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At The Crossroads

Lord Shag


Well its been quite awhile folks and I am entirely to blame for that. I won't bore people with the details except that I am on the move again residence wise, not as far as last time but a decent distance nevertheless. I had been hoping to finally upload BRP Star Wars in the next few weeks but I am going to defer once again. It does pain me to do this since I detest nothing more than vapourware and all sorts of needless spruiking and its partly due to my sensitivity to this issue that I am uploading a BRP conversion of Harnic beasts for our cohort of fantasy gamers that I have worked on to at least prove that I am actively working on stuff and not just a bag of wind! Rodney better known as our beloved threedsix from the forums can testify to my seriousness in regards the BRP star wars project since so far he is the only other person who has seen a working copy of it, albeit an earlier one.

During this summer the current version 1.2 has seen a fantastic amount of play testing from within my RPG group the problem is that the more i ran the games the less and less I was happy with the conversion. It just lacked that star wars feel that I wanted it to have and the more I played it the less i liked it. Considering that i have been working on this for a good 18 months this was somewhat of a bitter realization that I disliked my own spawn. Consequently the other night the group had a meeting and we discussed some ways to get some zip back into the conversion. A popular alternative was to mine the old d6 system for some inspiration. I have been busy doing so and I have identified some possible ways to bring some concepts from that system into the BRP system.

The dilemma is and this is the crossroads bit, is that its quite a bit of work to do those changes and I am kinda wanting to throw in the towel more than make them and just go back to playing d6. So I am thinking, thinking and thinking as to what to do. Even though I am unhappy with aspects of 1.2 and its still a bit rough in parts I might upload it anyway and see what people think. Let me know, and enjoy the Harn conversion.


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Before "throwing in the towel" so to speak, I would upload the current version. It was far from unplayable and the closest thing to a working conversion of Star Wars to BRP that I have ever seen. I think you may be too close to the project to really see how awesome it is. Maybe it is time to let the community enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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Thanks for the kind comments guys, I promise to keep on working on it. I have a window of opportunity before i start my new job in four weeks and I kind of got a bit of inspiration last night from members of my group so I'm going to dig deep here and push on.

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I’m all new here and all new to BRP, on the other hand I’m an old Star Wars buff, I have a complete set (or at least close to complete set) of all incarnations of this game. While I’m still just trying to get to know BRP (I have some experience with Mongoose’s RQ), I at once got a desire to try it for star wars… at the moment the only viable alternative is HARP SF, which while still a great game is a lot more limited (like all the d20 incarnations) than WEG D6, and a leveless BRP.

So, even though it might not count for much, I would love to see your conversion!

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Guest coreyzard


I don't know if you still check this site very often,

but I want those rules soo bad! I'm a giant Star Wars nerd and my group of friends loves BRP so naturally I'd love something that combines them...

Just saying, I'd love even an incomplete version of those rules! :D

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