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  1. Traveller is inspired by classic science fiction - especially Asimov, Heinlein and Herbert. Star Wars also draws some influence from the same writers and so there is some overlap. Both Star Wars and Traveller came out in the same year (1977), but were entirely independent of each other in terms of development. There is a reasonable argument that Star Wars' huge success gave Traveller a lot of impetus in it's early sales as it was the closest facsimile that gamers had to running something like Star Wars at the time. It's a similar tale to Call of Cthulhu possibly being boosted by the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark also coming out in the same year (1981).
  2. Thanks for the info. I am interested - mainly because of the writer at this stage. Is there any information of what broad science fiction it will be - space opera, or otherwise?
  3. TrippyHippy

    Masks Slipcase is now available

    I got it yesterday. I've not taken the plastic sheet off it yet, as I want to do the honour at my group meet. It's our next major campaign. By golly, though, it's huge. It's bigger than the CoC slipcase! And that's not including the prop box I bought with it too.
  4. I wasn't suggesting that Chaosium produce a generic science fiction book, just pointing out that Star Trek and Star Wars were not genres - and then giving examples of different types of science fiction genre. People can argue with the classifications chosen as they wish.
  5. Star Trek and Star Wars aren't genres, they are specific intellectual properties. The genre in both cases is space opera, although the TV aspect of Star Trek make it more episodic (and generic to an extent - with a different narrative each episode), whereas Star Wars operates on a cinematic, overarching story. If you are talking about science fiction genres, then we should consider things like: Space Opera - Star Trek, Star Wars, Traveller Dystopia - 1984, Cyberpunk, Post Apocalyptic, Phillip K. Dick, Black Mirror, etc Time Travel + Alternative History - including planetary romance, retro-sci-fi, steampunk, Doctor Who, etc Hard Sci-Fi - 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, 2300AD, certain takes on Transhumanism, certain types of miltary sci-fi, etc
  6. TrippyHippy

    How long till the Masks of Nyarlathotep slipcase?

    I recieved my email for the coupon this morning, but my mac had deleted ithe contents. 😣 Fortunately, I had another device I could trace back the message from. 😀 Now it's ordered! 😎
  7. Just as it says in the title really - was the physical slipcase meant to be released later October/early November? Any news?
  8. TrippyHippy

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    I woke this morning here in NZ to this news, and it's very sad. Deepest condolences to Greg's friends and family. In all the interactions I've ever had or seen with him and others, he's been a real gentleman. He is, of course, a gaming god, and one hopes that he finds his place up there where he belongs. Regardless, his legacy in gaming is huge and will continue for a very long time.
  9. TrippyHippy

    Mythras Character Creation Workbook

    I found this useful - it'd actually be worthwhile integrating it into the Mythras Imperative packs actually. I'm not sure I ever did ask why the points spend on Characteristics were reduced to 75 though..?
  10. TrippyHippy

    Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

    The 1920s reference and visuals do give of a Cthulu-esque vibe, but in the context of a potential market this is not a bad thing. The setting detail and premise is quite original though, and it's married to a strong system and appealing layout, as well as the art (which is quite inspired). Looks really promising to me.
  11. TrippyHippy

    Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

    This looks interesting. :)
  12. TrippyHippy

    HPLHS Gamer Prop Set for Masks

    I've had mine in NZ, but delivery is based upon when you made your order - primarily - rather than location. I made my pre-order back in June. Actually, when can we expect the physical copies of the Masks campaign slipcase to become available?
  13. TrippyHippy

    HPLHS Gamer Prop Set for Masks

    The new edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep - which you can get as a PDF currently (it is spectacularly good), with the physical slipcase set being released sometime soon.
  14. TrippyHippy

    HPLHS Gamer Prop Set for Masks

    I've recieved mine. It's excellent, and I can't wait for the radiotheatre release and the slipcase campaign. I've also just recieved a second box - I think it's another kit, which was lost in the post previously - which I'm guessing I need to send back!
  15. TrippyHippy

    RQ vs D&D

    Nope. Beliefs in magic are real, in a historical, mythical, paradigm sense - whether or not they are real in a physical reality sense. Runequest has a better understanding of that.