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    Started at Uni late 80s, so yep, a bit older, played dnd and runequest, but Glorantha always felt like home. Seeking to reconnect to gaming, hopefully face to face but happy online too. Writing a RQ scenario but just as happy to join a game.
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    RQ and DnD
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    UK, Devon
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    Looking for online and face to face gaming groups for glorantha

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  1. Love it as a concept, all you need to know to set the scene and create the cultural feel
  2. Ah yes, did not spot that, tried it with fixed add and rolled adds and it all works correctly, nice. Thx
  3. Geoff R Evil

    Roll20 Tweaks

    Hi Just wondered if anyone had figured out how to get the RQ char sheet to properly augment combat with spells like bladesharp or slash. The atk augment seems to work ok, but damage is hard to get right. If you add the damage bonus to the weapon, it ends up being doubled or rolled twice on crits and specials, getting very silly damage. The only option we use is to add the bladesharp damage manually or to roll the slash damage separately.
  4. I think at this point it’s worth summarising that what we are saying, is that RQG blends magic and reality in the game world so completely it’s just….normal. In many other game systems, artificial limits are placed upon magic users to stop them getting too powerful vs the ‘muggles’. There are no magical limits in RQG because it’s so well blended with the world, offered up in so many interpretations that blends, challenges and explains one another, that we could discuss forever the interpretations. But the use of myth ensures all interpretations remain sufficiently fuzzy and interpretable that we can all happily end up at YGMV, yet easily play in one another’s games and understand everyone’s personal interpretations. It’s why, once you get to that ah ha moment @Memestream started this thread with, you just cannot play other games and enjoy them so much…well at least I cannot. They are so grey in comparison.
  5. A clever arse Eurmali in my game with invisibility used Hallucinate to create a butterfly with a light spell on it that only he could see whilst he walked through pitch dark caverns….it’s a lot of rune points, so worth allowing this sort of creativity
  6. Hard to answer this, as the myths include so much contradiction. But then they are myths, the truth is so far from reach for mortals and most gods that perhaps even they do not know..Truth is literally in the highest heavens now. This whole issue is something that has fascinated too. So in a game I am playing a Humakt, but instead of following the death path slavishly like most do, I am nudging my gm to explore the Humakt tie to the truth rune. Sure he has it as his mother owned it, but it’s an active rune for Humakt, so what does it mean when it’s so closely aligned to a god that holds the death rune? Feels like a future hero quest to discover and define for our Glorantha, loads of scope to explore. Sometimes answers are not needed, just the fun of seeking them.
  7. jeez, super powered speeddarts….undermining the basic premise that to do serious damage versus tough foes means stepping up close and personal, means changing the nature of foes completely. For the red goddess’s sake don’t tell the Eurmali archer in my game, he is already too much of a group saviour that never stops letting them know. This feels like one way to make lunar seriously difficult enemies…well at least if they train in magic. But in a way I like the moon rune link to add strength to their arm and make them fearsome. Things just got tough for my PCs….not that any GM cannot make any monster tough if they want but this is an interesting twist.
  8. @French Desperate WindChild talks a lot of sense and makes sense of a lot of mythology for the purposes of interpretation into Gloranthan time. But nothing is absolute, no agreement has no holes. So in your game allow some freedom to tweak or have exceptions if well presented by players. I also like the heroforming idea, that is a much simpler way of understanding how to extend what is “known” about a gods abilities within the compromise, by doing them, you are discovering them. If your GM allows of course.
  9. I tend to agree with @svensson but with some slight clarification. A head chest abdomen shot which deals 3x hp is instant death. The head comes off, the back cut in half etc. only DI can save you versus this. However hits that whittle you down to minus- 2x hp in one of those locations may allow some circumstantial last second saves. A heal body, a heal of 2hp or more from a party member within a few SR ( yes into the next round, I like to see flexibility around the hard round by round barriers and see it mostly as a useful game/fight management tool not a stop start thing). With head and arms, I allow even more time flexibility even if total hp loss as they bleed to death. Maybe a round or two if the total hp loss has been really gradual, less if mostly one hit plus multiple minor wounds. In other words plenty of role play opportunity. This leaves plenty of scope for death of a PC, but also last minute heroic saves by other PCs, given they might be in Combat and risk themselves to make such a save (you allow a free shot from that troll as you bend down to heal Fred…maybe with a half dodge etc) also they don’t automatically know you are dying and need to make a save. I might ask for a perception roll, maybe an int roll etc. Lots of roleplay angst when they realise they could have saved a colleague but failed due to inattentiveness etc. In other words, if a fellow goes down, waiting could mean their death. I often put players into mid fight dilemmas that way. So this means real risk if you go off solo, or accept a solo fight. In my campaign one death so far, a player that went off on his own against the main monster. He bled to death after multiple wounds. A last note….if someone needs such a last minute death save, then adding a major scar is appropriate. In extreme circumstances, maybe a location is never fully healed, it loses a hp permenantly, or the person walks with a limp, or cannot parry attacks from above, loses an ear or an eye with perception reductions. I find PCs carry such weaknesses with pride.
  10. I tend to agree, no dogs for Agimori. At least for Praxian ones. It just does not fit the tight family controlled discipline of these people.
  11. Love those maps @Duff
  12. I think the fact that most people just responded with time order rather than specific dates is better for most campaigns. PCs never do what you want when you want, yet the campaign arc needs to progress appropriately. So don’t sweat specific dates, not even exact seasons…YGMV I know in my campaign certain events had more impact if they happened in parallel with other events I ran, or between so PCs can engage at an appropriate level. Just have fun.
  13. Before we go deep into how to use the dead place, back to my original question. Given that any broo met in the dead place would have been there a while, then any disease spirits connected to them would have long since been left behind. So are broo in the dead place devoid of disease? I think so. The only angle I was thinking was that maybe when this first happens to the broo, the disease spirit turns into some form of chaos slime, the broo could then dip their weapons into it. The effect of this might be that those wounded at first notice no ill effects necessarily. But when they leave the dead place the slime turns back into a disease spirit and initiates an attack via the wound. Remember in the dead place no wound can be magically healed. So first aid is your only hope to heal a wound and stop bleeding. Maybe a crit or special cleans the slime out as part of the healing. In my game the players have an NPC shaman they work for, they had brought some blessed mud with them, and the shaman had made it into a non magical salve that could cure a few hp and seal a wound. Otherwise sending in a PC to the dead place who meets an armed foe could be death from a single wound that a first aid fails on and they bleed to death. Maybe this mud cleanses the wound, maybe it seals the slime in? Only time will tell….the point is any wound in the dead place is potentially fatal if serious enough.
  14. Thx @Scotty, although I did mention the dead place in the original post, but generally agree with your follow up answers. The players clan were involved in sending them into the dead place… loosely following the beer with teeth Lifethief scenario but adjusted to fit my own campaign arc. So the PCs were forewarned of dead place dangers, they are well prepared…and entering in storm season, so dust less of an issue, mud a definite issue, and the alkaline effects were warned and they are prepared … but nothing stops all that damage, and one is still wearing his dwarven plate armour….
  15. I would add that, even if a gm allows shamanic contact with a god it would only be if there was strong runic alignments….or if the god wanted something from the shaman….beware Gods with an ask!
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