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This is just an introduction to the blog. I have been designing games since I was 10 when I decided D&D was good, but could be better. Once I was introduced to RuneQuest and BRP, I felt the system did a great job with what it was trying to do. It was only years later that I began thinking about what I would I change if given the chance. So here we are. I feel like this community will be invaluable for helping me achieve the kind of game I want to make. 




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I have much the same story as you. Played D&D since the late 70s. Made my way through more systems than I care to remember. Was never quite happy with anything I tried.

A few years ago I decided to design my own system and set to work. Came up with a good core rule set. Cruising other forums for advice, someone told me I was reinventing BRP, which I never even heard of. I found Trifletraxors wonderful site here and have been quite happy since. Hopefully you have the same success!


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