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Current Ideas for Glorantha Fan-Texts



During my time here on BRP I've come to more deeply enjoy the world of Glorantha, and may have gotten some understanding of some of its "secrets", the style with which the texts are often written, and arguably some of the intent behind them. While it's unlikely that anything I write down is totally in line with the canon, it would be fun to try my hand at making up some hopefully-engaging pieces, most likely some kinds of flash fiction and the like.

These are my current ideas, off the top of my head:

- How Moss Was Made and How Moss Died (Green Age, Greater Darkness Plant Myth)
- How Ygg Seastorm Saved The World (Greater Darkness Yggite Myth)
- The Tragedy of Shargash, Most Dutiful of Sons (Storm Age and Greater Darkness Shargashite Myth, possibly heretical, definitely secret).
- The Buraroxi of Northern Pent (Overview of Storm-worshipping Muskox pastoralists of Northern Pent, not based on Guide material).
- Yelmalio the Scapegoat (Low-tradition folktale of the Cold Sun's selfless sacrifice in the Greater Darkness, likely apochryphal).
- Rearguard Shale's Last Stand (Greater Darkness Praxian Myth, and guide to gaining spell based on said myth).

Not sure when/if they will be made, but I thought I might as well post it up so I don't forget about them.

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