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  1. It seems to me that the costs of production of the various types of potions are equal - no difference between Healing and Cure Soul Waste - , because: If you follow the process in Red Book of Magic (same as in Cults of Prax) what any plant found, and a resulting potion, does is random. So the same amount of work produces any type of potion, though extra work and magic may make them more potent. 30% of the results are for wounds, 20% for poisons, 50% for various diseases. Subject to a shift through the Rune spell Refine medicine, but it seems to me that rune spells are expensive enoug
  2. A lot, but it appears it hasn't been written. i was asking for use in my campaign, I can create things, - did create some names of clan chiefs and priests - but don't want to contradict canon and would rather run with things that have already been written, if they have already been written. Also other people often think of cooler stuff than I do.. I will be glad of the Sartar pack this winter - but last week and this week I'm using what i have.
  3. Yes, i should have expanded the question to include cure - disease potions too. However the healing potion is still a nice thing in a magic fight, where you may want to spend your personal MPs on offensive and defensive spells and a potion may be more available than a MP storage crystal. Not every GM gives crystals out like Cracker Jack prizes. Soltkass's reminder about the Book of Doom is a good one. The textual discussion is long and involved, but the tables give easy answers on a per- POT basis. I will say my personal take on it in accord with the RBOM table on finding hea
  4. Notwithstanding the "Cost of healing potions in New Pavis' thread from 1999, I am curious whether anyone has a formula or model for the cost and price of potions in Runequeest Glorantha. That previous thread was, as the OP requested, centered on RQ2. And as mentioned there, the cost of potions in the RQ2 rules was both ambiguous and inflated by the magical rewards in RQ2. But RQG announces deflation. And does not (subject whatever is in to the forthcoming gods book or the GM book) have any formula for price of potions or alchemy. Now, this past week when I GM'd a transaction
  5. Any more on Alone since 2019? I found a little skimpy bit of material in The Coming Storm - much less than i see above here. I ask because I'm planning a game which will take the party into Alone, though not to stay.
  6. As written, "most' are cowards. There is a problem with their being fierce warriors: They don't have the SIZ or ST to mix it up in melee on land. Negative hit bonus and high strike rank. However your non-typical Humakti duck might just slice and dice you. So folks who assume that of ALL ducks and proceed to bully them are playing Russian Roulette.
  7. So now that it is an Electrum best seller, is there a prospect of going Print On Demand?
  8. Or how about modifynig your character's name, with an added syllable suffix. Sort of like "junior" or 'senior"? Besides that, in these forums I recently found Jeff's write-up on Orlanthi names- dated Feb. 11, 2020. Link:
  9. I would think the restriction really begins at initiate level: RQG p.274 "Initiation into a cult is a serious step, for individuals thereby pledge themselves to the focus of a single divine entity. Unlike lay members, who have association with other cults, initiates may partake only of rituals in their own cult and its associated and friendly cults." So are Orlanth and Elmal friendly? That's a big N If Elmal is Yelmalio, as people have discussed, [https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/13636-some-questions-about-the-lismelder-and-yelmalioelmal/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-212855 But
  10. I take it not much more then, Except that i did re-read The Coming Storm, and found some more material on the Culbrea tribe: Fox Hollow, town in the Lorthing Valley (visited by the Crimson Bat in 1619 according to SC) (seat of the Culbrea king, TCs p.63; p.568 says Ranulf turn-Tail is king at this time)) (p.93, Ranulf’s hall is rich the lunars keep him in power) (Thane Orlmarl the charioteer may or may not be here p.97 TCS, often in exile) Lorthing Valley described p.68 TCS, “heart of the Culbrea tribe”, Barlamani clan in N,; Culbri clan in fox hollow) (Two-pine clan is far n cl
  11. Looks to me as if it might be time to re-publish "Dorastor, Land of Doom" as a Runequest Classic. Why? isn't it a PC-killer, likely to grind up Rune levels and spit them out? So i hear ... and my players would never go there... but Amazon has it posted for $790! https://www.amazon.com/Dorastor-Land-of-Doom-Runequest/dp/1560380748/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Dorastor%2C+land+of+doom&qid=1621742022&sr=8-1 You could cut that price in half and still break even pretty quickly if it sold - or to 1/20th as a PDF!
  12. Has anyone written anything about the Kheldon and Culbrea tribes and the area SE and E of Boldhome, pre-Dragonrise? Including Heroquest material, because that seems to be where this area has gotten the little love it has?? I have been looking at the map p.9 of The Coming Storm (TCS): Kheldon has the Sambari to the west, Boldhome at its NW corner, Culbrea to the north. Dundealos to the south. No detail. And at p.6 of Sartar Companion (SC) which is at a smaller scale - and most of the features in that area of this map are evidently not significant enough to be indexed in Guide to Glor
  13. I've been seeing it too. i was wondering whether the problem was my own machine, or my ISP, but you've taken a load off my mind, Bill the Barbarian.
  14. Nick Brooke, thanks for the link to the Masters thesis. I am reading it now - i also note that Rome was Iron Age, and the little I have read about Bronze Age economics indicates it was less monetized: more temple, village, and clan based, more emphasis on trade in favors than trade for cash. Even though the origin of banking is Bronze Age, and the origin of long distance trade is Stone Age. So when I think about Gloranthan economics, although I may calculate in money, I try to remember that money is a New Thing, and that giving a feast or a luxury or any other benefit to an
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