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  1. Helmet beetle stats - Bestiary guard beetle stats say 6 point chitin. It doesn't give stats for helmet beetles. The beetle types in general take stats from guard beetles, though ham beetles are listed and given 2 point chitin. However most are larger than the helmet beetle description. Trollpack - it's actually "Helmet weevils", in a list of insects but no stats on that page: " HELMET WEEVIL These beetles are raised in heaps of large nuts in the Kingdom of Night. Their armor is tough enough to withstand a sword thrust, and the trolls use their shells for head plates. " It i
  2. How can they tell who is illuminated? divination?
  3. Just reading Trollpack, and the question occurred to me: How tough is a helmet beetle shell helmet? How heavy? Or is it dependent on workmanship, that is its hit absorption could go anywhere from 2 to 6 depending on the crafter? RQG p. 235 helmet classes depend both on the material (leather or plate) and the coverage of the helmet. Material design Absorbs ENC Leather hood or hat 1 0,5 Leather cap 2 0.5 Plate composite helm 3 0.5 Plate
  4. Entertainer on RQG p.66 has +30% for all of dance, sing, and play instrument. This seems to me to correspond to a video of a Turkish epic poem being performed that I saw a long time ago. The editorial that came with it included the opinion that Homeric poetry was originally performed the same way. In which case memory would indeed be an important item for the performer. Wish I could find a link for that video - it was probably pre- personal computer. Well here is a link to a similar performance, Manas: And a second link to a scholarly beckground video. If the mo
  5. I believe the elemental runes start at 60%, 40%, and 20%, you choose which rune get which %. Look at RQG page 45, Step 3 Rune Affinities, / elemental runes / Choosing your elemental runes, 2nd sentence of the first paragraph. Then you get to add in cultural rune bonuses. And maybe some from your family and individual history. For any runes besides those three you can gain them in play, when the GM says you can take 10% in Plant rune that's it.
  6. That's a nice catalog of sub-adventure hooks. The decision for a party to attempt long distance trade is one thing, but you have listed the daily or seasonal obstacles and exercises of ingenuity which are the subject of play, in other words adventure hooks for each session. This is good advice, and thank you.
  7. I love your story, Styopa! That's why the great big matrix approach is a dead end. Not because it won't work, but because we all have something better to do than make that world sized matrix. Like actually play and have a life. So make the players, not the GM, worry about whether a given trade route will actually pay. They can discover that step by step, while if we discuss it to a conclusion the GM can employ a page worth of simple rules and not build the world machine matrix. (Is the Mostali problem with fixing the world machine something similar?) Your story makes me think o
  8. Skill roll - supplemented by observation. That is, if the player or party roleplays going there, then the GM who operates the world should decide what they may see and evaluate as valuable back home. With a bias toward spotting something and perhaps more things the more exotic the environment. On the other hand if the player wants to ask some other merchant who goes there to bring something back - that's a Lore roll to know about it. Iron sword? Rare and valuable anywhere, but more available and slightly less rare near dwarves who produce iron. So moving the iron sword from Pamlt
  9. Oh, I had no problem roleplaying it. But the GM just couldn't stand it and found it a distraction from what he wanted to do, got angry. It wasn't a "solve though roleplaying" issue. I'm no longer in that campaign.
  10. I have recently noticed that in Volume II of Guide to Glorantha, page 470, there is a table of "Important trade goods' by region (imports and exports). This is at the end of the "The oceans" chapter. It is at the level of "Dragon Pass", "Holy country", "Lunar Empire", "Teshnos", so is pretty macro. It is an inset in a larger section that has paragraphs discussing various trade goods. So it's not as if there is NO canon attention to trade. I applaud Ian_W's opening post, which does point to " Campaigns where merchanting is a thing ". He's not trying to force it on you if you don't
  11. Thinking about that- In the context of the Recent Unpleasantness (Lunar conquest through Dragonrise) many young women might reach initiation age with revenge on their minds. Conquering armies often commit atrocities, you've just come off the destruction of Whitewall, the Lunars got as far south as Nochet - I can see this as a situation likely to produce child soldiers in the Real World definition. Their first choice in those years just might be Babeester Gor. Then gods help you if you run into them. They've not been lectured on the law of war.
  12. It's a matter of taste, I suppose: Each heroquest or even heroquest "station" as its own rune spell. It's hard to add to your stock of rune spells, as I understand it this generally happens when you sacrifice POW, which is slow to get and even slower when you are at the high levels who will survive heroquesting. So it seems to me this channels the character into being a specialist in one particular cult legend or even slice of legend, and steers them to repeating one quest. I had thought of my characters' goals as including expanding their cult lore in general, as part of their general go
  13. Sent my email reply Sept, 2d, Jajagappa.
  14. I am up for that new game. Yes, PM me. guidance on character generation, or premade?
  15. I like it. Don't feel comfortable with some of it, love many other pieces, but it is presented as a buffet you can choose from, and has copious references in its bibliography.
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