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  1. Try: http://downsub.com/ to grab srt file from video and https://subtitletools.com/convert-subtitles-to-plain-text-online to convert to txt. Well, not necessary pretty and still work to do after to make it clean but at least it will give you a base to work for...
  2. 7Tigers

    Cthulhu Dark Ages cancelled?

    Put in low priority.
  3. 7Tigers

    RQG Character creation spreadsheet

    Yes & yes.
  4. Good catch as the bug has been here since RQ2!
  5. File size is a good indicator: For the one on Chaosium site: CHA4028_-_RuneQuest_-_Roleplaying_in_Glorantha.pdf (80.35 MB or 82279 KB) And in Acrobat Reader, File > Properties (or CTRL D) indicates: Modified 10/10/2018
  6. 7Tigers

    Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha

    Transcript is available here: https://www.chaosium.com/forgotten-secrets-of-glorantha/
  7. 7Tigers

    3rd-Party Publishing?

    Yes, people should really listen to Jeff & Jason interview (RQG part from 35th minute): Jason is very happy to share things about RQ repository & living campaigns...
  8. 7Tigers

    Balancing combat encounters

    Erannina Chan is a Rune Lord of Babeester Gor found pages 27/28 of Adventure Book (in GM Screen Pack), at Clearwine Fort.
  9. 7Tigers

    Balancing combat encounters

    Well, fewer combats mean they are meaningfull, so you'd better be prepared for it. And that NPCs having 75% or 60% in spear is not really important. More important is what is their cult? What runic magic are they likely to use? How many rune points do they have left? What is their combat tactic (scorpion men with multiple arms and poison tactic is quite different from a band of trollkin with slings one)? Do they have allies nearby? Will repercussions happen if PCs kill or ransom them? So provinding a balancing formula seems a bit difficult with all those parameters. And small dungeon crawling is always possible. But for big dungeons, attrition will quickly raise its ugly head...
  10. 7Tigers

    Balancing combat encounters

    Well, it is YOUR opinion. That's fine. But did you play the game before being so sure of it? As it was said above, magic, missiles and multiple attacks nullify a lot differences between encounter "levels". A careful attack will lead you more farther and more succesfully than running head down into fights. At RQG, every combat is dangerous. So players learn very fast to plan for them or find ways to avoid them. It may not be your favorite kind of play. So perhaps RQG is not for you. Again, that's fine. But for a lot of people, not having a system for balancing encounters (for now, knowing that the physical Core Rules book has been available only since a few hours) is not an issue. And Jason has already said that Gamemaster Sourcebook will contain a full chapter about adventure design (campaign/adventure/encouter design, etc.).
  11. 7Tigers

    Balancing combat encounters

    Idem: My recent plays were with less than 25 y.o. people. Eveyone enjoyed it. And if you want balanced encounters, just avoid combats. RQG is about Role Playing in Glorantha, not mega dungeon crawling anyway.
  12. 7Tigers

    Three New Stars, Three New Gods?

    Or directly: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/baroshi/
  13. Yahoo groups moved some time ago. The Heortling Stead Project is now located at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/stormsteads/info
  14. Updated pdf (24 pages): http://13thage.org/index.php/escalation-zine/693-escalation-special-skyfall-a-13g-adventure
  15. cha4029_dragon_pass_map: in bottom right corner, North Head (Acres) is messed up.