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  1. I would love that one as well, if anyone willing to part with it.
  2. Would it be SRD web site, PDF, or both?
  3. Heroquesting is a setting thing, not a game-system thing. It's how people in Glorantha interact with the Myths and the timeless worlds. I like how 13G's authors put it, D&D has dungeon-crawling, Glorantha has myth-crawling.
  4. Dear Rick, 

    I just send you an email. Looking forward to hear from you. 😊

    1. Job


      Hi Rick,

      Haven’t heard back from you regarding Gods of Glorantha gencon book. I hope to hear from you soon. 

  5. @Ian Cooper Is it possible to have HQG actual session on YouTube? In this age of steaming craze, that would be a nice promotion.
  6. You can do all those things by knowing just passive perception/insight/investigation. Most people just use PP, that’s why they later remove PIns, PInv from the char sheet. There is not a bunch of bonuses to be added in 5e. This is not 3.5e.
  7. It has never happened that way in any 5e game I’ve run or participated. Player will just say “I cast Heal using xx spell slot to heal Mr. X. It heal him up xxx hp.” Then he roll the dice and that’s the end of it. There are not many special bonuses in D&D 5e, it is designed to be much more streamline, fast, with much less bookkeeping than previous editions. And if certain character have any special bonus, they are expected to remind DM or else they don’t get to use it. That is the case in any 5e game I ran, played, or observed.
  8. Never experienced anything more than 1 adv or 1 disadv cancel out each other generally. It’s very fast and intuitive.
  9. It’s no different than GM have to ask players for the effects of various magics/spells in RQG if he can’t memorize them. And DM can just open their PHB for references behind DM screen. Some even use D&D Beyond app in their tablet for much faster referencing. I find that it is not a game system issue but a trust issue if you can’t trust your players. I’ve never seen any D&D 5e DM need, generally speaking, more than to know HP, AC, and passive perception of the players to run the game smoothly.
  10. Fully understood. As I said, from the business perspective, it is a reasonable and wise choice for Chaosium.
  11. Rick from Chaosium contacted me and I am a happy gamer now.
  12. Hello Rick, 

    I've sent you a few emails but didn't get any reply. Just wonder if it somehow got into junk mail folder or in someway didn't reach you. My apologies if you are busy. 

    1. Rick Meints

      Rick Meints

      Hi Job,

      What email did you use to send them?

    2. Rick Meints

      Rick Meints

      I got them, and replied. Sorry, been very busy.

    3. Job



  13. In that cast, a single-sheet free pdf or an appendix summarize HQG runic associations would be nice.
  14. There won't be any barrier, just that it will only utilize the runes existing on RQG character sheet which is less than HQG. I just hope they can give both version, it would just be 2-3 more characters for each god.
  15. Perfectly understandable. I wouldn't ever part with my signed copy too, if I have one. LoL
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