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  1. Actually, this presents one reason why inverting the process of experience checks may work better. That is, you check a skill every time you fail a roll but then have to roll under the skill value at the end of the session to be able to improve. Mathematically, it is the same, but it avoids the spending Luck issue - you can spend the Luck to succeed but not be able to learn from it as you would if you failed and then self-analysed it.
  2. Well, it is technically not related but Chaosium also made a statement about movement on the long standing fulfilment of the Morte D’Arthur and companion books Kickstarter recently. Printing and distribution is clearly very challenging still for the company, but progress is being made and hopefully, we’ll see some very welcome releases in the next week or two.
  3. That would irritate me rather than enthuse me in any way, frankly. We can all debate about preferred rules - and believe me that would happen with any new edition - but I’d just like to see the release (or at least announcement) of supplements that many have been waiting for a good while now.
  4. The assurance on this site from those-who-know was that there is (was?) going to be a full release - not just preorders - this month.
  5. One of the reasons cited for Chaosium not presenting a publishing schedule is they wanted to avoid the back and forth with fans about missed schedules which can often happen. This is a bit of a moot point, however, if they can’t fulfil the proclamations they actually do make.
  6. Chaosium are rapidly becoming the biggest tease in gaming....
  7. So......is it getting released today or tomorrow or when, exactly?
  8. It is different in different areas of course - you still have to wait in Aus/NZ, so getting the PDF first (from the Chaosium site) is still the way to go for some of us.
  9. I think it would have been a bit irritating for there to be separate Players and Gamemasters books. It is an age old preference, but having one core rules book adds to the accessibility of the line. Sure, there may be really useful rules and expansions in follow on supplements but players like to be reassured that the core publication is fully ready to run in and of itself. Well, I do anyway.
  10. If you are somebody that feels that Runequest: Glorantha possibly rushed in a few too many bells and whistles in the rules and setting detail, too early, then Classic Runequest certainly feels simpler by comparison. The main issue to overcome with Runequest 2 are the character generation rules which kinda leave you hanging in terms of giving early background experience. The skill levels are very low and, while there is an appendix to provide some loose rules eventually, the implication is that you either take out a Traveller-esque mortgage to get some type of training from a Guild or Cult, or you simply start as a callow and mostly ineffective 16-year old. I’ve ended up trying to make a hybrid of RQ:G and RQ Classic to play.
  11. Going to have to wait till the delivery costs come down for NZ.
  12. Will slipcases be sold to contain the Players’, Gamemasters’ and possibly the Gamemaster’s kit altogether?
  13. OK. I’m ignoring any post from Atgxtg now. I refuse to engage. If anybody else wants to post about it they can, but I am personally writing this thread off as derailed.
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