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  1. The Great Pendragon does detail some good faerie lore and scenarios. Tales of Magic & Miracles also had some good faerie tales too. Following on, and it's not a Pendragon supplement per se, but there is some excellent material in Ars Magica RPG supplements for various editions, generally entitled "Faerie" or "Faeries" or "Realms of Power: Faerie" respectively. All are very well researched, atmospheric and useful for Pendragon games. Note that the Ars Magica historical period is nominally late 12th century, although Pendragon's Authurian setting is anachronistic anyway, so it won't matter much. I also prefer the faerie realms to be quite dark and weird in my games, akin to the "Chaos realms" of other game settings. As such, there could be some inspiration here too.
  2. Knights can do anything in armour. In the Excalibur movie, they even had sex in full plate armour!
  3. Well, there is the writings of Robert W. Chalmers, who is referenced through Call of Cthulhu too, and to be honest there is enough scope in CoC to do most gothic horror tales. TSR dd make a Masque of the Red Death box set for it's Ravenloft, based on the Edgar Allen Poe story, although it had little to do with that story, truth be told. Other games have close influences - like Vampire: The Masquerade being similar to the writings of Anne Rice or Kult being similar to the writings of Clive Barker. Ken Hite's Night's Black Agents directly references Dracula in a campaign too. There isn't many as a result of direct licensing though. As much as anything, I think many horror writers tend to write individual stories rather than trying to create an overarching mythos. It would be quite difficult to create a unified 'Worlds of Stephen King RPG' for example, because the stories he tells aren't really connected in terms of backstory.
  4. I’ve got the physical copy of King Arthur Pendragon, as I backed Aquelarre ages ago, and Prince Valiant and Paladin and the Mort d’Arthur book set. I requested that it could be sent as soon as any shipment made it possible, so it arrived with Prince Valiant. I am thankful for that, although I do note lots of people are still waiting on it.
  5. It's a good sentiment, and I would welcome more traffic here. I'm not sure it's true that most new players to any game actually go looking for it online though. I think the percentage of players who discuss games online is but a fraction of the whole.
  6. I backed Prince Valiant, as much as anything, because I regard it as a seminal RPG that influenced a lot of future game designs and I collect classic games like that. It's also a beautiful book which is well written. I've not played it though. I did intend to this year, when I take a break from running the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign and playing in a short Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign. So maybe in the next month or two (although I have a list of games I want to run/play in). My analysis of Prince Valiant, certainly compared to King Arthur Pendragon, is that it's more of a one shot, pick up and play game. It has simpler mechanics and is easier to run off the cuff, while I don't think it really sets itself up for long term, multi-generational campaigns like KAP does. The comic strip elements are also novel, and again I haven't really read them, but I like the appeal of running slightly more gonzo, unhistorical Aurthorian adventures in the mode of Conan or He-Man ("By the Power of the Grail!"). I would ask, how do people flip their coins? All at once, or individually one after another? .
  7. Our group have been playing the new edition of Masks of Nyalathotep with the Pulp Cthulhu rules. The campaign has been going pretty well, but compared to my memory of playing through the campaign in earlier times, it seems less deadly. This, one would argue, is the point of beefing up the characters and so on, but to lend a criticism the reduced likelihood of character death and generally increased competance in violent situations does change the tone of the adventures somewhat. Character deaths may be unpallatable to some groups, but it adds a degree of punctuation to the pacing and makes them feel more horrific. When the characters are more competant it feels like a slightly different story you are telling. That is, it becomes more of an action-adventure tale than a horror tale. For Masks, again, some would argue this is entirely appropriate, but yet again, it just feels a little different to previous experiences. The other point I'd note is that the new game rules of 7E feel more 'complete' in terms of what I think the creators were trying to do, when you put them in the full context of the additional rules found in Pulp Cthulhu.
  8. Physical appearance is such a pervasive, and empowering aspect of the real world that it seems curious that APP doesn't have much utility in a modern game. It should really form the basis of most social skills, and have a general influence over any human reaction or encounter. People with a high APP should be able to draw attention, open doors and compel weak-minded fools to do foolish things. Low APP should find the opposite is true, although in a practical sense, having a very average, non-descript APP should have the advantage of carrying out discrete actions without being noticed.
  9. Thanks, I want to get my order in quickly to ensure they don't sell out (the core book had when I tried late last year). I bought the PDFs from the Chaosium site already, so hopefully this gets offset against the overall cost which is an incentive in itself, but I've discussed it with my playing group and we have an idea for a campaign a bit later in the year (after we've finished Masks of Nyarlathotep, actually).
  10. When is the slipcase due to become available, if it hasn;t already been said? I am actually waiting with readied funds.
  11. The system is the same, as far as I can see. The material of the setting is expanded and the presentation made colourful though.
  12. Mythic Aztecs is a bit of a surprise - I hadn't thought it would have been released ahead of Mythic Greece for example - but a welcome one. Basically, I like all the 'Mythic' book line, and hope we get many more. I honestly don't know much about Aztec culture or history, so it'll be an education anyway.
  13. We don't yet know that much about it, so maybe it is? I guess 'Hoplite' could be another name, denoting warrors of the time. Archean could work….or just Hellas? Anything but 'Before Iron' though for me - ok for a working title but way too bland on it's own for a full release. It could be a subtitle though - like Hellas: Before Iron perhaps. But y'know, I prefer Myrmidon.
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