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Discussion about writing game supplements and setting sourcebooks, hypnosis, immersion, ocarina music, and why I write material for Mythras.
About The Author
Occultist, practitioner of chaos magic, Klingon teacher, Welsh language poet, ocarina player, Games Master. Mutant. I'm not into science fiction. I am science fiction.

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A Look At ... Life's Long Consequences

And so it's time for another review of a Mythras adventure. This one is the first adventure to be attached to a Mythic title. In this case, it's Mythic Constantinople, a title I aim to review at some point in the future. For right now, let's take a look at this adventure by Mark Shirley. By the way, just in case, if you're planning on running this adventure, best to have a copy of Mythras and Mythic Constantinople handy. The opening paragraph of the blurb lays the story on the sho

Alex Greene

Alex Greene in writing

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