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  1. I think the biggest shame is that there isn’t any edition of the game in print that still includes the full Call of Cthulhu short story by Lovecraft anymore.
  2. It does look nice. It may just be outside of my budget though as I am holding out for Pendragon. Chaosium ought to win an award for physical design - the RuneQuest Starter Box and now this.
  3. It makes total business sense to maximize the market and if the previous versions of the game still have an appeal, then they are still an asset worth selling. It doesn’t undermine 7E sales to have earlier editions still available. Many gamers own both, some only one or another, but they wouldn’t necessarily buy CoC products at all if their preferred version wasn’t there. Regarding dissatisfaction regarding 7E, I would regard myself as a critic (not going to bring up why again here), but still a customer of it. However, the re-release of the Classic 2E box is not really figured into that criticism as much as I love the idea of having it, but it isn’t a replacement of the current edition. That is, my criticism is more in the line of ‘I think they could have done some things in 7E differently’ rather than hankering over the past.
  4. Oh, well, in that case, maybe it is due to an update or an imminent PDF release of an earlier edition?
  5. To understand that statement you have to quote it in the full context it was written in.
  6. I suspect Cthulhu Britannica London will be a best seller, and it will be interesting as to how it is formatted.
  7. PbtA possibly, but unlikely to be 2D20 as that is a house system for Modiphius. I’m not sure Modiphius would see The Laundry as a likely money spinner for them. To be honest, though, I think part of The Laundry’s appeal was it gave another spin on the Cthulhu Mythos which contrasted nicely with the traditional Call of Cthulhu game. It is what caught the eye. If they converted it to another system, I doubt it would be that much of a financial success.
  8. Ah right. Considering that was a message from 2017, I wouldn’t hold out for anything then. I was just wondering because it was a BRP game, of a Cthulhu-esque set of spy thriller/comedy novels, which might have been an intriguing line for Chaosium to do in the same way Rivers of London is.
  9. Actually, on the matter, would there be any plans to pick up and re-release The Laundry?
  10. That’s a pretty impressive haul of material to republish. Good purchase.
  11. I’ve been waiting for almost a year for this movie to come to New Zealand. I believe it was NZ’s Weta company that provided the effects, so one can only think it is a marketing issue. I note that there has been some criticism from Pendragon fans about whether it sticks completely with the plot of the poem, but I do think that movies are a different medium (and Arthurian tales are usually open to interpretation and cultural adaptation anyway). Regardless, I think any attempt to create an authentic feeling adaptation is something I want to watch. As opposed to a Guy Ritchie adaptation, say.... Here’s hoping the cinematic release comes soon to NZ. Might be the best Authurian adaptation since Excalibur. Possibly.
  12. Along with Dune, this is the major movie I want to see this year.
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