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  1. You have: . Appendix E: Bibliography in HeroQuest Glorantha. . Appendix N: Bibliography in RuneQuest 2 (Classic) Most are included in Jeff's Gloranthan Readings: https://www.glorantha.com/readings/ In fiction, I would also suggest, among others: . Gene Wolfe - Book of the New Sun series . Gene Wolfe - Soldier of ... series . Harry Turtledove - Gerin the Fox series . Jessica Salmonson - Tomoe Gozen series . Robert Holdstock - Mythago Wood series In non fiction: . Diane Wolkstein - Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer . Unknown - The Mabinogion
  2. Parallels have their limit and should really be used for a very broad scope only. Basic parallel is Bronze Age ancient world, 1000 BC and earlier mainly. For details, I use previously shared parallels: . Orlanthi: Greeks of the Iliad, with constant feuds & raiding, with bits of Thracians / Black Sea celts . Lunars: More ancient Greek (Macedonians) & Persians than Romans, and with massive destruction weapons (Crimson Bat for example) . Dara Happans: Mesopotamians (Assyrians / Hittites) . Esrolians: Minoans (Earth matriarchy) . Praxians: Exotic beast rider nomads, living in an apocalyptic (Mad Max type) desert . Grazelanders: Old Magyars / Scythians . Sundomers: Spartans in the Wild West You can also check Guide extracts on glorantha.com: . For Orlanthi: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/quick-summary-gloranthan-cultures-part-one-orlanthi-dragon-pass-and-holy-country/ . For Praxians: https://www.glorantha.com/docs/praxian-overview/
  3. Well, I would say respecting canon is only useful if you want to publish official material. Otherwise, if it is useful/fun/inspirational for your campaign, go for it: there will be not glorantha canon police coming for you at your table!
  4. For french edition in 1986, we had a Peter A. Jones art:
  5. 7Tigers

    Robin's Book?

    A blast from the past: Press Release, January 21 2001 Oakland, CA Issaries Inc. Signs Robin D. Laws to Write Novel Issaries, Inc., is proud to announce that it has signed up world famous author and game designer Robin D. Laws to write a novel for the Hero Wars fiction line. Robin is known for his excellent fiction works, including the novels Pierced Heart and The Rough and the Smooth. Robin is also the designer of the popular roleplaying games Feng Shui and Hero Wars, among many others. A Promise of Thunder is a full length novel about young Tarkalor, the forgotten son of the royal family of the Kingdom of Sartar. The young prince struggles with the burden of royal blood and divine descent during Sartar's war against the Lunar Empire. Robin comments, "I've always wanted to write fiction set in Glorantha. My Tarkalor novel deals with the nature of heroism, the clash of ideologies, and passionate family conflict; all perfect for good fiction. Not just good gaming fiction, but good fiction, period." => a glimpse of the future fiction line?
  6. Cool! Can we expect it for 2019?
  7. Given the terms used in the above quote, I guess the final question should be: Does the half effectiveness rule apply only from "off" hand to "main" hand (and so, only 5% from "main" hand to "off" hand) ?
  8. You can check: https://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/the-kitori-and-the-death-of-broyan/
  9. For some non canonical info by Eliane Jaulmes and Philippe Sigaud: The City of Wonders in the Kethaelan government: http://kethaela.en.free.fr/index.php?phase=display_article&style=3&article=249 Key political figures in the City of Wonders: http://kethaela.en.free.fr/index.php?phase=display_article&style=3&article=252
  10. You have the "When the Wolf Pirates Came to the City of Wonders" by Phillis Ann Karr in "Gloranthan Visions", a collection of Gloranthan short tales that was part of Hero Wars: Roleplaying in Glorantha boxed set. Perhaps it will be reprinted in future to come Glorantha fiction line...
  11. So, exactly the same as in new RQG, according to page 254...
  12. 7Tigers


    Jeff already did. Check the other thread:
  13. According to Adobe Acrobat: Atlantis Grunge / Charcuterie Block / A Garamond Pro Calluna and Cronos Pro are also used.
  14. as far as I understood, they are included in The Smoking Ruins, forming a mini sandbox around that part of Grazelands, with separate Grazelander Campaign book being also by Mister Klug.
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