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  1. We don't yet know that much about it, so maybe it is? I guess 'Hoplite' could be another name, denoting warrors of the time. Archean could work….or just Hellas? Anything but 'Before Iron' though for me - ok for a working title but way too bland on it's own for a full release. It could be a subtitle though - like Hellas: Before Iron perhaps. But y'know, I prefer Myrmidon.
  2. TrippyHippy

    RQG 3 Book Slipcase Pre-sale?

    I bought the PDFs of each of the Core Rules, Bestiary and Gamemaster's pack (from the Chaosium site). I wasn't able to get the physical copy of the corerules (out of stock), but would each of these PDF purchases be discounted from the cost of the whole slipcase? Or would I have to purchase each physical book separately?
  3. TrippyHippy

    RPGNet review of KAP 5.2

    Personally, I don't think a 'mixed party' would be good for the game.
  4. TrippyHippy

    RPGNet review of KAP 5.2

    Yep, I don't know an awful lot about it as of yet, but the commentary said they'd found a way to make it work - so that means gameplay could be quite different.
  5. TrippyHippy

    RPGNet review of KAP 5.2

    My understanding is that there will be an expansion/sister game coming out at some time where you can play magician characters. However, I agree that the tight focus of the game around Knights allows for a more authentic and deeper experience for the core game.
  6. TrippyHippy

    Beyond the Mts of Madness

    This is excellent news! Also, any plans on releasing a series of scenarios about mittens?
  7. TrippyHippy

    Beyond the Mts of Madness

    Rick, is there any mileage in revising the Lovecraft Country line, or doing more scenarios/campaigns that are extensions/sequels or even prequels for actual Lovecraft tales? I have to say, Beyond the Mountains of Madness was pretty awesome.
  8. TrippyHippy

    Beyond the Mts of Madness

    This happened the first time it was released and went out of print. You can still buy the PDF at drivethrurpg if you want. There was a mooted, though not official, hint that a second edition may occur some time down the line, but no announcements have been made. I, for one, would pay for a Mitts of Madness scenario - wherein gloves of an ancient evil design, casts clouds over the sanity of the wearer whenever it gets a bit snowy and cold.
  9. I prefer the title Myrmidon, personally, as it is congruous to a series of related games: Pendragon, Paladin, Mymidon, Samurai, etc. I wonder if the mooted Book of Magic, for magicians set in Pendragon's setting, will be a stand-alone game or a direct supplement?
  10. This just made 2019 something to really look forward to to me!
  11. I communicated with Stewart Wieck on the matter before he sadly passed away. It was definitely something he was thinking about.
  12. Regarding The Great Pendragon Campaign, while you can get it on POD, it deserves an update. Additional material has been written for it, while the original page count had to be compromised at the time meaning certain things - most notably an index - couldn't be fitted it. Moreover, Pendragon 5.2 has had something of a makeover in terms of layout and design, and I could see this as a good thing for GPC too.
  13. Yeah, but it's stuck inside the Mythic Worlds section with other titles. It could be on it's own seperate and distinct forum, alongside RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu.
  14. This is good news, although I am still a bit anxious about getting my Kickstarter stuff - will Paladin and Mort D'Arthur and, to a degree, the Aquelarre campaigns be delivered shortly? I already have Prince Valiant. Beyond that, this is really good news - Pendragon is basically the best set of fantasy rpg rules out there, in my opinion, and the setting and writing is sublime, naturally. The development plans outlined by David Larkins earlier in the year are also really something to get excited by. Moving on, ought Pendragon, Prince Valiant, Paladin (and potentially Myrmidon, Samurai, etc) have their own forum section now?
  15. TrippyHippy

    Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?

    Punk is 70s more than 80s, if you live in the UK at least. 80s was a post-punk era. In terms of the original proposition, I think most of the themes encountered in the original cyberpunk genre are largely integrated into the mainstream now, but the transhumanist science fiction to me is basically just an evolution of cyberpunk ideas.