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  1. As far as we know, all of RQG spirit & runic spells from publications up to Cults of Glorantha. "Plus some more things" according to Jason Durall.
  2. A much better necklace to illustrate than a babeester gori's one 😁 !
  3. I believe it was the other way around:; in tHR for RQ3, plan was missing for rooms 62 to 77. Map OK in RQ2 Classic Trollpak page 177.
  4. Before or after recycling 😀 ?
  5. 7Tigers


    Well, it IS most likely Elric. I was just crediting the artist 🙂 .
  6. 7Tigers


    "Elf with Black Sword", by Dan Brereton
  7. Top of page 7, column 1 :=> The festival takes place in Fertility Week of Sea Season.
  8. Easier to find with a link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/329991/Rubble-Redux-Insula-of-the-Waning-Moon
  9. +1 for northern Pamaltela!
  10. Well, it is indicated on each sale page: Pavis & BR: Additional material on the Sun Dragon cult, plus 35 additional new pieces of art specifically commissioned for the book are also included. Griffin Mountain: Several articles printed in magazines, over 35 new pieces of additional art, designer’s notes, and a never before published treatise on Running a Gloranthan Campaign by Greg Stafford. And what was useful from Griffin Island. Borderlands & Beyond: Additional Plunder items, expanded Runemasters character histories, and loads of background info from Nomad Gods and Wy
  11. Also mentioned by Jeff here: The Master Map series The new Prosopaedia
  12. Swenstown, also described in Gianni's The Hanging Garden #4 ezine by the way, with a scenario:
  13. Both, as far as we know. From crowfunding page:
  14. Dundealos tribe, destroyed in 1618, will indeed be restored in 1626. A 96 page book about it is being written for french RQG version, by the end of this year. Most likely translated in english sometime in the future. One of the illustrations shared by Studio Deadcrows, by Bernard Bittler:
  15. Just a reminder that old Ian Cooper's The Book of Red Cow pdf is available for download on Chaosium Glorantha site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/websites/ian-coopers-red-cow-website-2006-2010/the-book-of-red-cow/
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