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  1. Yahoo groups moved some time ago. The Heortling Stead Project is now located at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/stormsteads/info
  2. Updated pdf (24 pages): http://13thage.org/index.php/escalation-zine/693-escalation-special-skyfall-a-13g-adventure
  3. cha4029_dragon_pass_map: in bottom right corner, North Head (Acres) is messed up.
  4. GM Reference, page 7: Runes & Cults . Issaries is not in bold . Foundchild: Hunting God (Death Harmony page 295) is missing. It has been added in Core Rules Book.
  5. Adventure book, whatever page with Rune Points NPCs: Exemple page 16 for Militia: Rune Spells: Cloud Call, Increase/Decrease Wind, Thunderbolt. => now that Rune Points allow "whateveryouwant" rune spell casting, is this line really necessary, other than for suggestions? Edit: Please ignore, stupid question
  6. Who is the trampled god(?) on the right of the screen please?
  7. https://homeownerideas.com/the-pros-and-cons-of-terracotta-roofing-tiles-for-your-home/
  8. Coupons are being sent only when physical book is available on Chaosium site. So no issued yet. But "soon"!
  9. 7Tigers

    Balazaar in 1625?

    Nice proverb!
  10. 7Tigers

    UZ Hero Wars plans

    Eat Them All!
  11. 7Tigers

    RuneQuest Glorantha Charts & Tables

    Ok for new file download.
  12. 7Tigers

    White Bear and Red Moon

    For info, there is also a Moon Design approved vassal module for the 1980 Chaosium version of Dragon Pass http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Dragon_Pass
  13. 7Tigers

    Ralios Homebrew Discussion Thread

    For the Great Winter scope, you can check the map David Scott posted in the old glorantha.com topic: http://www.glorantha.com/forums/topic/orlanth-is-not-dead/ Direct link: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-S5GVbaBDsPk/UwdSH2xZTyI/AAAAAAAACwI/85zdDTwPyEc/w1285-h1214-no/Windstop+1623.jpg
  14. 7Tigers

    Everyone Having Rune Magic

    As it was confirmed on the RQG preview list in the future clarification document ( Rune Fixes )
  15. 7Tigers

    Robin Laws to pen two RuneQuest Books

    Barbarian Town is controlled by the Pol-Joni: so horses & cattle for a different kind of Wild Wild West!