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  1. Maybe instead of "slow down" I should have said something like "zoom in". What I was getting at is that while Basic Combat is loose and a little abstract, Advanced Combat goes into more detail, it shows every blow, hit, and wound with a lot more specifics. That's why I've been using AC for fights with important NPCs, and Basic for fights with hordes of mooks. EG: blazing through a dozen storm troopers, vs a one-one-one duel with Darth Vader.
  2. I did mean "now" as you note. That's what happens when I'm using my phone to browse the forum. OW and Rd100 are both great games, with different styles/focus. I can see using both of them depending on what sort of game I'm looking to run.
  3. I've got a weird-fantasy S&S game I was originally working on for Magic World. Magic, alchemy, strange Atlantean sorcery-science. I'm not putting it together for Rd100 and OtherWorlds.
  4. FWIW, while they were republished by Chaosium, none of those books had D100 stats. Indeed, they had no stats at all. They were published as stat-free books for use with any game.
  5. I was in 1000Buffalo's game last night, and it was my first experience using the full advanced combat rules. What I enjoyed most about it, was how there was a lot of tentative attacks at first, running around, jockeying for position, stabbing out and doing minor damage to opponents. But then all of the sudden, things turned grim, and a few solid hits ended the fight fast. Felt very realistic to me, not at all like the usual BRP experience of winnowing away hit points bit by bit until someone falls. Liked it a lot. Looking forward to playing with the AC rules a lot more in the future.
  6. Mr Monroe, i couldn't help but notice that the Faye of the Southern Reaches fit very nicely as the "unnamed" denizens of the Silent Lands beyond the Marshes of the Mist in the world of Elric.  When i first read Magic World, i instantly made this connection & thought wow!  This is great!  Some one actually articulated what has been churning half formed in my imagination for 30 years! :)

  7. Woo hoo! Well, I can tell you that we sold out of all the copies of Magic World we brought to GenCon, so that's something. I even was asked to autograph a few copies, which was kinda cool.
  8. "Where do 'must' and 'cannot' meet on the graph".
  9. Philistines. Robot Monster is clearly the Best Movie Evar. Great One: Earth Ro-Man, you violate the laws of plans. To think for yourself is to be like the hu-man. Ro-Man: Yes! To be like the hu-man! To laugh! Feel! Want! Why are these things not in the plan? Great One: You are an extension of the Ro-Man, and a Ro-Man you will remain. Now, I set you into motion. One: destroy the girl. Two: destroy the family. Fail, and I will destroy you!
  10. A little byakhee tells me that we're going to be recording it for broadcast later.
  11. In all honesty, in all the years I've played BRP-based games, I've never played a game where we used Statements of Intent at all.
  12. Yup. We're getting a few cases sent early to GenCon, but the books won't be available for a wide release until later in the fall.
  13. I'd just make up something where you infuse any object you wish with Solar Ka or something, and become attuned to it.
  14. Are you a frothing fanatical friend of Chaosium? Do you love to run games, host demos and tell people all about our awesome games? Then we want you to join the Cult of Chaos! Late last week we re-launched the Cult of Chaos! If you would like to join our happy little cult of Chroniclers, Keepers, & GM’s, check out http://www.chaosium.com/gamemaster-program/. For all our years of publishing, we’re still a small scrappy company that needs your help introducing new folks to our games. We look forward to working with you to grow the Chaosium Gaming Community for many years to come!
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