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Thanks to Jason et al.


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I would like to express my thanks for the work that Jason and others have done on BRP.

Looking back over the various threads, it is not uncommon to see ones about unclear rules.

I would hate for Jason and the others who have worked on this product to get a negative impression.

People don't write in about the hundreds of pages of well written rules, only the very few poorer ones. Mistakes creep in to everything and BRP is no exception.

Of course you can't make everyone happy, and while "every one" knows that the various games that made up BRP are all quite similar, I'm sure Jason and the others are very aware of how different they can actually be.

Trying to reconcile the different "versions" of the rules must have been a nightmare.


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I agree. I was the first person on goodreads to review the new BRP book. My review was:

This is the greatest rpg book of all time.

Actually, it originally was strewn with expletives for emphasis, but Jason messaged me about it and I pared it down to that. :)

The beauty of this amazing work is that it's just a giant sandbox. I could care less if there are contradictions. This is a generic ruleset that you adapt for each idea you have, not set in stone from on high nonsense like <insert game sytem you feel fits that criteria>. You should see my poor Zero Edition. I was so impatient to adapt it for my current campaign, I couldn't even wait for the pdf. BRPZero, an Elric & a CoC4 softcover, GURPS magic and psionics and RQ3 Deluxe box have all become one totally awesome mass of cut/paste, replete with Sharpie, penciled liner notes and scotch tape/stick glue.

I bought two copies of the final version and those along with an undoctored copy of each of the other books I mentioned are for player reference, but whenever there's a rules discrepancy, the ugly old clearance rack "Journal" from Borders gets thrown on the table.


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