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    Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine Has Chaosium considered doing a Kickstarter to get this on Roll20? The lack of content for BRP might be a chicken-and-egg issue. If you build it, they will come. I am pleased to see the design contest Chasosium is doing for BRP, but a great many people play online, and Roll20 is the big dog in VTT. I would love to use this system for all of my games, but we play on Roll20, and it is not supported at all (with the exception of a very rudimentary character sheet, as referenced above). Goodman Games just kickstarted their Dungeon Crawl Classics rules on Backerkit, and made plenty of money. You guys could do the same!
  2. Well, we have been playing Dragonbane for several months now, and my players and I really like it. We are playing on Roll20 due to geography and general middle aged guy stuff, and I have been quite pleased with how well supported Dragonbane is on that platform. AND: I can just add spells and monsters from any Chaosium game, like Magic World, Stormbringer, even Call of Cthulhu (not 7e because...someone decided that attributes would be 1-100 instead of 3-18, which is how GOD ORDAINED IT!) I love Chaosium, and I have loved Chaosium since I was 14 years old. Runequest looks lovely, but it's just not my jam, so Dragonbane is allowing me to play a Chaosium-style game, supported on a VTT, and compatible with all my stuff. My heart is full. Sometimes, I weep with joy.
  3. Thanks everyone. I am a Chaosium junkie: favorite game system for 40+ years! I am happy to find the Discord community!
  4. Hey, all. I just went to my first gaming convention since 1990(!) and I was bummed that Chaosium didn't have any kind of presence. Does the company do gaming conventions? Or maybe just the big ones? There were several hundred eager TTRPG gamers in attendance (Total Confusion). It was fun! Also, unrelated: Does Chaosium have a Discord channel?
  5. I have been playing Dragonbane, and I have found it very compatible with Magic World and Chaosium in general (I believe the original Dragonbane in Sweden was an iteration of BRP or Runequest). Dragonbane is fully supported on Roll20, not overly complex, and easy to run. I don't love their monsters, but I've been plugging in BRP monsters with little effort. Check it out!
  6. Brothers, I bear tidings from Sweden. The Free League game Dragonbane is based on an iteration of Rune Quest from way back when. Long have I wished for Chaosium to re-create a fantasy game like Magic World, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. This is a fantastic use of the BRP engine, with a few modern updates (pushing rolls, advantage and disadvantage, etc.) I think Rune Quest is a beautiful game with an incredibly well-supported world, but it's just not my jam. If you are of a mind, check it out! (And: I play tons of Cthulhu, so I am very happy to support Chaosium Games. You all are the best!)
  7. I sent an email to the president of Chaosium, and he said this book was in a list of other books that they are going to bring to Roll20, so that sparks total joy in my world! My favorite system, hands-down!
  8. Dude, this is gold. Thank you so much.
  9. It's cool. I've been playing 5e on Roll20 for a few years now, and it's really simple with D&D Beyond, the Beyond20 extension, etc. BRP is a much more narrative game, so it won't be such a big deal to do a bit more theater of the mind. Not having rollable spells is a bit of a bummer, but like you said, just roll the dice. Probably can cut and paste spell descriptions directly from PDFs, too.
  10. I am still trying to figure out the best way to run this system on Roll20. One year later, the best I can come up with is a lot of work on my part: creating monsters as characters (that is, making a character sheet for each monster I want to use), writing spell books that aren't rollable, adding a lot of PDFs. I wish Chaosium would update the Gold Book and get it on VTT. <Sigh>
  11. MOB, any updates on Chaosium and Roll20? Any more stuff coming out? Like...a compendium of some kind for BRP!?!?!? (wishful thinking....maybe?)


    Peace, friend.


  12. Here is my final decision: I bought some Kobold Press stuff on Roll20, but I'm going to skin it and use my Chaosium stuff as the engine. Should be interesting. When/if Chaosium comes out with a fantasy engine of some kind on Roll20, I'll happily switch to that. For now...I am adding monsters one at a time, and trying to figure out how to do magic so it doesn't slow the game down to a crawl.
  13. I think I'm just going to use Magic World as my base and go from there. I did a bastardized Dreamlands game (like CoC characters but with a fantasy feel) using CoC 7e and it worked fine. Thanks for all of the ideas and insights. This is a very helpful, nontoxic community, which is refreshing and rare!
  14. My brother, I started playing CoC in 1984. Great game. Trying to come up with a fantasy game. I love, love, LOVE Chaosium's system. Love. My favorite.
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