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  1. Do you mind if I try to contribute? I found myself currently with no games going on and I think I could be useful to contribute in the project. Do you have some roadmap? I downloaded your system into my local FTT and i'm trying it out
  2. That's interesting, i used the map builder they have but never tried the vtt bc no Runequest support. Now i have an excuse to try it out Thanks 😊
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I did have those maps. What my trouble is in general is trying to "plan" the adventure. When in person whenever an encounter is possible I would just get a plastic foil with a grid on it and start to draw mayor features of the terrain with lots of improvisation. Here I feel I have to plan more ahead of time. If there is a possibility of the players are getting in combat with the SPRUL-PA while deciphering the labyrinth of the ruins surrounding the broken tower then I fell I have to prepare is as a map for Roll20 (or not)... I know I cant plan for everything but I'm undecided about this Yes... one of the thing I'm doing in the meanwhile is precharging the adventurers sheets there
  4. Hello everybody, First post here I'm trying to start a group new to RQ and I'm preparing the broken tower to play in Roll20. I'm trying to prepare handouts and combat maps for the different scenes but I'm pretty new to VTTs. Any recommendation on wich tool to use for the maps like the one in the tower? I could just give the map in the book as a handout but I want them to explore it before they know the whole layout of the ruins. Recommendations? Thanks in advance Pablo PD: I know I will try to make a proper presentation post in the future
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