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Hello fellow gamers! Unified Powers is Akerbakk's first contribution to BRP Central.

This is a document that brings all powers from the BGB together in one place, eliminates redundancies, and assigns separate rulesets called 'Power Origins' to differentiate how characters use them. The ruleset is based on BRP from the BGB with some houserules. Most significant is that I added a characteristic, Awareness (AWA), and all Characteristic rolls are replaced with Attributes - this is to promote opposed roll mechanics wherever possible:

Attributes are percentile scores determined by a combination of two characteristics each. They collectively quantify your character’s mental, emotional, and physical resilience.


1.       Willpower =2(INT+POW)+10: Determines if the character’s mental focus will hold up. Use to resist mental probes and attacks and to avoid distractions.

2.       Composure =2(AWA+AFF)+10: Determines if the character will startle or balk under pressure or fear. Used when calm or levelheadedness is needed.

3.       Physique =2(STR+CON)+10: Measures the character’s overall health and fortitude. Used to resist injury, poisons, and diseases or for prolonged physical exertion or hardship.

Unified Powers is a draft, and comments/ideas are welcome!

What's New in Version 1.2.1


EVEN MOAR REVISED! What is included:

-Updated "Divine Magic" power origin for balancing.

-Added random power charts for "Super Power" origins.

-More clarifications to origin and power descriptions.

-Some balancing tweaks here and there to several powers.

-Formatting for clarity.


-1.2.1: Fixed page number references. Sorry!!

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11 hours ago, sladethesniper said:

Using this as the baseline in my new supers game!  Thank you!


Excellent! Please let me know how the game goes, and if any issues pop up.

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Greetings @DarcyDettmann and I'm glad you like the file! Each section talks about what is rolled to activate powers - Here is a redux for you.

Wizardry: Spell College (Alteration, Augmentation, Forces, Illusion, and Mysticism) skills are used. They begin at INTx1%.

Sorcery: Sorcery skill begins at POWx1%

Divine Magic: Faithcasting skill begins at POWx1%.

Psionics: Psionics (Bio-Feedback, Metacognition, and Psychokinesis) skills begin at POWx1%.

Super Powers: Generally none, but attribute or skill may be required in certain instances, especially opposed tests. If the "Activation" Budget Modifier is chosen for powers, you may use a Characteristic roll, or develop a "power" skill with a granularity that you feel appropriate. 

Hopefully I answered your question - if not let me know. If you use fixed percentiles for your game, I recommend anywhere between 01% and 10% as the base rating. Modify for your gaming pleasure :D

Edited by Akerbakk
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