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Playtest Wanted

Michael Hopcroft

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I need to get a playtest done for a module for the current edition of OQ that I am going to publish in August. I'm hoping for an experienced group and an experienced GM who can give good in-play feedback. If you want to use a different flavor of d100, that should be fine -- the license forbids me from naming any of the others in the module, but I have no reason to believe it won't work with other rulesets that use the basic mechanic. The adventure is more about mood and character than combat anyway.

If you are interested, drop me a PM.

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And now I've started a Kickstarter for it. Where, if anywhere, is a permissible point to post a link to it, or is that sort of activity not allowed anywhere on this site?

I'm actually hoping one of the admins notices and reads this because I need their guidance and don't know who I can ask directly. And I have enough respect for this community that I don't want to foul things up for anyone.

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I had to bump this because I don't know if anyone from the OQ community has seen this Kickstarter, modest though it is.

With 11 full days left, the KS stands at 80%. Mind you, that's only $80US, but it means I'm well short of the goal.

It would also be great to know how you think I could have done better on marketing this campaign. This time my needs are small and easily met, but this is for a 12-16 page module. The next project will probably be just as small -- maybe a little larger, but I'm working on more than just the text. There are many other things I will be working on as well, not just writing the modules.

This module and this Kickstarter is the start. Hopefully, it will lead to a long and interesting journey.

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