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    New player

  2. 7Tigers

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    Frankly, just read the texts on the blog and after that, it is not really hard to guess who was the mysterious "lawspeaker" who wrote most of it 🙂 ! And fan policy on Chaosium site indicates people are not authorized to modify tumblr pictures by the way...
  3. 7Tigers

    Are Lunars God Learners?

    http://glorantha.tumblr.com/post/102359163248/what-was-runesight-how-did-the-god-learners should help: > What was runesight? How did the God Learners attain it? Why does no one possess it any more? The RuneQuest Sight was the name for the magical methods of observation the God Learners used to study the world. They could see the underlying patterns and structures of the world, which they formalised into the Runes. The RuneQuest Sight allowed them to make great discoveries about the nature of the Otherworlds, the interconnectedness of mythology and the mechanics of Heroquesting. They developed the RuneQuest Sight through their unconventional and haphazard approach to Heroquesting. The nature of Malkionism and the Invisible God means that there aren’t really any Malkioni myths, so they had never really Heroquested before the Second Age. When the God Learner Collective was first formed, they weren’t travelling to any Malkioni myths but to the myths of the barbarian cultures they reviled. They didn’t recognise the srvuali as gods, and they didn’t understand the significance of the myths, so they were fairly ruthless and clinical about the whole thing. This at first went really badly for them, as they blundered into Heroquests and were forcefully ejected when they failed to take on any of the roles. It was even worse when they tried to kill their way through the myths with battle magic, an approach that saw them slaughtered by the demigod guardians of the gods. But they kept trying, building off of small successes, until they were able to develop powers like the RuneQuest Sight. Eventually, they had surpassed even Arkat in their talent for Heroquesting. The reason no one knows the secrets of the God Learners today is because of the Gift Carriers of the Sending Gods. When the Middle Sea Empire collapsed and the Otherworlds suddenly reverted back to the way they were before the God Learners started messing with them, the Gift Carriers entered Glorantha and killed everyone who knew the RuneQuest Sight. They were so thorough that there is no one alive today who knows the Sight.
  4. 7Tigers

    Troll Break Market Map and Legend

    Just be aware that the map given in glorantha.com link above ( https://www.glorantha.com/docs/map-of-the-big-rubble/ ) is of far better quality (600 dpi) than the one in Pavis pdf...
  5. 7Tigers

    Where the rocks speaks

    Very obscure sources talk about a Basmoli shrine 🙂 (HR picture here)
  6. 7Tigers

    Troll Break Market Map and Legend

    Troll Break map is directly matching Rubble map (available on Glorantha.com) from HQ Pavis: GtA
  7. 7Tigers

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    Well, it is indicated as available in both US & UK warehouses on Chaosium site: https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-hardcover/
  8. 7Tigers

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    All printed books (Core reprint, Bestiary, GM Pack, Slipcase) will be in same containers on the 3 boats. They will be available for customers at same time.
  9. 7Tigers

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    Thanks for the update. By the way, as far as I now, Gamemaster Screen Pack & Glorantha Bestiary pdfs have not been updated with corrected ones (those sent to printer) on Chaosium site.
  10. 7Tigers

    Change log for updated PDF's

    3 weeks later, any news about udpated pdf please?
  11. Try: http://downsub.com/ to grab srt file from video and https://subtitletools.com/convert-subtitles-to-plain-text-online to convert to txt. Well, not necessary pretty and still work to do after to make it clean but at least it will give you a base to work for...
  12. 7Tigers

    Cthulhu Dark Ages cancelled?

    Put in low priority.
  13. 7Tigers

    RQG Character creation spreadsheet

    Yes & yes.
  14. Good catch as the bug has been here since RQ2!
  15. File size is a good indicator: For the one on Chaosium site: CHA4028_-_RuneQuest_-_Roleplaying_in_Glorantha.pdf (80.35 MB or 82279 KB) And in Acrobat Reader, File > Properties (or CTRL D) indicates: Modified 10/10/2018