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  1. Looking for blank stat blocks for NPCs and monsters. I don't mind printing them, but an online fillable PDF for something would be great. Any suggestions? I am busily populating the Plateau of Leng. It is...unpleasant there.
  2. I don't know if I can bear it. I felt this problem bruin, and now hair it is. Fur sure.
  3. That's what I was thinking as well. Have a skill like Cast or something, that begins with INT+POW, and the PC can put skill points into it during the build.
  4. Thanks, fellow travelers of the multiverse. I was thinking more like: Introduction, Game Master's Information, Location 1, Important NPCs, Scene 1. Like that. I am well versed in game design (rail road vs. sandbox, linear vs. non-linear). I meant the actual headings for parts of an adventure. Ian, dude? That flow chart is just mean. Epic, but mean.
  5. Question about BRP: I was just reading the rules about wizards. If I am understanding the rules correctly... A magic user has a spell with an % equal to her INT. So, if she has blast, her initial skill with blast is 18%. During her character build, she can allocate additional points to make this skill more likely to be successful. Same with other spells she initially begins with. Right? But later in her career, she gains access to another spell (let's say flame). Her initial skill with flame is 18% (her INT). BUT, she has no additional skill points to allocate to this spell, right?
  6. Interesting. I have not played a system like HeroQuest before. Side not: the incredibly pretty blonde woman from Daredevil--Deborah Wall--runs a game on Twitch called Relics&Rarities. I think (?) they use a similar, "Less-Cruch-Is-Better" kind of game, but I could be wrong.
  7. Friends, what is the difference between these two games? They are both set in Glorantha but use different mechanics? Is Heroquest a different system than BRP?
  8. Greetings, hive-mind. I am curious if anyone has come across, or created, a BRP scenario outline? I do not have many BRP scenarios that I've bought, so I was wondering if anyone could point me toward a nuts and bolts adventure outline?Does Chaosium use a standard format, or is it pretty much individualized by each author? Is CoC the gold standard, or is it different for each world (Stormbringer vs. Pendragon vs. 7th Sea, etc.)? Thanks in advance. GothmogIV
  9. No, no, not at all. It’s just that they tend to die much more quickly than, say, D&D. I think I came up with a good idea for a solve! Thanks to all for the input.
  10. Hivemind, I need some ideas. I am about to start a 7e CoC campaign with my friends. Back in the olden days, we played 2nd ed. CoC and Stormbringer. I would like to try and create a multiverse campaign that springboards off of CoC. The PCs would have different avatars, or iterations, of their characters in different worlds (like the Dreamlands, a fantasy world, a sci-fi setting, etc.). Sounds cool, right? Michael Moorcockian. Here is my issue: the CoC guys die really, really easy. So I have them spin up a few variations of a central character (the main avatar would be in the Dreamlands, s
  11. Greetings all. New to the forums, but not to Chaosium (I bought the CoC boxed set 38 years ago!) It took me a train, a bus, and a long-ass walk to get to the store that had it, but man am I glad that I did. My friends and I played CoC and Stormbringer all through high school and college, then a few more times before jobs, lives, wives, and children caused us to fail our Resist Adulting rolls. With the current situation (Covid) we are back at it using Roll20. We started off with D&D5e, which has been fun but has its issues (overly complicated character builds, too much PC power, the Awokeni
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