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  1. It remains to be seen, although the beauty of doing it as a Kickstarter is that if it fails to register enough interest it doesn’t happen and Chaosium lose nothing from trying. However, although I think you are right that it doesn’t have a beloved edition status in the way RQ2 does, I think there are still a number of fans who like collecting classic editions to make it happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Worlds of Wonder gets a kickstarter too in the near future.
  2. So, to get this clear in my head, the things we can expect to buy or back over the next year for Pendragon include: - A Kickstarter for the Classic 1st Edition Box set - Hmmm....not sure, yet. Definitely liked the Classic release of Runequest 2E. However, that is my preferred version of Runequest. A Pendragon box set with large maps though.....hmmm - A Starter Box King Arthur Pendragon - Some people love box set starter sets, and the starter set for CoC was well done, but I don’t really think they are aimed at me. - A new 6E KAP Corebook with whatever changes are happening in
  3. * Experience checks I think it is part of my sessions, generally in roleplaying, that all players like to make checks in experience or personal improvements after every session as a routine. So, on that basis, any successful use of a skill during a session is checked. Obviously, this needs to be tallied to the storylines and sessions you run, but I think it is worth noting that Pendragon campaigns run on the idea that every session occupies a whole year of game time, while the general mortality of characters in many ways curtails the development of characters that develop too fast anyway
  4. Both of you seem to be under the assumption that I don't know this or that I have an attitude about this. As far as I am concerned, when I have actually played Pendragon with women I know, we have had no problem about them playing whatever they want. This is not the irony here. It is a tenet of feminism that both men and women are equal. To say that women should be treated as if they are equal is therefore a sexist statement, because it implies that they aren't equal. However, creating a game based upon the society depicted in old books, that reflect feudalism as much as anythi
  5. No. According to me, there is an irony to be found in trying to interpret an inherently sexist piece of literature through the lens of modern values. I apologise for finding humour in an area you cannot. I haven't complained about any npc - you appear to have the wrong person here.
  6. So, in order for us to not be sexist in our gaming, we must all treat women as if they are equal? Right?! 🤪 I’ll get my coat...but I’ll probably pick up Pendragon and related stuff in the coming future.
  7. Please, please, please give all due respect to Greg Stafford’s Pendragon and The Great Pendragon Campaign with whatever direction you choose to take this game. It is, in my view at least, the very best fantasy roleplaying game ever penned.
  8. Are the POD books going to go through drivethrurpg or some other company?
  9. Aquelarre is a gem, although its not pure BRP - just very familiar for those who play BRP and is clearly influenced in its design. My understanding is that it is being distributed by Chaosium, after being translated by Nocturnal games into English for a Kickstarter (which has since been fulfilled). I don’t know its current ownership status, but would suggest that the original Spanish game has its own writers and production team, so they are likely to be it.
  10. The main one I want is an updated Cthulhu by Gaslight.
  11. There is far too much material and development left to do in this current edition and, if sales are good, it would be folly to break all that for a new edition at this stage. Debates about specific rules pale into insignificance when you consider the whole picture. What we want is updated and new material - of which we know this is all in the pipeline anyway. That said, 2021 will be a 40th Anniversary for Call of Cthulhu, so it could be an idea to make a special publication - whatever that would be - to mark the occasion.
  12. This is a question, notably asked on April 1, that could quite authoritatively be answered using emojis.
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