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Dragonrise diagram in the Guide


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For the constellations, compare to p.645. You have to rotate slightly - Orlanth's Ring, iirc, enters above Borna and before Swan.

1) The oval with two dots is Mastakos/Uleria (this is noted on GRoY p.75). 

2) Passes below the Plow, through the Willows and the Tree. (Runes are: Barntar the Plow, 3 trees for the Willows, and one Plant Rune for the Tree)

3) Passes above the Whisperers, touches Evandal and the Fishes, then hits the Steward. (Runes are: Evandal must be the box with two dots - it is also called Porridge Star and Yuthuppa’s Mother per GRoY p.47; Poverri's rune for the fishes; circle with crown is the Steward. The two little circles, one red, one white, with dashes in 4 directions is the Twin Stars - noted on GRoY p.75.)

4) After the Steward are the Harp and the Hawk. (Runes are: Harp, aka Hyraos; and Tholm the Hawk). As it then circles in closer, the red planet, Shargash, move to attack (Rune is circle with upside-down V - noted on GRoY p.75). 



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