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  1. Yes, can we have a book where we can have knights with super powers - like supersonic flight, elastic limbs and the ability to fire lasers out of the eyes? Ta. 😉
  2. Well, it's a point of semantics really. I think to get it right, and authentic feeling, any game involving playing magicians in the Pendragon world is going to quite different to playing Knights.
  3. Could be that. I cannot recall the name, just that it was mentioned that there would be some upcoming book that was based on playing magician characters. Considering that the core game doesn’t allow magician games currently, I’d regard it as a spinoff game.
  4. Well, Greg Stafford went to great pains to re-establish the focus of the game towards playing Knights and Ladies when he did the 5th edition. In interviews at the time, he felt that 4th Edition had lost its focus as a game because it tried to expand into other options. I think that the core of the game should remain focussed on playing Knights and Ladies, and will most likely do so as they expand the GPC as the main supplemental support. After that point, they could expand into other options. There has already been suggested that there could be a spinoff game for playing Arthurian magici
  5. Thing is, if you know what you are doing, Elric can easily be incorporated into Luther Arkwright’s multiverse. And, yes, I’d like to see a new Stormbringer too, by whoever but, for whatever reason, it isn’t happening. As Conrad points out, the last game version of Elric of Melniboné was released as a Mongoose RuneQuest II supplement, entirely compatible with Mythras.
  6. In order to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, could Chaosium give away the entire catalogue of Call of Cthulhu titles for free?
  7. If I can wait for Greece, I can wait for Luther Arkwright.
  8. He talks about a new edition of Luther Arkwright!!!!! 😀
  9. For the 40th Anniversary, could Chaosium please bring about an alignment in the stars that could see Cthulhu finally rise and consume everything? T’would be spectacular. 😎
  10. So, you will probably have a slipcase for this, and another four-era-book slipcase for the new Great Pendragon Campaign?
  11. I don’t think this is a particularly stupid question about the slipcase. A stupid question would be: is it slippy?
  12. Actually, I don’t think the Joker movie has a very realistic portrayal of mental illness at all and this is one of the major criticisms of the movie. It is more a scriptwriting affair of adapting ideas from Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy and Taxi Driver to the comic book milieu than it is of a researched representation of any documented case - although I do think Joaquin Pheonix still acted very well in it though. I do think there is a difference between realistic portrayals of mental illness in movies (which are often quite dry rather than compellingly entertaining), and cinematic por
  13. Mythos Magic is the underlying ‘science' of the universe that is beyond human comprehension. It is difficult to rationalize how it works, because it is expressly beyond our own comprehension - and doesn’t follow our own rationalized logic.
  14. I think, taking on board that almost every game published still manages to accrue some fans regardless, any statement of ‘failure’ has to be qualified. Some people liked it. Anyway, the quick summary for why it ‘failed’ is: 1) It wasn’t the original ‘Magic World’ from Steve Perrin. The rules and setting details were different. 2) It felt semi-generic, which amounts to being bland for some people. 3) It was published largely because Chaosium felt they needed an entree into the fantasy rpg market - which is generally cited as the biggest selling genre. They did this at th
  15. Could you reprint Unseen Masters, by Bruce Ballon, please? And actually, why not make a commemorative reprint of the 1st Edition Call of Cthulhu.....seeing as it is the 40th Anniversary and all...
  16. There was also The Yellow King by Robin D Laws using the Gumshoe rules (as used in Trail of Cthulhu). It came in a box set with four different eras and, to be totally honest, I couldn’t really make much sense out of it. Other people may like it though. Oh and Tatters of the King was excellent, one of my favourite CoC campaigns, and Impossible Landscapes (for Delta Green) is lining up to be one of the campaign releases of the year (I’ve seen some of the preview material).
  17. Mine still is ‘awaiting delivery’ from Australia to NZ. Anybody got their’s in Australia or NZ?
  18. It is appreciated when other posters express their situations. I’me experiencing the same thing here in NZ, where we would expect deliveries from Australia. My experience from Chaosium deliveries this year, and other companies too, is that everything is delayed with Covid. There could be other explanations for this delivery too but, honestly, as long as you are patient these things will get through.
  19. It remains to be seen, although the beauty of doing it as a Kickstarter is that if it fails to register enough interest it doesn’t happen and Chaosium lose nothing from trying. However, although I think you are right that it doesn’t have a beloved edition status in the way RQ2 does, I think there are still a number of fans who like collecting classic editions to make it happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Worlds of Wonder gets a kickstarter too in the near future.
  20. So, to get this clear in my head, the things we can expect to buy or back over the next year for Pendragon include: - A Kickstarter for the Classic 1st Edition Box set - Hmmm....not sure, yet. Definitely liked the Classic release of Runequest 2E. However, that is my preferred version of Runequest. A Pendragon box set with large maps though.....hmmm - A Starter Box King Arthur Pendragon - Some people love box set starter sets, and the starter set for CoC was well done, but I don’t really think they are aimed at me. - A new 6E KAP Corebook with whatever changes are happening in
  21. * Experience checks I think it is part of my sessions, generally in roleplaying, that all players like to make checks in experience or personal improvements after every session as a routine. So, on that basis, any successful use of a skill during a session is checked. Obviously, this needs to be tallied to the storylines and sessions you run, but I think it is worth noting that Pendragon campaigns run on the idea that every session occupies a whole year of game time, while the general mortality of characters in many ways curtails the development of characters that develop too fast anyway
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