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Runequest Glorantha Gamemaster's Guide?

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2 hours ago, Matteo said:

Hello, I guess this might be a FAQ but there is going to be a gamemaster's guide for Runequest Glorantha? If yes, when? Also, the paper version of Glorantha Bestiaary is going to be released any soon?

Regrding the GM Sourcebook -- yes; As per @Marc but no date is announced.  Chaosium has, I think, been burnt too often by announcing a date which is delayed by factors outside their control.  They try to avoid that now!

And also yes RE the Bestiary (also the "GM Screen Pack" (with a LOT more than a screen -- several adventures, a mini-sandbox setting, etc)) are complete and in transit, available this month (barring unforeseen disasters).  They will be available individually, or in slipcase sets with the Core Rulebook (and by special order from Chaosium direct, slipcases without the core book, for you to add the core book you already bought).

2 of Chaosium's fulfillment centers are stocked and ready, the containers are almost to the 3rd & final one.  Chaosium will launch simultaneously from all centers.


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