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  1. Greetings, squamous ones. After playing D&D 5e for about six months, I am beginning to transition back to CoC. I just got Harlem Unbound, but haven't cracked it yet. Anyone running this bad boy? Any thoughts? All helpful opinions and suggestions welcome.
  2. So playing online for the past year, I can tell you that a great part of D&D online is how integrated their resources are. Want a monster? Click. Want to roll an attack? Click. Want to see how a spell works? Click. It's so easy, and it is an enormous time saver for the GM. I haven't looked at the BRP stuff on Foundry, but does it have that level of interactivity? Can you roll from the Golden Book? If Chaosium's BRP system could be supported on Roll20 in the same way that D&D is, it would be a game changer. The BRP system is better than Wizards for sure, but Wizards is easier to run, and easier to design with, in my opinion.
  3. Yeah, I like the 7e push rolls, and bonus/penalty die, etc. They are a clean rule set. Like many have said (well...some) I find RQ rules a bit too crunchy, but that's a style thing. I wish MW had more products and support, but I really do like it. BPR is infinitely user-friendly, so we can all do what we like and just enjoy playing.
  4. I was saying in a different thread, I think MW would be even better if it were updated to the 7E CoC rules/mechanics. I've been playing mini-Dreamlands campaign, and I cobbled together a combat flow chart for sword and shield fights, which would easily work with MW. But I love how easy it is to design and play MW compared to 5eD&D. It would be awesome if there was more stuff published.
  5. Greetings. I am writing a scenario for Down Darker Trails. I want the PCs to be stuck in a blizzard. Any thoughts on how to make environmental damage work, like long term exposure to cold and wind? Someone told me Children of Fear has that mechanic, but I'm not dropping $30 to look at one page! I was thinking CON save rolls at increasing levels of difficulty as the days go by.
  6. Runequest is a labyrinth into which I dare not enter.
  7. I find the 7e rules to be very well-thought out and workable. I've been using a sort of bastardization of Cthulhu: Dark Ages and the 7e CoC core rule book to make sword and shield combat doable in a Dreamlands setting. I do love me some Magic World, though!
  8. Any general thoughts on updating MU to the 7e rules?
  9. Parrying a missile weapon with a medium or large shield. Not arrows, but spears and rocks and what not. Makes sense if the PC can see the attack coming.
  10. I truly appreciate your help. I ended up making a 'sword and shield' combat flow-chart with a bit of 7e/Invictus mishmash. We'll see if it survives contact with my players!
  11. Brethren, I am using 7e, which I like very much. I am struggling a bit with figuring out how to run a certain kind of combat. I could use your help. Two warriors face each other. Both have a shield and chain mail. Both have a long sword. How does this run with dodge, parry, and shield knock backs? Where can I find the rules to figure this out? If someone was really, really, really nice and wanted to narrate a few rounds of this combat for me, using the things I've mentioned above, I would appreciate it.
  12. Helllooooo! I am running a BRP game on Roll20. I used the BRP option when setting my game up, which game me access to Magic World character sheets (which is great). Any other resources or suggestions I can add to my game? I wish oh wish that Yellow Book or the Magic World source book were available on Roll20, but they ain't.
  13. That's a totally fair point. I definitely didn't do my monster HW as a DM, and probably underutilized them.
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