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  1. It's the first birthday of The Voralans, which must be a good opportunity for a quick plug. It's only three copies away from being an Electrum best-seller, and wouldn't it be great to celebrate its birthday by getting it over that line? It's also now available with a $2.49 discount for anyone who buys my other book, An Unofficial Buyer's Guide to RuneQuest and Glorantha.
  2. Just looking at the list in the first post, there hasn't been an update for the Glorantha Skirmish War rules here for quite a long time. These are not a Chaosium product, but they are now quite far advanced: - The publisher is Mad Knight Miniatures - The rules and game aids were pretty far advanced back in September 2020 (Facebook public group here). - They brought in Neil Gibson to take over the layout in late 2023 and we got some glimpses of the rules layouts in November and December 2023 (Facebook closed group here, here and here).
  3. That Discord read-through has begun now, and will continue until September. Here's an updated 7-day invite to the server if anyone needs it: https://discord.gg/YmrZPCQ7
  4. I've added: The Lunar Way A new table of contents for the whole book Seven new pages listing RQ and Glorantha-related podcasts and video channels The book is now 75 pages (compare the first release, 60 pages). The section on podcasts and channels includes anything I thought was sufficiently interesting, but as always, if you have comments or additions - contact me at the email address given in the book, not here or anywhere else. Where a YouTube video channel includes more than just RQ and Glorantha videos, I've helped you out by creating my own curated playlist, so you can jump straight to a list of just what is relevant. If you want to be automatically alerted to future updates: click the FOLLOW button on this thread. And if you found the book interesting or enjoyable - please add a star-rating, and a review if you are feeling particularly kind. I could really do with a few more of these! http://tiny.cc/rq-buyers-guide
  5. This may or may not be an error, but ... Page 100-101: "The Dark Side" - this is an expanded version of the text in The Guide to Glorantha, page 726, where it is an in-world text attributed to Hrunth vi Osbonn, Azilos, circa 1620. Possible error: missing attribution. Not knowing that this is an in-world text will colour the reader's view of its veracity.
  6. In my mind, some parts of it might resemble the Si-o-se-pol and Khaju bridges.
  7. From The Lunar Way:
  8. Some fragmented thoughts, from a book on cult spirits started but not yet progressed very far: - spirits of paths that will aid those who befriend them and hinder those who do not; the latter may wonder quite why their journey through the same territory seemed to take so much longer; these spirits may take the form of someone or something that made the path, such as a deer for a hill trail - spirits of crossroads, which can again help or hinder but with regard to direction rather than time; a minority of these may hold the secrets to the direction not ordinarily visible, the spirit roads - spirits of wayfinding, bound forever to repeat a specific journey, they could be a helpful companion for any merchant unfamiliar with a particular trade route
  9. Just five days to go and people will be able to read the Etyries write-up in The Lunar Way. But I think it's fair to say now that it is presented very differently from Issaries. At a purely magical level, only Issaries has the magic to protect Markets, Etyries does not. Instead, her worshippers are the trade agents of the Empire: they run the caravans, they establish trading posts in other territories, they coordinate the trading bureaucracy inside Lunar territory. So from a character perspective, I'd suggest they always have the interests of the Lunar Empire in the back of their mind, and that will inform what they do.
  10. I don't imagine anyone has an index of where various significant personalities are illustrated across the great mass of published Gloranthiana? Because that would be marvellously helpful.
  11. What are the odds that at the end of all this there may be some spells in the RBoM without a published cult that uses them? I'm thinking specifically of the Sofali spells here, noting that it isn't on this admittedly non-definitive list.
  12. It will be via discord text channel. Someone will post a set of page numbers each week, and then people have all week to chat about it as they wish. So time zone doesn't really matter.
  13. For anyone who is interested, we will be running a week-by-week group read of The Glorantha Sourcebook on the Glorantha discord server, starting 26th May and running into mid-September. It doesn't matter which version you have, although note Nick's confirmation above that if you want the new version, you don't need to wait for it to come back into stock in print in the US. This invite link will expire after 7 days: https://discord.gg/vUEUBBHN
  14. These aren't gods, but I'm hoping we'll also get a mini-bestiary for all the various sea races that were left out of the RQG Bestiary.
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