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  1. Yeah, I like the 7e push rolls, and bonus/penalty die, etc. They are a clean rule set. Like many have said (well...some) I find RQ rules a bit too crunchy, but that's a style thing. I wish MW had more products and support, but I really do like it. BPR is infinitely user-friendly, so we can all do what we like and just enjoy playing.
  2. I was saying in a different thread, I think MW would be even better if it were updated to the 7E CoC rules/mechanics. I've been playing mini-Dreamlands campaign, and I cobbled together a combat flow chart for sword and shield fights, which would easily work with MW. But I love how easy it is to design and play MW compared to 5eD&D. It would be awesome if there was more stuff published.
  3. Greetings. I am writing a scenario for Down Darker Trails. I want the PCs to be stuck in a blizzard. Any thoughts on how to make environmental damage work, like long term exposure to cold and wind? Someone told me Children of Fear has that mechanic, but I'm not dropping $30 to look at one page! I was thinking CON save rolls at increasing levels of difficulty as the days go by.
  4. Runequest is a labyrinth into which I dare not enter.
  5. I find the 7e rules to be very well-thought out and workable. I've been using a sort of bastardization of Cthulhu: Dark Ages and the 7e CoC core rule book to make sword and shield combat doable in a Dreamlands setting. I do love me some Magic World, though!
  6. Any general thoughts on updating MU to the 7e rules?
  7. Parrying a missile weapon with a medium or large shield. Not arrows, but spears and rocks and what not. Makes sense if the PC can see the attack coming.
  8. I truly appreciate your help. I ended up making a 'sword and shield' combat flow-chart with a bit of 7e/Invictus mishmash. We'll see if it survives contact with my players!
  9. Brethren, I am using 7e, which I like very much. I am struggling a bit with figuring out how to run a certain kind of combat. I could use your help. Two warriors face each other. Both have a shield and chain mail. Both have a long sword. How does this run with dodge, parry, and shield knock backs? Where can I find the rules to figure this out? If someone was really, really, really nice and wanted to narrate a few rounds of this combat for me, using the things I've mentioned above, I would appreciate it.
  10. Helllooooo! I am running a BRP game on Roll20. I used the BRP option when setting my game up, which game me access to Magic World character sheets (which is great). Any other resources or suggestions I can add to my game? I wish oh wish that Yellow Book or the Magic World source book were available on Roll20, but they ain't.
  11. That's a totally fair point. I definitely didn't do my monster HW as a DM, and probably underutilized them.
  12. I played 3.0 twenty years ago. It was fine. Never touched 4th.
  13. I think it is, literally, that. By expressing an opinion--orcs are, in fact, not some racist trope--you are suddenly the enemy. Anyhow, I appreciate your comments. Like I said, I turned it all off. It was just too irritating. I am not a people person.
  14. I hear you 100%. I think what bugs me is bringing real world social pathologies into an escapist fantasy game. To me, complaining that fantasy monsters in a fantasy game played with fantasy characters are racist--in the same way that real world racism is a horrid, cancerous evil-- is a waste of time and energy. With regard to the wheelchair: Professor X is great! Do you think there needs to be specific rules in D&D 5e dealing with characters who are disabled? Like, 'turn to appendix 8 in the DMs Guide to see how to run a handicapped character?" I don't. If that's a part of someone's
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