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  1. If you put leaves on those bows and painted them green instead of mettaliic, you'd have acceptable Elf Bows. I hadn't been aware of that mins line. What are the other weapons you's have to swap out?
  2. I just started an online game, session zero is next Friday evening. I will say there are at least three Runequest Facebook groups, and I got my players through them. I will also say Chaosium's "online games getting started" page https://www.chaosium.com/online-gaming-getting-started/ is nice but not sufficient: It would be good to also have a single rallying point to generate a critical mass of players.
  3. I have found that in order to keep track of how I got to my final skill% result in character generation, It helped me to make a table (spreadsheet) for skills with these column headings: Skill Characteristic p.57 keep separate Base p.61 Cultural p.60-63 Occupa-tional History Cult (p.74) Personal (p.79) Total from base thru personal p.63-69 Having this record enabled me to (1) Take a break and come back to the task (2) recheck my work.
  4. The priest should sacrifice to earn more rune points. However I agree with your next line, " What we also need are strong scenarios that play heavily into community life." For most cults the priest's adventures should be community oriented, because the priest owes 90% of his or her time to the cult and presumably the community. That does not necessarily mean the priest stays close to home, though.
  5. Seems to me Thane is a rank. It's like Staff sergeant in the army. What do Staff Sergeants do? Sometimes they lead infantry squads, sometimes they may be platoon sergeants, sometimes lead platoons when the company is short on people. They may be tank commanders. They may lead survey parties. They may lead howitzer or missile firing sections, but they may also be Chief of Firing Battery if you have no SFC. Sometimes they are a supply sergeant, or a mess sergeant, or a motor sergeant. Staff sergeant is a rank, not an occupational specialty or a job description. Similarly,
  6. Impressive stuff. Will the first 1,000 be signed, numbered copies? I await the book (s).
  7. I have not personally experienced a good role-play of Sacred Time, and this is probably a challenge to most GMs. So I'm definitely not speaking from authority here, but- It seems to me that how deep your players get into the Sacred time ceremonies depends on (1) How "realistic" [true to the Gloranthan background] you want to be, and (2) their status in the community. If you really want to treat them as junior members of the community then they are not going to take the role of Orlanth. That's for a rune level. The player's first Sacred Times as an initiate, they are likely to be
  8. I don't claim to know which is the "correct" way to handle it, but i will tell you that recently in play option 2 was what I did because 2 seemed the obvious way to handle it. Both the fear and the rune got ordinary successes, seemed roughly in balance, and so my character fought with a projectile weapon but did not move forward until someone else led the way, an event which I interpreted as an additional motivation. And then threw a javelin, did not charge to melee but instead received the attack.
  9. that would seem to require invention of an anhinga saddle or collar - as i don't see attachment points for anything on this sleek looking bird.
  10. Wooden axles! It was good enough for the Egyptians, so it should be good enough for the Ducks. As for reinforcement - at most, some rivets. " Tires were of leather": https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2015/11/02/egyptian-chariot-warfare/ Of course some inentiveness and adaptation would be necessary to make an amphibious chariot.
  11. The frog pictured above looks capable of pulling a small amphibious chariot. I have doubts about a two- or more frog chariot though, because training your frogs to pull as a team would challenge an amphibian's low INT. And duck cavalry (froggelry?) mounted on frogs that big should be capable of some tremendous jumps. This opens up a whole new realm of cavalry tactics: When confronted by a phalanx, they jump over it and take it in the rear.
  12. Have you considered selling frameable copies / posters of some of this art? Just a thought. Anyway, these new items are hereby budgeted on my end.
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