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Discussion about writing game supplements and setting sourcebooks, hypnosis, immersion, ocarina music, and why I write material for Mythras.
About The Author
Occultist, practitioner of chaos magic, Klingon teacher, Welsh language poet, ocarina player, Games Master. Mutant. I'm not into science fiction. I am science fiction.

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Mythras Modern - How Would You Like Your Stakes?

Imagine, now, a chargen session from a fairly standard fantasy roleplaying game. Pseudo-mediaeval background, all swords and horses, the bad guy's a sorcerer who wears a silk frock and lives in a tower at the edge of the country, they always look like this guy - and has Wrack:- and we need serious characters to take this guy seriously. So here's the conversation. Player: Okay, that's the characteristics and attributes rolled, er, culture, profession, skills, oh yeah

Alex Greene

Alex Greene in writing

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