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  1. Well, everyone do not have the same priorities. Sometimes, s**t happens and you have to deal with it. For my side, I prefer a late quality product, and delivered, to a non existant product because of too strict rules.
  2. It has been announced several times that David Millians is in charge of first Kralorela sourcebook, with Godunya cult description and new Draconic Mysticism rules in it, all around Lur Nop port area.
  3. Well, Nochet is worthy of its own book I would say. Then, another separate Esrolia book will be nicely appreciated!
  4. Even better: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/glorantha/today-s-sneak-peak-a-glimpse-at-safelster-this-is--t2441.html Not all messages were saved but this one was.
  5. Map is now in Guide to Glorantha, page 374
  6. By the way, Illwinter's Floorplan Generator is at -25% until the 2nd of January ( and -15% for Six Ages, -65% for King of Dragon Pass ) : https://store.steampowered.com/app/630900/Illwinters_Floorplan_Generator/
  7. The Complete Griselda is from 2001, so it does not contain the other pdf Kraken ones, which are also longer than original ones.
  8. Who is the feather horse queen's illustrator please?
  9. Remembering that a lot of people are very reluctant to pay "too much" for a non official pdf. Or even for an official one...
  10. Hum, for B&W books, I'm not sure HQ pdf are really needed. Lulu printing is not HQ anyway: useful and enough to play, but definitively not HQ...
  11. Look here for Windhags, pale maidens, bridgekeepers and well spirits descriptions (still not fixed in Bestiary pdf by the way...) : w
  12. Did you check Simon's article on the subject? http://www.soltakss.com/spirit5.html
  13. So, something for the Jonstown Compendium perhaps 🙂 ?
  14. I just noted that pdf for 2003 HeroQuest rules has been made available on Chaosium site! https://www.chaosium.com/heroquest-1st-edition-pdf/ so the 4 adventures in it are now available again: And even until monday, with 50% off for The Vault items (use code 'VAULT50' )!
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