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Glorantha Adventures Runemastered


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From D101 July newsletter:


Work on Hearts in Glorantha #8 slowly moves forward. It’s the usual tale of everybody else has submitted their work, and I’m dithering about the bits of writing I need to do. Stewart Stansfield is doing an absolutely smashing cover (I know I’ve seen the sketch). Once I get some time, it will also come together blindingly fast, so I reckon it should be out September.
The big news for D101’s Gloranthan output is that Gloranthan Adventures 1 & 2 are getting second editions. GA 1 & 2 are nearly 10 and 5 years old respectively and were written in a time before the Guide, the two-volume definitive source of Gloranthan Lore, and HeroQuest Glorantha, which nailed down the magic framework that is now used across modern Gloranthan rules-systems. So both issues are getting extra content, more adventures and new art. These Runemastered versions will be coming to Kickstarter later in the year.   

These are apparently the HQ news @Newt hinted on. Nice to see action in the HQG space.

I hope whoever is runemastering these have read Robin's Sharper Adventures in Glorantha chapbook and take some input from there, too.

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Ha, ha my grand plan has been outed :)

Sharper Adventures in Glorantha, came out long after I had finished GA 2 and it will be one of the things I'll be reviewing before I start my revision. Whether or not I follow what Robin says in that book is another matter and one I'll probably pontificate about (probably in public) later ;)

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