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  1. A Drunken RuneQuest

    Simon Bray's Minlister as well as in Storm Tribe, page 223
  2. How to stat a scorpionfolk Queen?

    Indeed: ยง482, p84 Janett, Bagog scorpion queen and prietess
  3. From my side, I've never liked Harrek: I've always considered him more as a psychopath murderer than a hero...
  4. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    These days, DTRPG and Lulu POD quality is quite correct.
  5. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    I'm afraid I don't have the time or even an interest left toward RoL to give an answer...
  6. Raiders of R'lyeh!

    After 4 years of waiting, it is really a nice touch to sell the PDF when the backers still don't have their books / PDF ...
  7. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    No warning / message received.
  8. For info, if you own a Adobe pdf creation module (from a commercial Adobe product) installed as a printer, there is a work around for the not searchable The Middle Sea Empire version: just open it and print it as a Adobe pdf. => Text is now searchable in created pdf. Note: the non searchable The Middle Sea Empire version was the one bought on Glorantha.com
  9. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Also received today in France!
  10. Heroquests

    There are also 2 HQ by Neil Smith: Cleansed One heard the Voice of the River https://www.njae.me.uk/Cleansed_One_heard_the_Voice_of_the_River Stars-Not-Shine became a shaman https://www.njae.me.uk/Stars-Not-Shine_became_a_shaman
  11. Masters of Luck & Death Wargame

    Just saw that in an old Greg Stafford interview (1980/03/15 in The Dungeoneer #17): It seems game was fairly advanced. Does anybody know what happened that prevented publication?
  12. Runic associations

    Shannon's index indicates it was in:
  13. New RuneQuest Combat rule question and suggestion

    Yes, I guess that it would be a no brainer for a lot of people to pay for a Release Candidate edition in order to provide feedback, at least for potential typos, or write scenarios.
  14. RuneQuest Glorantha Gen Con 50 Preview edition

    Question: does the preview confirm that RQ3 separate location chart for missiles hit locations is dropped? If yes, I'm a bit sad and curious to know the reasons...
  15. Wyrms Footnotes Returns!

    Great! And by the way, even crude pdf would be nice for old issues!