's stories are by far the best. But I would say that applying (or not applying) modern sensibilities to other time writings are not the subject of this thread and would be better in a separate thread. About recommendations, for adults only, in webcomic form, the Nart sagas are a series of tales originating from the North Caucasus. They form much of the basic mythology of the ethnic groups in the area, including Abazin, Abkhaz, Circassian, Ossetian, Karachay-Balkar, and to some extent Chechen-Ingush folklore. You can start the reading here: https://narts.sylvan
  11. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice: the game (multiple walkthroughs are available on Youtube) as well as the soundtrack
  12. Thanks a lot Jim, but, @Jason D, still no official player handout please?
  13. Don't forget to check previous similar thread, with mills discussion inside:
  14. As a reminder from https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-rune-fixes/
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